#20 looks on in horror, watching his opponents all turn to him. A flash comes from his eyes, kicking up dirt and allowing him to escape "Dammit!" Goku yelled. "We need to follow him! He can't get away!"

"Agreed. However, you need to go back with father" Raditz says.

"What? Why?" Goku asked

"He wishes to kill you, remember? We can't risk you tagging along" Goku reluctantly nods, flying away. The others chase the android.

#20 runs through the mountains 'Damn...this isn't good...I can't believe I may actually have to resort to #17 and #18.' He thinks to himself. Vegeta looks around

"Dammit! I know he's here! COME OUT AND FACE ME COWARD!" The prince yells. #20 hides as the others catch up.

"Vegeta!" Ginyu yelled as the prince extends his palm "What on earth do you think your doing!?"

"I'm rendering this entire region to dust!" He says shooting a ki blast. #20 smirks runs out and absorbs it.

"Thank you prince!" He smirks. He then saw himself surrounded by Piccolo, Tien, Krillin and Raditz.

"I figured you couldn't resist the chance to absorb my ki, old man!" Vegeta smirked. "So I had these 3 ready to pounce!"

"Gotta admit, I was a good strategy prince." Raditz smirks. #20 looks around and gets a sneaky idea.

"Yes. Very good strategy. But I have a better one!" With the last word, he unleashed a blinding light from his eyes to blind his opponents and fly off.

"Damn it!" Piccolo yelled, holding his eyes. It was then they heard Trunks run up

"Guys! What happened? Where are the androids!?" He asked.

"Vegeta managed to defeat #19, but #20 got away" Raditz explained, his vision finally clearing.

"#19? #20? What are you talking about?" His eyes then widened "Wait are you talking about that head I saw when I flew here?"

"Yeah? Why?" Recoome asked

"That wasn't an android! Well, at least not one that appeared in my timeline!" Trunks said. The team looked shocked. "Who have you been fighting!?"

"He called himself #20. Lets see..." Jeice thought back "He was only slightly shorter then you, had long, grey hair..."

"Looked to be in his hundreds? Face full of pure hatred?" Trunks asked

"Thats him" Jeice confirms.

"That was Dr. Gero! He was the creator of the androids!" Trunks yelled.

"So we've been wasting our time!?" Guldo asked. "Do us a solid. Next time, bring a freaking photo!"

"Look i'm sorry! But I think my time traveling may have caused the butterfly effect! The androids could still appear!" Trunks said. The team nods

"Burter, Jeice!" Ginyu yells, causing the two to salute "Go back with Goku and Bardock! If there are still more androids, we can't afford them getting the slip and going to kill them!"

"Yes captain!" The two yell, flying away as the rest of the group fly,

They eventually find the lab Gero fled to. Trunks cuts the door down, seeing 3 figures. "Where is Gero?" Ginyu asked. The black haired one chuckled

"You guys must be the ones the doc was so scared of. Well, you wont have to worry" He says, grinding his boot on-what remains-of Gero.

"Are they the real androids?" Gohan asked Trunks

"Yes! The black haired on is 17! The blonde one is 18! But the big guy...I don't recognize him!"

"So if they are 17 and 18 and the others were 19 and 20..." Raditz thinks. "That would make him...what? 21?"

"Either that or 16" Trunks says. 17 walks up

"Listen guys. We don't want much trouble. Now that the good ol doc is dead me and my sis just wanna go hang out."

"Yeah" the blonde android said. "But 16 here wants to...what was it again buddy?"

"I am tasked with eliminating Son Goku and Son Bardock" He says.

"You heard em, our hands are tied" 17 says. Before anyone else could chime in, Trunks screamed and shot a large blast, exploding the lab and kicking up a large dust cloud. The rest of the team backs away and clears their throats.

"Give us a bit of warning next time" Raditz said.

"Sorry...my instincts just took over...what!?" He yells in shock. In the rubble stood 3 energy fields put up by the androids.

"Sorry guys! Maybe next time!" 17 yelled as the 3 of them flew off.

Very dialogue heavy guys...but these kinds of chapters are nessesary. I promise the next one will have more of what we love from DBZ: action! Anyway, hope you enjoyed and see you all later. Byyyyeeee!