The Winter King

Chapter 26: The Winter King, Mother of Dragons

Harry was sitting on the throne inside the throne room. It's been a month and in his discovery of Dragonstone, was dragonglass. Mountains of it. The first thing Harry did was have it mine. Arrowheads, spearheads, even daggers and swords were being forged and sent on ships to Jon in the North. Jon was happy because now it meant they could fight the White Walkers.

Harry, immediately cast the spell maximo reparo to clean and remove all the dust that had been collecting in the fortress. Then he cast illuminating fire on all torches and candles so the fire would burn forever.

Jon however, was concern about the North and the Wall. He was concern about the Night King. He knew they would have to march back to defend the lands. For the long night was coming. The war with the dead would soon be upon them.

While Harry was also concern about the army of the dead, he was also concern about Cersei. Cersei had formed an alliance with Euron Greyjoy and his remaining Iron fleet.

The moment Euron Greyjoy ship left Blackwater Bay, Harry fleet attacked the Ironborn fleet. Sinking half their ships before they manage to the fleet to open water.

Today Harry was back in Winterfell. Jon had marched back to prepare for the war to come.

"What is it?" Harry asked Jon as he walks up to Jon.

"Read this," Jon said referring to the letter in Sansa's hand.

Sansa hands the letter to Harry and he reads the letter.

"Tyrion Lannister, Hand of the Queen of Daenerys Targaryen wishes to speak to the King of the North in Dragonstone. The Seven Kingdoms will bleed as long as Cersei sits on the Iron Throne. We have a Dothraki Horse, an Unsullied Legion, and three dragons. Join us. Together we can end her tyranny. Remember, all dwarves are bastards in their father's eyes." Harry said as he reads it.

"A trap?" Ser Davos said.

"The last bit," Jon said.

"What? All dwarves are bastards?" Sansa said.

"It's something he said to me when we first met back in Winterfell during his visit. You know him better than any of us. What do you advise?" Jon asks.

"Tyrion is different from the other Lannisters. He was always kind to me. But it's too much of a risk we cannot risk it."

"We have Dragonstone. A safe haven if we need it to be one. Daenerys Targaryen has only two choices. One is the attack Dragonstone and attempts to seize it for herself. The other is to reach out to the North and try to win our support. The letter doesn't explain on what she wants exactly. However, she will attempt to win our support through diplomacy? Or will she try to force us into submission?" Ser Davos asks.

"She will act like she has the playing field. She will use her numbers to force us into submission. Only, the only I will bend my knee too is the King of the North." Harry said.

"So what do we do?" Sansa asked.

"Gather the Lords, let's hear what they have to say," Harry said.

"There is something else," Jon said.

"What?" Harry asks.

"Samwell Tarly, a brother of the Night's Watch and someone I trust has informed me of Dragonglass in Dragonstone," Jon said.

"That is not news to us. We have already acquired the dragonglass and it's coming in daily." Harry said.

"My concern is we need allies. If the army of the dead makes it past the wall then we could be badly outnumbered. Even with your abilities to stop the dead." Jon said.

"You honestly believe that Daenerys Targaryen can be trusted. She is a wild card in this. She wants you to bend the knee to her. I trust you've heard about Dorne, the Reach and half the Iron Fleet that was aligned to her. She needs us more than we need her." Harry said.

"What do you suggest?" Jon said.

"She knows you're the rightful ruler of the Iron Throne," Harry said as Jon looks at Harry carefully. "She doesn't know that you have no interest in the Iron Throne. We need to see if she's loyal to herself or to our cause. If she proves she's willing to support you, then we'll help her sit on the Iron Throne. If she doesn't want to support your claim. The North will not aid her in any way." Harry said.

"You have a plan in mind," Jon said.

"Let me meet with her. I can speak to her and teach her the ignorance of her ways." Harry said.

"You think we need the Targaryen? We do have the largest army in all of Westeros." Ser Davos said.

"The second largest. The Targaryen has the largest. Though from what I understand, she has no real military leaders. Tyrion Lannister, her Hand, may be able to form basic military strategist but he cannot fight against another successful military. The North is by far the most successful military due to the simple fact we have yet to be defeated in battle. Tyrion Lannister knows this. He respects this. He sent that letter because he knows he doesn't want us as an enemy." Harry said.

