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I stood outside the main house, watching the pack's pups play as I rubbed my stomach, trying to soothe the child within. He was getting more and more active every day. The elders of the pack said that was a sign that he was getting ready to come. I hoped so. Edward and I both couldn't wait to meet him. It seemed like I had been pregnant forever, even if it had only been a few short months. Thank God shifter pregnancies only last a mere matter of months. I had no idea how humans could walk around like this for nine months and I couldn't imagine how I would have coped if I had of adopted that human trait.

Edward had been great. He was really supportive and quick to acquire anything I needed, especially when cravings hit me at three in the morning. In fact, the entire pack had been really supportive. Being pregnant with the pack heir seemed to change the attitude of a lot of pack members who were against half-breeds. I found this truly inspiring. We were making important changes to our pack, which was impacting on the other packs around us. But then how could anyone really be against half-breeds when there were humans out there trying to experiment with our DNA.

Edward still hadn't found Jared. That was a sore point to bring up, but he was still looking. I knew he would look until the end of time if it took that long. Jared obviously didn't want to be found, and he clearly had someone helping him. Whom that was would remain a mystery until they were ready to reveal themselves. Unfortunately.

I was distracted from my thoughts by a strange popping sound, and then felt a gush of water between my legs. I looked down and let out a panicked cry. Oh no. It was time. Was I ready? No, I wasn't ready.

"Bella," Edward said, hurrying to my side and grabbing my arm. "Are you okay?" I didn't even know where he had been, though I knew he wouldn't have been far. He never went far from me now that it was so close to the birth. Only it wasn't so close to the birth now. It was time for the birth.

I looked at Edward and grabbed his arm. "He's coming."

"He's coming," he agreed. "Jasper is going to get Carlisle. Let's get you settled upstairs."

They say that nothing prepares you for the feeling of holding your baby in your arms for the first time, they are not wrong. I can't even begin to describe how special that feels, but nothing would beat seeing my mate hold our son for the first time. That image would be etched into the back of my mind for the rest of my life.

The birth had been quick, thank God. Ten minutes of pushing and then our son, Caelan Cullen was born. He was a whopping 10lbs 8.0oz and 21 inches long. He had thick bronze hair just like his father. He was a big boy, strong. His name, which meant powerful warrior, fitted him perfectly.

"He's perfect," Edward said, smiling down at his son as he held him in his arms.

"He is," I agreed. "You both are."

The end.

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