The Winter King

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Chapter 27: The Wolves of the North

Harry and the Northern Rangers still controlled Dragonstone. It got to the point they soon made the idea of control the island from Daenerys who started wrestling for control. A few Dothraki were killed for attempting to breach the gate. They attempted to break the gate down to get to Daenerys and they fell in the hundreds. Harry only lost two men.

In the end, Missandei was allowed to visit the men to deliver messages from the Queen to her men. Daenerys however, wasn't allowed to leave the island. She soon realized that Harry Stark was keeping her prisoner on the island. She barely had twenty men in the castle. There were over five hundred Northern Rangers in the castle and they controlled key points all over the island.

Harry was on the rocky coast watching his men load the ships up with the last of the Dragonglass. Tyrion walks over and stands a good distance out of Harry's reach. Harry's guards walk off leaving the two alone.

"The last time I saw you, you were a mere boy of Winterfell. The times have changed. Now you're Lord Commander of the Northern Kingdom and the Hand of the King to Jon Snow." Tyrion said.

"Aegon," Harry said. "Jon Snow's real name is Aegon Targaryen. This is the name his mother, Lyanna Stark gave to him on his birth. Despite having the Targaryen name, he is a Stark. A wolf with Dragon's blood." Harry said.

"You have been fighting my family for a long time. Why did you pull your men out? You could have killed my brother and his army near Harrunhall." Tyrion said.

"We have far more pressing matters the War of the Iron Throne," Harry stated.

"Like what?" Tyrion asks.

Harry didn't say anything. He was silent as he looks over the horizon.

"Why have you come here?" Harry asked.

"To speak to you. We lost a recent ally. I'm hoping to convince you to be our ally and take the fight to my sister." Tyrion said.

"Does Daenerys still want me to bend the knee?" Harry asks.

"She does," Tyrion admitted.

"Then she will die. I will give the order to my men to take her head. We'll see how her army fares without her at the head of the helm." Harry said.

"Be reasonable," Tyrion said.

"She needs to be reasonable. She thinks her name alone allows her to do what she wants. You need to teach her she simply cannot do what she wants. You know what happened to Joffrey. To Stannis. If she doesn't learn that on this side of the world, she will meet the same fate. Maybe one of her own allies will turn on her. They'll plot in secret against her. She is not off to a good start." Harry said.

"Perhaps. However, she's not wrong. The throne does belong to her. You can't exactly back up your claim that Jon Snow is the son of the Crown Prince. You don't exactly have proof." Tyrion said.

Harry smiles. "No, I suppose we don't. That hardly matters. Three powerful houses, each fighting for the right to rule the Iron Throne. So the real question is, which family will rule, and which family will fall." Harry said.

"An alliance is all I ask. You know an alliance is the best in this situation. We share a common enemy." Tyrion said.

"But that doesn't mean we are friends. Quite frankly I want House Targaryen and House Lannister to butt heads with one another. All that means is that you'll be very weak when the North enters the fray. It's more of a win for us than it would be for you. It doesn't matter if Daenerys has three dragons, this is one war you're not going to win." Harry said.

"Then why did you agree to a meeting with the Mother of Dragons?" Tyrion asked.

"To see what she was capable of. To know my enemy. She is a huge disappointment." Harry said. In saying that Harry turns to walk away. "I can tell you what will happen for the Battle of Casterly Rock," Harry said.

Tyrion looked taken back and looked somewhat shocked at Harry's replies.

"Do we win?" Tyrion asks.

"You will. But it will come at a great cost. With the loss of a great ally." Harry said. With that being said, Harry walks back to Dragonstone. Leaving Tyrion very confused by Harry's choice of words.

The next few days were uneventful. Daenerys Targaryen still attempted to bully her way to control Dragonstone, however, Harry's Ranger refused to listen to her. A few times they even drew their swords at Daenerys for her attempt to command them. Not wanting to die, she would back away. It was clear none of the Rangers respected her.

Harry walks up to Brise and the captains.

"How goes our mining operation?" Harry asks.

"We took nearly half of the Dragonglass. Our blacksmiths in Winterfell are already forging spearheads and arrowheads. Along with some swords and daggers. However most of the main, the primary army still has Valyrian steel and armor. It's not much but we'll be better off for the Great War then we have been had the White Walkers hit us a year ago." Brise said.

"If we lose Winterfell, we'll retreat to Dragonstone. Dragonstone would be better because we can make a better stand. It's also a place we can send the noncombatants. Soon the Great War will be upon us. We can't waste our time-fighting Lannisters. If the Walkers hit us from behind as we are fighting Lannisters, then we're all going to end up worse then dead. Our attention has to solo befocus on the Walkers until such a time is they are beaten.

Daenerys was standing inside the meeting room where she could see the stone table of the Seven Kingdoms. She could see wooden animal heads on the table all over the table.

The several lions head was at Kings Landing and Casterly Rock. The Rose was in High Garden as the sun spear was in Dorne. The Trident and the Blue Jay were in The Riverlands and the Eyrie with Wolf's Head alongside them.

Then she looks at the Stormlands, where several dragons heads were placed indicating her army.

"You look troubled, your grace." Varys said as he made his presence known.

