Seven Years Later

Soft snow floated down calmly down from the heavenly clouds to the land below.

The sun had set signaling an end to another hard and vigorous day in the city of Zootopia.

A calm and welcoming darkness moved over the new and rebuilt city the city was alive with light and laughter.

Christmas would start tomorrow and the celebration of the 7th anniversary of the end of the great war a few weeks prior did not dampen the spirit of celebration in the citizens of the city.

Animals of all shapes and sizes including humans were marching down the street in harmony chanting the Zootopian national anthem united in a common goal and purpose.

Small children of every animal marched ahead from the parade and played with eachother in peace.. living life without a care.

One tiger cub pushed a zebra into the snow with a laugh, the zebra stood up and shook the snow off of him before going into a laughing fit and chasing the tiger who ran down the street to avoid capture.

The city was alive like the spirits of those who resided in it.. everyone lived like how they wanted to live it was a world where every persons dream can come true if they put in the effort.

A bit far off from the city though on the outskirts of town stood a small plantation of sorts with acres of land around it giving it lots of privacy.

This land grant was given to a very particular hero of that war all those years ago.. a bunny who rose in the ranks from first rabbit police officer to a national hero who defended the city and its values and people from a oppressive force.. Judy Hopps.

As the snow blew lightly and kept adding to snow that was already on the ground.. inside the house it was like heaven on earth.

Through the window a Christmas tree could be seen.. in a very spacious living room which was filled with life and joy that was afforded to them through struggle and loss.

Giggles and laughing could be heard as inside the decorated and warm embrace of the house, three small children ran around the Christmas tree chasing eachother in fits of laughter.

One was human in appearance but his speed, soft grey hair on his skin and little tail made him a hybrid the other was a girl but she was mostly a bunny her body was a bit taller then most pure rabbits along with less thick hips but overall she was still a rabbit the other child was also a bunny which was more pure then the other bunny hybrid.

All three were playing around the tree.. near the cozy fireplace a much older grandma moved back and forth on the rocking chair doing some careful knitting in comfort.

"Be careful! Don't want to bring you guys to the hospital again" Bonnie smiled and chuckled a bit.

"Don't worry grandma! Were just waiting for Santa Hooves to come visit us" one of them exclaimed.

"You think he will like the cookies and milk we left for him?" Bonnie stated.

"I might of ate them all.." One of the girls said trying to hide herself behind the tree.

"Well.. maybe you won't get presents tomorrow then!" Bonnie tried to scare the kids.

"NO!" They all screamed in unison.

"Just kidding you were all good this year except one of you.." Bonnie turned around toward the couch where another.. much older rabbit laid, typing without a care onto her phone but stopped and turned toward Bonnie when she focused her attention to her.. she took out one of her earphones and smirked.

"All you had to do was not tell Judy that I was out with that human guy again" Molly stated.

"That boy was trouble, always taking you out to parties and you were drunk when you came home after he took you out for your 16th birthday" Bonnie said her disagreements with Molly's partner.

"Well when I finish highschool me and him are going to visit Joro to see the redevelopments thats been happening since the war ended" Molly said happily.

"Can't be drunk when you run for the running competition" Bonnie reminded Molly of the upcoming completion.

"Maybe it could help me" Molly teased.

Bonnie looked horrified but Molly just burst into laughter "Im just teasing you" Molly said.

Suddenly the door opened slightly with a little jingle that altered everyone to their presence.. "JUDY!" Molly exclaimed and as she jumped from the couch in record pace and wrapped her arms around Judy.

Judy was remarkably more mature and like a adult then she did when she first came into the city.. she was now 30 years old but her life felt like she had been alive for centuries.

She was still beautiful her violet eyes sparkled and her voice can turn the darkest heart bright.

She was more mature with experience and a look that started to lose its youth.

Motherhood sure took its toll..

"Mom!" All three children yelled in joy as they ran up across the living room and toward the door which Molly closed as some snow started to fall inside the house.

"How are you little guys" Judy's voice carried compassion and understanding.

"We might not get presents tomorrow.." One of them looked down in shame.

"Nonsense! You will get lots of good presents tomorrow morning, why do you say that?" Judy smiled at her three children.

