Did I ever think that a single little bunny from the fields of Bunnyburrow was going to change my life forever?

No I did not, I did not even know that such a place existed.

But it happened, to get a feel of my life you need to feel like a hamster Always running, Always feeling like something is ahead but when really nothing was ahead but when that little bunny stepped into my life it was like getting picked up from the cage and seeing the real world full of possibilities and meaning.

But before that bunny all I did was keep fighting what's expected but I always lose, my inner self is sabotaging the true me, the me that can break through and be what I want to be.

The outside world crushing in and the dark forces that manifest themselves into my brain are trying to crush the living spirit of life that is in us all.. but despite that I was still alive.. my life never fading.

I was lost in the dark gloomy sea a thick fog hovering above the waters obscuring the vision on what is ahead and what I can be. I tread carefully through the shadowy forest, through the empty grasslands and the heartlands of civilization and through my inner turmoil and punishment I inflicted upon myself.. I never changed.

I was stuck.. still on that hamster wheel.

Who am I?

A question everyone always struggles with but to put It easily Im Nikolai man of blonde hair and blue eyes, with a decent built one of the perks of living in Zootopia and walking everywhere.

My homeland was wrought in civil war and turmoil with almost nothing left for me back there my parents fled away from that place.. and too this land ruled by sentient animals. Humans are rare and suffer extreme prejudice due to our violent and greedy nature but I was too locked away to myself, too ever notice the world around me spiraling out of control to the determined fate that awaits most civilizations.


After the civil war was done my father would run back much to the refusal of my mom.. with a tense argument in the kitchen the last thing I heard from him was a scream followed by a slam of the door.. and that was the last of him. My mother taught me everything there was to do, all things good in this god forsaken world.

She grew me into a man.. but what worth can my potential do if I was getting crushed by the world around me?

I had to fight.. but I surrendered when my mother caught a fatal illness that took her life.

It was Me vs the world at that point.. might as well live by it's rules or die, breaking from that hamster wheel leads you to a house of other creatures and complex environments that do not arise when it forces you back into your box to keep running on that wheel never truly realizing how great your life soul really is.

You just keep running.. and running and running.

But that was what I became, after walking to a nearby train station after gathering up of everything I could scavenge I aw that big cheery sign of Zootopia with that slogan "Where anyone can be anything" If I would find my way it surely would be there.. how wrong was I.

It's been five years even since I decided to travel to this bustling city, doing odd jobs and keeping my life going.. existing but never living.

I was that hamster on the wheel.

Who knew that one day that entire paradigm would shift.. that one single being in this whole incomprehensible universe can change your existence in it forever.

I am Nikolai.. and this is how I broke free and escaped that wretched existential hamster wheel.

I am a human.. and this is my story of my fate and life in Zootopia.

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