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Chapter 1

She shouldn't be here.

She doesn't belong here.

She isn't one of them.

That was just a few of the things the women said about me as we waited for our alpha. I could practically feel their glares burn into the back of my head as we waited. We were at our new alpha's mating ceremony. Tonight he would choose one of the females of the pack to be his mate, the female alpha. I didn't want to be here just as much as they didn't want me here, but the pack Sentinels had ensured that I had attended. Apparently it was an honor to be here and I should be happy to attend. We all knew that he would never choose me so I didn't see why I had to attend, not that I even wanted to be chosen. I was more than happy doing my own thing. Sure, I was part of the pack, but only by name. I ate alone, ran alone and in general was alone while I was here. Just like the women liked it.

You see, I wasn't a pure-blood like the rest of the pack. My father had gotten a human pregnant and although I was raised in the pack, sleeping with humans, let alone getting them pregnant was frowned upon. Which was why I had been shunned most of my life. I had paid for his mistakes.

"He's here," one of them whispered. I looked up to see Edward Cullen as he entered the room. He was wearing nothing, but a pair of jeans, showing off his muscular physique to the females of the pack as they drooled over him. His eyes scanned the room as if looking for someone. I sank further into the corner, I was hiding in, hoping I would go unnoticed and would be unable to witness most of the ceremony. You see, shifters weren't so strung up about sex, not as much as humans were and tonight our alpha would claim his mate on the bed in the center of the room for all to see. It has even been known for the alpha to allow other members of the pack to join in, to show their appreciation of his chosen mate. I guess it was the human part of me that was repulsed by the idea. I didn't see why they couldn't keep that stuff private, but I guess it was part of their nature. It just wasn't part of mine.

The males of the pack filled into the room, lining the walls as Edward took center stage. One of our elder wolves, Carlisle, preformed the ritual. He was reciting some old, mythical chant. I wasn't really paying attention, not that I had bothered to learn much about our history or customs over the years. I didn't see the point in learning about a pack that didn't accept me, a pack that didn't see me as one of them.

In truth, I had planned to leave them. I had been saving as much money as I could from my human job. Living as a lone wolf was dangerous, but I figured it would be better than living somewhere you were hated. I planned to buy a place in the woods somewhere. Keep to myself and live off the land. I had almost half of what I needed saved. Another year, maybe two, and hopefully I would be able to leave this place.