"Cause we ate the milk and cookies".

Judy shook her head and smiled over at Bonnie who waved at her, Judy walked down and gave her mom a giant and warming hug snuggling herself in her embrace.

"I'm glad you could take care of these little ones when im at work" Judy said her thanks.

"Good thing we have the next few days off for holiday" Bonnie said the good news.

"Ya.. We all really need it being the Chief of the ZPD is harder then Bogo made it out to be god rest his soul" Judy smiled as best as she could.

"Catching any bad guys today" Molly walked back to Judy who turned around from the fireplace and put her hands of her hips.

"No crime this week.. hardly any crime really just petty traffic crimes, always those damn traffic crimes" Judy shook her head and smiled.

The kids went back to playing with eachother as Molly and Judy walked to the other side of the living room near the kitchen to discuss.

"You still miss him don't you?" Molly asked Judy.

"I'm surprised you still remember his face after all these years.. its hard to forget about him though ill give you that" Judy tried to hide her saddness but she matured up and composed herself.

On the drawer a bit behind them near the entrance were framed pictures, two of them were taken during the first time they went out together the beautiful night sky and young love reminded her of better times.

The other pictures were of the ground goofing around having joy before the war with one being a whole group photo of them together which was taken during their time training in the military.

"I remember when you adopted me and when you went into labor and got triplets you became the happiest person in the world with them around, but you always have that silence about you though" Molly studied Judy.

"I love my children to death, their one of the biggest motivations why im still in the police force.. but whenever I see them I can't help but think of him" Judy expressed.

"Well they are his children as well" Molly added.

Judy looked over to the children playing around the tree and the calm that the struggle from years past had brought.

"I'm heading out" Judy declared.

"It's cold out there Judy" Bonnie said concerned.

"I have my coat still on" Judy smiled.

"Good luck out there ill be up in my room" Molly gave Judy a final hug.

"Ill be talking to someone.." Molly glared at Bonnie who rolled her eyes.

"Be sure their in bed alright? " Judy asked.

Bonnie nodded "I just need to do something.." Judy said.

With a final wave to her children she headed back into the snow..

30 minutes later

The bright city life was alive and well the darkness of night and the light snow made no effect to slow down the celebration of this city.

Judy had a new police uniform which was covered in a warm jacket as she trekked into the city.. her small steps diving into the snow then moving forward leaving bunny marks on her way over.

She had a lot on her mind.. heck she was not that naïve idealistic bunny who had a dream of being a cop she was forever changed by the life of that one human partner and friend.

It didn't help the recovery figuring out what happened to her other friends.. she was alone the first few weeks but with time all things heal, the gagging and bleeding wound in her soul had been healed but the damage was still there.

Zootopia was rebuilt from almost rubble to a city that was bigger, brighter and more tolerant.

It took years and progress still needed to be done but with help from both the new human government and the animal survivors of the war the city was now bustling as it had before the war except even better.

Speaking of humans, after the failed invasion of Zootopia a new more Democratic, accountable and tolerant government took control and started rebuilding Joro as well which matched the progress of which the whole animal nation was being rebuilt.

Humans and animals now lived in harmony.. the dream of equality and peace was reassured.

The snow fell on her soft fuzzy fur but she kept herself huddled as she walked down an ally way, The world might be better, but she was still empty, why can this be? Sometimes she thought if Nikolai's sacrifice was worth it.. was the loss of almost everything worth it? She would look at her children and the freedom and opportunity they have and realize that it was.

Suddenly she heard something behind her.. Judy turned quickly and looked around the quiet ally way.. only the distant sounds of celebration could be heard and the light hum of snow as it collected on the ground.

Judy got out of her defense mode.. she swore she felt someone was there.. Judy sighed and looked up into the moonlight.

Looking up for a few short seconds as the snow fell on her nose and face she spotted a shooting star sprinting across the night sky.. then disappearing.

Judy looked down to the snow and turned her head to see behind her.. feeling content that no one was there anymore she kept walking toward the funeral.

In her mind though, deep in her soul she knew who was there.. not in a physical sense but in a spiritual sense.

These feelings never went away, she remembered during her intense labor a few months after the war she swore she saw Nikolai standing in the room with her watching and smiling encouraging her to make it through.