Jon nods his head.

The Northern Lords were not happy about Harry returning to Dragonstone to meet with Daenerys Targaryen and forming an alliance with her. Many of them voice concerns about trusting her. Trying to remind him of the Mad King and what he did to their grandfather and uncle. How he invited them to King's Landing before roasting them alive. Speaking that no Targaryen or Lannister can be trusted. Even Sansa spoke out believing the idea was a bad one.

Harry and Jon, however, argue against it. Telling the Lords and Ladies that if they formed an alliance with Daenerys Targaryen they would have over three hundred and fifty thousand men in total. A Dothraki Horde, the fearless Unsullied soldiers, and three dragons. Even though the North along with the Vale had over a hundred and forty thousand men, the largest in the Seven Kingdoms. Daenerys had the largest with nearly two hundred thousand men. They needed to make peace and not risk fighting a large scale battle. Even though Daenerys was inexperienced in battle, she still had three large dragons that could do serious damage before any attempt at a peace could be broken between the North and the Targaryen Conquest.

Many Northern Lords were unhappy, but they did agree in an attempt to make peace with Daenerys though they warn they would still prepare for war against her just in case she seeks to attack the Northern Kingdom.

Harry sent word to Tyrion Lannister that the North agreed to a meeting with the Mother of Dragons at Dragonstone.

Daenerys arrived at Dragonstone with all her ships and men. They quickly landed on the beach but so far no engagement of any kind happen. The Northern Royal Fleet made sure to keep a strong grip around the bay that surrounded Dragonstone.

They arrived at the gate and could see the Northern Rangers with their bows nock and pointed at them.

"We are House Targaryen here to speak to the Lord of Dragonstone." Tyrion Lannister said to the guards. They said nothing as they look on and kept their bows pointed at them.

For a moment nothing was said and the Unsullied looked very nervous with some moving close to Daenerys with their shields raised and their bodies tense.

Then the doors opened.

The Unsullied look at individuals wearing leather armor with plated steel. The banner of House Stark was on their breastplate. A woman walks forward and the others made room for her.

"Welcome to Dragonstone," she said as she looks at them.

"We are here to speak to Jon Snow about an alliance between House Targaryen and House Stark." Tyrion Lannister said to the woman.

Apparently, the woman took note of how Tyrion didn't respect Jon's position as King of the North. She gives him a cold calculating look before she nods her head.

"The King is not here. The Lord Commander is. The King is very busy. He does have a war to lead and cannot leave his army. The Lord Commander will be more than happy to welcome you to Dragonstone." The woman said.

Daenerys Targaryen and her party did not look happy. Some shared looks of concern but no one commented on it.

"If you would follow me. I'll take you to the Lord Commander." The woman said.

Daenerys party nods their heads as they step inside the gate and walk up the narrow passage up to Dragonstone. The moment they were clear, the guards closed the gate again. Daenerys looks back and realized this wasn't going to be as easy as she thought. None the less, she follows the Northern Rangers up the steps towards Dragonstone. Daenerys took note of the Direwolf banner that was flying on Dragonstone.

The gates of Dragonstone opens up allowing her party to come inside. The dragons took flight overhead but Daenerys and the Unsullied kept moving forward.

Inside Daenerys mind, she was nervous and scared. Her Hand Tyrion Lannister and her spymaster Varys kept telling her the same thing over and over again. Do not anger the Winter King. He may no longer be King of the North but he was one person, who could be a real threat to her rule. Tyrion said it so many times she was getting tired of hearing it but others were agreeing with Tyrion. They need the Winter King as an ally. His military success was legendary in its own right. Tyrion even hypothesizes that the Winter King could conquer the Seven Kingdoms and no army would be able to stop him.

