I don't think this story will be too long. Just wanted to give you guys a peek into what their futures look like because I know things look really bad in the third series right now. But just know that things always get better and workout over time.

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A Glimpse

Chapter Two: Drop Offs

"This is Peridot's house?" Sapphire whispered, mouth a gape as she looked at the mansion that seemed to be about the same size as theirs. "…photography must have been really good for her," She muttered, reminding herself to support Peridot more when she got back to her time.

Ruby stopped at the large black gate and rolled her window down, talking into the speaker. "Peridot, I'm here with the Queen, she's ready for her play date," She snickered, looking through the rear view mirror to see Garnet nodding energetically.

"Alright, you know the drill," A smooth voice, sounding nothing like Peridot's annoyingly scratchy one, answered.

Ruby said. "Cool," Before she drove through the slowly opening gates.

It was like driving into a college campus with the large gate that leads to another road surrounded by thick trees. Sapphire could have sworn she saw a golf course somewhere between the thick bushes that were on their left and right side. A large fountain was in the middle of a circular road that would allow them to drop Garnet off and drive away easily.

Just like their home, a few cars were parked off to the right side of Sapphire.

She had gotten most of the shock out of her from seeing her own house earlier, so she hoped she didn't look too surprised when she gazed up at the beautiful cream painted mansion. It seemed like they had three floors and the white picket fence hinted to a large backyard.

What did they have in there?

"Alright my Queen," Ruby said as she parked the car right in front of the house, ignoring the maid who had opened the large front doors and waited at the top of the steps to greet them. "Mom and I will pick you up later tonight after she's finished with ballet and when I'm done with this interview I have, okay?"

Garnet took her seat belt off and nodded; eager to get out of the vehicle. "Alright,"

"Give me a kiss," Ruby turned around to place a soft kiss on her daughter's forehead, making Sapphire's heart to soar. "Love you, kid,"

The five year old grinned. "Love you too mommy,"

"Okay, your mother is going to walk you to the door," Ruby looked at Sapphire when the woman jumped slightly. "…Peridot will probably be in her game room, she says she's working on some new pictures but being her she probably finished it weeks ago and is taking a break. So, can you tell her I send my regards and I'll text her about my next photo shoot?"

Sapphire nodded her head dumbly, blindly pulling the door open and getting out. "S-sure," Feeling like it was the motherly thing to do; she opened the door for Garnet and helped the small girl out of the car. "…don't forget you book bag," She hurriedly snatched the purple bag and impulsively put it on for the girl.

"…thanks," Garnet whispered, as if it were shocking that she was being so nice to her.

Sapphire shrugged, closing the door and walking up the high stairs; she automatically held the five year olds hand so she wouldn't trip and fall. "This house is so beautiful,"

Garnet looked up at her mother with bright eyes. "They have a movie theatre just like ours—" Sapphire's eyes widened, they had a freaking theatre in the huge place? "But Malachite and I don't go there much; we're always in the game room with Aunt Peridot,"

Sapphire couldn't help the snicker she released. "You're just like your mother, when we first started dating she tried to get me into those video games. When she found out that I was a gamer she got this dopey look on her face,"

"You like video games?" Garnet gasped as if it were a secret.

"Of course, who doesn't," Sapphire teased, smiling softly at the girl before look down at her seriously. "Didn't your—I mean, didn't I ever tell you anything about my past with your mom?" She frowned, stopping just five steps away from the front door where the maid was still waiting patiently.

Garnet shook her head, looking down at their hands intertwined. "…you, you don't really talk to me that much,"

Sapphire felt her heart break; if this was really the future then the damage she caused upon her daughter was real. But what could have caused her to—oh no.

The events from last night, or should she say eleven years ago, came into her mind. She was so upset about not being able to care for Steven correctly that she had literally sworn off to having a child of her own when she got older. Sapphire could only assume that her distance had caused some tension between her and Garnet, no wonder the girl looked like she was going to have a heart attack when Sapphire agreed to go to her piano recital.

The cold words Pearl had said this morning; Don't do this Sapphire, not today. And the look, and hard demand, Ruby had given her this morning and even just now when she told Sapphire to walk Garnet to the house.

Sapphire sunk to her knees, grabbing her daughters other hand and looking at her constantly changing eyes which varied from red to blue. "…I'm sorry if I've pushed you away in the past, I just never thought I could be a good mother,"

"…why not?" Was her daughters' weak question.

Sapphire rolled her eyes, laughing softly. "Because of something stupid that happened when I was in college. It changed my whole outlook on raising a family but now I see how bad it's affecting you,"

Not even just her, it also seemed to be affecting her relationship with Ruby. The only reason the younger girl had been so forgiving was because she knew how Sapphire felt about it all, but everyone has their breaking point.

And Sapphire didn't want to reach Ruby's.

"How about, when we pick you back up you and I spend time doing whatever you want," Sapphire stood up, resting a hand on her daughters puffy afro; she looked at her daughters clothes, probably picked out by Ruby.