In the crowds, during her job she would always have this feeling that someone was there.. guiding her and watching like a guardian angel.

Oh how she wished she could just see him one more time and talk to him like she did with Nick.

After a while she entered the funeral which spanned for miles, during the dead of night she was now alone with herself away from Zootopia.

After almost a full hour of walking the slight shivers from the cold and the dedicated purpose.. she finally stopped.

Most of the graves were typical and small but this was more then a grave.. it was a monument.

She looked down, squadded down slightly and wiped the snow from the engravement.. "The Humans who defended Zootopia" it was titled.

There stood the statues of all of her friends.. Jared and Maggie were side my side, Phillip was with James and then there was the person in the middle.. Nikolai.

Judy looked up at the statue which was still bigger then she was and smiled.. She placed her paw on the statue and closed her eyes and instantly she felt the hole in her soul start to mend together again and she was brought back to all those years ago.

She thought of when she met him, when they went out, the break up, then when she realized how wrong she was and the reunification after the riot.

She thought when she made him a better man making him quit is cigarette addiction and become more social, she remembered when she saved him from Fredrick and then tracking down the group that caused the riot and training in the military together.

She thought of the war, the battles, the losses, she recalled their first kiss, when they both tried to save her family at Bunnyburrow.. that one night when they expressed their love to eachother which she would never forget.. and then the final words they spoke to eachother under that tree.

But most of all she looked back at the love she and him had for eachother, even if they never wanted to admit it she knew deep in her heart all that time she had a thing for him as well.

Her eyes were still closed.. her paw held the cobblestone as she was brought back to that life where her soul could be complete.. thinking back made a wave of emotion overcome her and she wept.. softly like the snow that fell to ground she let fresh hot tears move down her face but not in a pain struck way.. they were tears of happiness a feeling of wholeness she would only get by being connected to her past.

The future is built upon the sacrifices of the past and this one lost human from Zootopia would forever change her life forever.. and for that Judy was grateful.

Life is like a story, it is filled with chapters and every knew chapter is defined by the events in that capture and every chapter builds the story on.

People come and go the lives of others move around you without giving much of a care to how you are doing, but sometimes in this life there is a event, person or action you take that radically changes the course on which you are set.

Life will throw challenge after challenge at you and you must overcome, and so there are two people in the world.. the vast majority who keep running on that hamster wheel sticking to a mundane and unfulfilling life trapped in a meaningless existence letting life beat them down and then there are those who take these challenges and emerge from the chaos and terror a stronger and more wise person.

Life is what you make it and how you recover from what life throws at you and create from what life gives you, life is uncaring and unthinkable it does not give a damn about what you want it only does what it does because life itself is on a treadmill it is up to you to live to the fullest despite what life throws.

Emerge from the ashes and rubble a new man, with a new purpose and pride, find yourself, find what you care for and then move forward... to a destination where you can be you.

To a place where anyone can be anything.

With that i have finally completed Worlds at War. I hope you enjoyed my year long adventure and the long hard hours it took for me to write this story. If i had to guess about 125 hours went into making this not including the editing which i will work on more over the summer . I want to give a shoutout to all those who Favorited, followed and reviewed this story and to those who waited tediously for the next chapter to come out. This was a great time i spent and i have more stories planned some that are side stories to this one! If i will write i will be writing once school comes again in September (Senior year!) I also plan to join the military after i graduate so i can't wait! ;). If you have any questions or suggestions or thoughts express them in the review! I always welcome what you guys thought and felt :) As always Fav,Follow and Review and have a great day/night!

EDIT: Timeline of Events

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Chapters 1-4: Two Days

5 Day Skip

Chapters 5-7: Three Days

Chapters 8-10: One Day

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Chapter 13: 1 and a Half Day

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Chapter 14-15: One Day

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Chapter 16-17: One and a Half Day

Chapter 18-19: One Week

Two Week Skip- Events of Chapter 20 happen during the Siege

Chapter 21-24: Two Days.

7 Year Skip

Chapter 25: Three Hours.

Chapters 1-24 Happen Between Around The Beginning of June through Mid November.

Chapters 1-13 Happen within the month of June.