What made Tyrion Lannister nervous was why Jon Snow and Harry Stark fled North after sacking the Twins and killing the remainders of the Frey's. Ser Jaime Lannister, the new Lord of House Lannister was marching his army north to the Trident to meet them. The moment he heard the Northern Army turn north, Jaime sent his army to Casterly Rock while he took some men to King's Landing. Tyrion suspects, Jaime feared a trap. That last time he was in that area, he walked straight into a trap and was captured. Remain a prisoner for nearly two years before Lady Catelyn Stark freed him in exchange that he would return the Stark girls home.

The Winter King's success sent fear to all the Lords of Westeros. It got to the point all houses and realms fear if the Winter King wrath. It wasn't for his large armies that he had under his command. It was for his strategies. Everyone knew he had a plan for everything. He was the most in defiance of the Iron Throne.

Yet Tyrion Lannister did say that the Winter King would make a powerful ally to have. Due to the simple fact, Cersei was responsible for the death of his father, his mother, and his brother. There is no doubt that the Winter King swore vengeance against the Lannisters and wanted them dead. All her advisers said the same thing, well almost all of them. But they wanted the Winter King as an ally and not an enemy. Even Dorne and Lady Olenna Tyrell told her the Winter King would be the most powerful ally she would have by her side.

She walks in the room and takes note of the Stark banners hanging about. She wanted to tear them down in disgrace but she quickly took note of the Stark bannerman in the room. She wasn't stupid, tearing down a banner was the same as declaring war against House Stark. Tyrion has said it so many times that she was tired of hearing it but she knew that they needed the Starks as allies. They were the only ones who had an army that was nearly as large as her own. Her military advisors have also warned her, the Northern Army was very successful in its military campaigns. They all were saying the same thing. Win the support of the North who was clearly the best army in all of Westeros.

The guards open the chamber to the throne room and to their surprise, it was empty. There was no one in the throne room.

"Wait here," The woman said as she and the guards walk up the steps towards the chamber behind the throne.

Daenerys took the time to look around before she walks up to the steps to the throne room.

Harry was looking over the stone table map of the land. As he expected the Unsullied took half of Daenery's Fleet to Casterly Rock to not only lay siege of it. Most likely to capture it and kill off the Lannisters. Harry scoffs at the thought. Casterly Rock may have been a key factor in House Lannister's seat of power. However, with the rise of Cersei Lannister as Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, the new seat of power was now the Crownlands and King's Landing.

Tyrion Lannister was talented in politics. He understood simple military strategy. However, he was no military commander. Many people didn't follow Tyrion simply because he wasn't the best person to listen to. But he was a good political figure. Understood politics and how to bring the other houses and Lords to heel.

Then there was Varys, who was an excellent spymaster. He knew how to play games with people and acquire information from countless people. Finding information has never been hard for Varys. His true allegiance, however, that was hard to figure out. If Harry had to guess, Varys didn't support the Baratheon's or Lannisters. Most likely because he saw them for what they really were. The Baratheon's were not good rulers and terrible Kings. The Lannisters were power hungry and greedy. They also were bullies as they like to push everyone around them.

House Tyrell was over. They had no successor since Cersei killed both Loras and Margaery Tyrell along with Mace Tyrell. No doubt Cersei would take advantage of this fact and try to win the Reach Lords support by promising one to be Warden of the South. The most promising candidate would be Lord Randyll Tarly. Next to Lady Olenna Tyrell he was the most influential and promising candidate within the Reach. While Harry was generally open to outsiders and didn't rush to judgment, others in the Seven Kingdoms weren't the same. Cersei's greatest support was the fact that Daenerys Targaryen brought 'savages and barbarians and eunuchs' to their shores. Many Lords of the Reach would agree with Cersei and side with her. Due to the simple fact that they shared a common enemy. How long they supported her, remain to be seen.

"Lord Commander," Brise said as she walks up to him. Harry turns to look at her.

"She's here," Harry said. It wasn't a question, he already knew what was going on.

Harry knew why she had come. However, while it was clear her advisors wanted the North as allies, she would want the North to swear fealty to her and submit to her rule. She wanted him to bend the knee.

Harry grabs the letter Jon had written for him that was his instructions. If he played this right, then he would gain a huge army at his back.