She made a note to change her daughter's wardrobe; she was going to get her all dolled up.

Garnet grinned, perking up. "Can you tell me about how you and mommy first met, she's told me but I want to hear your side,"

"Of course," Sapphire and Garnet began walking up the stairs again. "We'll set up a pillow fort in the living room, have some snacks and then I'll tell you as many embarrassing stories about your mother that I can think of," She smiled softly. "Alright?"

Garnet nodded, leaning closer to the taller woman. "…yeah,"

"Hello Mrs. Harris," Sapphire hummed, so they had taken Ruby's last name. "Hi Garnet," The maids voice lowered softly, grinning as the child waved shyly and leaned more into her mother's leg. "Peridot and Malachite are in the game room, do you need me to—"

Garnet was quick to drag her mother into the house. "I know where it is,"

"Don't be rude about it," Sapphire scowled, not knowing where the snapping tone had come from; she took a relaxing breath. "You can't cut people off while they're midsentence, let them finish and then you voice your opinion," She really did remind her of her wife; Sapphire would bet that this is exactly how Ruby was at this age.

Garnet winced, looking down at her feet as she apologized to the maid. "Sorry Miss James,"

Sapphire sighed; glad Ruby's temper hadn't seemed to pass down to the younger girl.

Garnet pulled her mother back towards the hall in the large house. Sapphire mentally tried to make a map in her mind as her daughter turned a few corners and let go of her hand when they reach a silver door. The five year old pulled it open and hurried inside, Sapphire following behind.

"Malachite," Garnet cheered, dropping her bag by the door and taking a seat on the couch beside the other two people in the room. "Are you playing without me again?" She all but pouted.

Sapphire pulled her eyes away from the large television and looked around the room. Video games and systems of all kind were placed neatly on the shelves. Anime posters were hanging on every corner of the wall; she was surprised she hadn't found any comics yet.

Unless they had another room for that too

"No, this was just something to do until you got here," Another voice, a child's, said huskily. "…whoa, your mom is here?" The voice seemed shocked.

But not as shocked as Sapphire was when she took in the other child, she looked a few years older than Garnet. Her face look just like Lapis's but the sharp teeth in her grin and uncontrollable hair reminded her that Jasper had something to do with it as well.

Peridot started the game over and handed the remote to an excited Garnet and then turned around to face Sapphire. "…what's wrong, something must be going on if you dropped her off inside instead of at the front door," She breezed past the ballerina, walking out of the room to leave the kids alone.

Sapphire followed the shorter girl through the maze they called a house, not surprised that much hadn't changed about her. Aside from the fancy white sweater accompanied by a black scarf, and fancy…leather pants?

Sapphire snickered, she couldn't help herself. "Why are you wearing tight leather pants?"

"Lapis got them for my birthday and I decided to wear them once so she wouldn't bug me to do it for a photo shoot or something important," Peridot flushed, stopping to sit down on the couch as they mysteriously returned to the living room.

Sapphire stood awkwardly by the door. "Well, I have to get going because I apparently have ballet practice on a Saturday," She huffed, gesturing with her thumb to the front door. "Ruby wanted me to tell you she says 'hello' and that she'll update you about her next photo shoot,"

"Alright, thanks," Peridot mumbled, kicking her feet up on a very expensive looking glass table.

Sapphire shook her head, if it were her house she would have kicked her feet down. "…where's Lapis? Garnet was hoping that she'd be here," She crossed her arms, suddenly wanting answers.

"She's at the office," Peridot waved lazily as she snatched a random book she must have been reading from off the couch. "You know how it is, being the CEO at the accounting firm and such; all that boring numbers and math crap," She winced. "Don't tell her I said that,"

Sapphire gaped. "…Lapis is an accountant."

What kind of sick world was this?

"I should go," Sapphire muttered, opening the front door to prepare to leave.

Peridot looked over at her, glasses hung low. "It means a lot to her, Garnet I mean," She began softly. "You might not believe it but she appreciates the small motherly things you do from time to time, like walking her inside. Keep doing things like that, it makes her happy,"

"…yeah, I'll see you later," Sapphire called out over her shoulder. "Tell Lapis to call me tomorrow,"

Ruby was looking at her with a strange expression when she got back into the car, Sapphire laughed. "What?" She asked, clicking her seatbelt on and waving goodbye to the maid through the window.

"Nothing," Ruby shook her head, curls bouncing around as she pulled off and drove towards the gate. "…you've just, never walked her inside like that before."

Sapphire shrugged, shyly playing with her black iPhone 6. "I just, wanted to make sure that she got inside safely, and you did tell me to tell Peridot something," She tried to play if off.

"Most of the times when I try that you just tell Garnet to say it," Ruby let out a weak laugh, driving through the gates and back towards the highway. "You even went as far to place a sticky note on her chest once," She ended softly.