Harry walks towards the throne room and immediately takes note that Daenerys Targaryen wasn't waiting at the door like she was instructed. Instead, she took the time of the Rangers absence to sit on the throne of Dragonstone.

"You're in my seat," Harry said as he stood.

Daenerys Targaryen said nothing as she looks at him. Instead the woman beside her; who was dark skin and had an afro.

"You stand in the presence of Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, the rightful heir to the Iron Throne, rightful Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Protector of the Seven Kingdoms, the Mother of Dragons, the Khaleesi of the Great Grass…" Missandei began

"Yeah, yeah she has a bunch of fancy titles," Brise said.

"You're in my seat," Harry said again as he looks Daenerys with a strong look in his eyes.

Daenerys said nothing nor did she move from her seat.

"Thank you for traveling all this way, my lord," Daenerys said.

Harry could tell from the tone in her voice, how she directed him as a 'Lord' wasn't meant as a sign of respect but rather as a figure of speech. Harry could also tell she was looking down upon him. As if she was his better. It would appear she thought this alliance between House Targaryen and the Northern Kingdom was also set in stone. Harry was about to teach her the errors of her ways.

"This is a very dangerous game you're playing Lady Targaryen," Harry said in a cold tone of voice. Daenerys flushed a shade of red for a moment at Harry's lack of respect he was giving her. "One that you will not win or walk away from," Harry stated.

Daenerys Targaryen looked angry at the lack of respect she was getting. Things weren't starting off well. That much was clear. Daenerys Targaryen for a moment didn't look like she knew how to respond to that.

"This is Harry Stark, Lord Commander of the Northern Kingdom and Hand of the King to Jon Snow. The Aegis of the North. Sworn protector of the Northern Kingdom." Brise said with a smug look on her face.

"Good, now that we got that out the way. Get out of my seat or I'll remove you from my seat." Harry snaps.

A couple Dothraki steps forward as if they were trying to intimidate Harry. Brise and the Rangers step forward their hands resting their swords. A couple even unsheathing their swords to a point they were telling the Dothraki they weren't afraid of a fight.

"We're here to discuss the possibility of an alliance. Not have a fight." Tyrion said wisely.

"Then don't go picking fights." Brise barks.

"Get out of my seat, or I'll remove your head from your body." Harry snaps.

Daenerys looked somewhat startled. Then she regains her composure.

"Do you know what happens to men who threaten me?" she said.

"Do you know what happens to people who challenge me." Harry snaps.

The two continue to glare at one another and needless to say, the tension was getting tense and starting to spiral out of control. Harry rested his hands on his Varian Sword; Ice and was starting to unsheathe it.

Tyrion walks up to Daenerys and starts to speak to her in a low voice.

"I will not. Unless he bends the knee I will have his head." Daenerys said in a not so soft voice.

"Try it, we shall see who has the better men. If you want a fight, none of you will walk out of here alive. That I guarantee." Harry said.

"We're here to discuss the possibility of an alliance. Not start a war with one another." Tyrion said.

"That may be what you're after Tyrion Lannister, but Daenerys Targaryen wants the North to submit to her. Why would we? What has House Targaryen ever done for the North? For House Stark? I remember the transgressions House Targaryen has done to House Stark. I remember it well. I remember what your brother and father did to House Stark. You should know this story well, Lady Targaryen." Harry said in a nasty tone of voice.

Daenerys Targaryen face fell realizing that Harry was picking a fight with her. As well as insult her through a terrible history lesson.

"I'm not my father." Daenerys Targaryen said.

"She is not. What the Mad King did shouldn't be reflected upon his last living child. She is not her father and she has proven that during her reign in Meereen. Freeing countless people of the horrors of slavery. She has proven that she has the people's best interest at heart." Tyrion said.

"By executing anyone who dares challenges her authority. I know of the people who she killed. Even people who served on her own council for questioning her methods. She has proven she is no different than her father." Harry snaps.

"Cersei is the enemy, not Daenerys," Tyrion said.

"You think I would trade one tyrant for another? Then you've clearly lost your mind and have gone mad. This is why the North has segregated from the rest of the Seven Kingdoms. Because we no longer want to be ruled by whoever sits on the Iron Throne. That's why the Riverlands, the Vale have sided with us. Because they don't trust Lannisters. And they don't like Targaryens." Harry said.