When she had first awoken to this strange new timeline, Sapphire didn't know what to think. She thought that maybe it was just a dream, and maybe it still was, but she felt that she was obligated to make things right with Garnet.

Sapphire bit her lower lip. "Yeah, I'm sorry about that. I guess I still had some bad feelings about raising a kid ever since that day, which is so stupid because it was eleven years ago; I just, I don't understand how I could have let it get this far."

"It's not stupid," Ruby whispered. "I was terrified the moment I gave birth to Garnet,"

Sapphire's eyes widened, she was the one who carried their child? The one who had to probably work hard to get back in shape and return to her career while literally raising Garnet alone because Sapphire was too much of a coward to do anything?

The thought made her sick to her stomach.

Ruby smiled at the memory. "I didn't think I would be a good mother but you helped calm me down, even if you were more terrified than both of us. Those months when I had to focus on getting back in shape and didn't have much time for Garnet, it was you who took care of her,"

"You didn't get too close because you were afraid of hurting her," Ruby reached out for her hand and held it in hers. "But you managed; you saw her first steps with me, heard her first words and I got you to change a few diapers here and there,"

Sapphire wanted to be moved by this but she wasn't the person who had witnessed all of those things. She was just someone stuck in the wrong place at maybe just the right time, a time where she could fix everything she would apparently destroy.

"…I won't pull away from her, not again," Sapphire settled, taking comfort in the hand entwined with hers. "But I'm burning all of her clothes and buying her some dresses,"

Ruby's laugh was nothing but heartfelt. "Maybe her poor outfits was just a plan I whipped up to get you to do something about it,"

Sapphire hummed playfully. "I knew you had better fashion sense than that,"

The car came to another stop in front of a large building; there was a large window that allowed anyone walking by to see anything and everything going on inside. Sapphire noticed the drapes that were pulled to the side by a loose rope; she assumed that they untied them whenever they needed some privacy.

Ruby laughed. "I can't get over how bright your face gets every time we come here,"

"It's a beautiful place," Sapphire whispered out in awe, eyes almost bursting from their socket when she saw the name of the building written above. "Qartz Dance Studio?"

The woman in the driver's seat raised an eyebrow. "Yes…that's the name of Rose's company," She said playfully, opening the door and stepping out in order to open Sapphire's door for her. "What's up with you today, you seem so out of place. Like your noticing everything for the first time,"

"…just sleepy I guess," Sapphire lied easily, thankfully grabbing the ballet bag that Ruby had plucked from the trunk for her. "What time do you have to be at your interview?" She asked, trying to pull the attention away from herself.

Ruby took the bait, shutting the trunk again before standing next to the older woman. "In an hour, that'll give me enough time to shower and change. I would walk in to speak to them but I know you have a busy week scheduled,"

"I do?" Sapphire mumbled sheepishly.

Ruby nodded, giving her another look. "Yes, you have a huge showcase in two weeks. You've been going on about it forever, and I know you'll be great,"

Sapphire was being kiss before she even saw it coming. Ruby being her girlfriend, or should she call her a wife now, automatically caused her to reciprocate the kiss without missing a beat. Her knees felt weak at the first graze of a moist flick at her bottom lip, her lips parted and made room for the other woman's tongue to invade her mouth.

Strong hands gripped her waist and pulled her in closer so that their hips were just brushing against each other. Sapphire pulled her in closer by her broad shoulders, letting out a strange sound that was mixed between a gasp and a moan.

"Ruby!" She hissed, slapping the groping hands away from her butt.

Ruby grinned sheepishly, admiring the blush on her wife's face. "I know, I'll save it for tonight," She laughed harder when the older woman blushed even darker. "…but seriously, I will pick you up in a few hours so we can get our Queen and then maybe go out to eat as a family?"

"Can't," Sapphire licked her lips, still trying to catch her breath a little. "I promised to tell Garnet some stories about our past later tonight. So I made a reservation at our living room, I paid extra money to invest in a pillow fort," She said teasingly.

Ruby's face softened, her eyes had never looked so bright. "…that sounds amazing, I'll cook something tonight then. I'll make everyone's favorite,"

Pearl shoved the glass door open, a scowl on her face. "I told you not to hold her up this time, Ruby! We have a busy schedule today and she needs to learn these moves, the media will go crazy if she is anything but perfect at the showcase!"

So much for no pressure, Sapphire shuddered.

"Sapphire is going to as flawless as ever," Ruby smiled, wrapping a loose arm around her wife's waist. "Believe me, she has showed my some of her dances in the private studio in the house—" Sapphire squealed internally, she has a private studio? "…and I like what I saw,"

Sapphire flushed for the third time in two minutes, when had Ruby become so sly?

Pearl rolled her eyes, grabbing her friends arm to drag her inside. "I'm not doing this today, let's go Sapphire,"

"I'll see you later love," Ruby said with a wink and a charming grin.

Sapphire felt a shiver down her spin. "…s-sure,"

Did it count as cheating to do anything with a future version of her girlfriend?