Daenerys looks on realizing that things weren't going as she hopes. She was suddenly realizing that the North wasn't going to be easy to obtain as allies. So far, only aggression has been met with the talks.

"If we have offended you then we apologize. We want to join our forces to fight my sister," Tyrion said.

"I know why you have sought out my help. My resume speaks for itself. I have over fifteen victories against the Lannisters. I have yet to be defeated in battle. You want my fighting men to help you win the Iron Throne. A throne we no longer have any interesting in. The North will continue to fight for its independence from Cersei and if need be, from you." Harry said.

Harry looks out of the corner of his eye and sees Varys coming into the room. Harry already knew what was it about.

"You have a war to fight. I can tell you this, despite your numbers. The Unsullied, Dothraki and three Dragons under your command, you're going to lose this war. I already know why you're going to lose. We can talk later, you have more pressing matters to worry about. Like Euron Greyjoy's attack on your fleet." Harry said.

With his piece said, Harry turns to walk out the room with his Rangers behind him. He passed Varys without saying a word to him. Varys bows his head as Harry passed him as a sign of respect. Obvious knowing that Harry wasn't someone he wanted to cross. The moment they were clear of the room Harry spoke.

"Lockdown Dragonstone. Cut her off from her army." Harry said. "How many men did she bring into Dragonstone?" Harry asked.

"At least twenty. What remains of her fleet lurks near Dragonstone. We have over a hundred Rangers in Dragonstone alone. We could – kill them." Brise said.

"I rather hold off killing them until we are certain we are enemies. But I will keep her away from her men to remind her who had the real power in Dragonstone. Tell the Rangers to only engage if they're engaged upon. I don't want her to have reasons to unleash her dragons upon us. Besides, if I play this right, then I will gain her army for the North." Harry said.

"You've already proven to be a wise king. Cunning and Dangerous too. Why do you think she will turn to you?" Brise asks.

"What better way to eliminate an enemy than to use another enemy against them?" Harry said.

"Remind me to never get on your bad side," Brise said.

"The nerve of him. Speaking of things like he knows everything." Daenerys said.

"He wasn't wrong. I do not know how he knew. I just found out myself. But Euron Greyjoy fleet attacked our fleet. Our Ironborn and Dornish allies were attacked in route to Dorne." Varys said.

"And?" Daenerys said.

"A few ships manage to escape, the rest sunk or captured. Yara Greyjoy is either dead or captured. Ellaria Sand dead or captured." Varys said.

"He knew. Harry Stark knew what the enemy was going to do." Tyrion said with realization.

"How could he have possibly known?" Daenerys asks.

"With respect, he has survived this war by always being several steps ahead of his enemies. He had broken the Lannister army in the past. The new Lannister forces don't dare go near the Riverlands without drawing the attention from the Winter King. His name is feared throughout the lands. He is one person, we want as an ally." Tyrion said.

"How large is his army?" Daenerys asks.

"Over a hundred and fifty thousand strong. The North is filled with wild game, more so than the south. They've also got a large fleet. The Northern Fleet has been coming to the island for unknown reasons, and they've also been leaving. Carrying something off this island and transporting it to the North. What they're doing, is unknown." Varys said.

"The real question is why did he pull out when he had a chance to crush the Lannister forces. He had a clear chance to destroy the Lannister army yet he pulled the Northern Kingdom army away instead. He is by no means, a coward." Tyrion said.

"What do you advise me to do?" Daenerys asks.

"Let me speak to him. Perhaps I can make a deal with him for him to give us aid in the war. We're going to have to strike soon." Tyrion said.

Daenerys looks at the throne and was thinking hard.

"Have him bend the knee, or he will burn," Daenerys said.

Author Note: Sorry for the long wait. I"m not really focus on this story because Game of Thrones has turn into a disappointment. However, I will finish this story. Make it better than the show.

A rough start for Harry and Daenerys, don't worry, she'll turn around and beg Harry to help her. Once she realized she can't win the war.