"You have news?" Daenerys said without looking at her spymaster.

"Indeed. The Northern Rangers has been doing mining operations here on Dragonstone. Large deposits have been moved onto the ship and are being sent up to the White Harbor. Hundreds of ships are moving back and forth. From White Harbor, they go to Winterfell." Varys said.

"Mining?" Daenerys repeated. "What are they mining?"

"I'm afraid I don't know. Harry Stark knows how my network works and have been keeping everything quiet. His Rangers won't allow anyone near what they're doing." Varys said.

"Tyrion says we need the North as allies. What do you think?" Daenerys asks.

"Lord Tyrion is correct. Early stages of the War the North was winning until Tywin Lannister's treachery and the Bolton's and Frey's betrayal. The North for all intense and purposes would have won the war. When his brother, Robb Stark was murder, he rose up in his place to continue to wage war against the Iron Throne. You may not have heard of this, but he won a great victory against the Iron Throne just three months after he rose up as the Winter King. A hundred thousand men in total, were annihilated by a mere force of twenty thousand. He still has a large bounty on his head of a hundred thousand gold dragons for anyone who can bring his head to the Iron Throne. The Lannister army fears him and fears him for good reason. I must be frank your grace." Varys said as he steps forward. "If the North becomes your enemy, then there is a good chance you will never sit on the Iron Throne."

"I will sit the Iron Throne." Daenerys declared.

"Not with the North in rebellion. Even if you do sit on the Iron Throne the North will never accept your rule. You will be at war with the Northern Kingdom for decades, perhaps for your entire reign." Varys said.

"He's right you know." Tyrion said as he walks in. Ser Barristan walks in beside him.

"Where are you've been?" Daenerys asks.

"Talking with the Lord Commander. He's is as cryptic as usual." Tyrion said as he walks in and sits down.

"Will he bend the knee?" Daenerys asks.

"Afraid he won't. He's getting ready to return to the North. Apparently, he's not that interested in an alliance. Due to the fact that House Targaryen has disrespected House Stark far too many times. We may have to accept that House Stark will no longer seek an alliance with House Targaryen." Tyrion said.

"You mean they're running." Ser Barriestian said.

"Harry Stark told me something very interesting. And I have to agree with him, it is a genius strategy."

"What is that?" Varys asks.

"What is a way to defeat an enemy?" Tyrion said.

"You crush them." Daenerys said as if it was simple.

"Yes, that's the most common route. What Harry Stark said however made me realize what he is after. The best way for the North to destroy their enemy is to have another enemy destroy them."

"Are you saying, the North is going to sit this war out and wait for House Targaryen and House Lannister to fight it out and wait to take on the victories?" Ser Barristian.

"Afraid so. All the North has to do, is wait for our armies to fight and dwindle our resources. They still have two hundred and fifty thousand men in the North. Meaning they have the largest army in the Seven Kingdoms. We have nearly three hundred thousand. Enough to challenge them, maybe not enough to win. Winter is here. The timing of our invasion couldn't be far worse. Food will be scarce right now. The North is more secure and has more wild game than the rest of the Southern Kingdoms. Even the Riverlands. Fish are flowing through the Riverlands in hundreds of thousands of pack. The Northern Kingdom has the food, so they'll be fine during Winter." Tyrion said.

"Then what do you suggest I do. He will bend the knee or he will burn." Daenerys said.

"He will never bend the knee. If you don't know the North they are incredibly stubborn. You need to earn their respect. It is never given. And believe me, they will not hesitate to fight if one of their own is killed. You burn him, and the North will go to war with you. You cannot afford to have two fronts. We are to focused on my sister. You must be smart about this." Tyrion said.

"Then what should I do? How do we get more allies?" Daenerys asks.

"You could try just talking to him." Tyrion said.

"Talk to him." Daenerys repeated.

"We need allies. He's heading to a cave with his officers. Speak to him. If you respect his wishes he may be inclined to help us." Tyrion said.

Daenerys walks around the table thinking hard.

"How goes the Battle for Casterly Rock?" She asks.

"The Unsullied should be arrivingsoon." Varys reported.

"Lord Commander." One of Harry's officer shouted as he runs down the beach to him.

"What is it?" Harry said. he notices his rank was a lieutenant. One of Brise Lieutenants.

"You need to see this." He said as he opens a very old book.

He was having trouble getting the pages right as the wind was blowing very hard.

"Would it help if I hold it?" Harry said.

The lieutenant look taken back but nods his head. Harry grabs the book and he goes through the pages. Finally, he found what he was looking for.

"Here my Lord." He said.

Harry turns the book and reads.

"It's old valyrian." Harry said. He reads and was very surprised at what was written.

"We can actually make Valyrian Steel?" Harry said in surprise.

"We need a master Blacksmith someone who is good to smelt it. The forge will be easy to make, but the key things we need are…" The Lieutenant began.

"Is Dragonglass and Dragon Fire." Harry said as he read the instructions. The forge to make it would be easy to assemble together. However, Dragon Fire would be a bit harder to acquire.

"Speak of this to no one." Harry said as he slams the book shut.

His lieutenant nods his head and returns to Dragonstone.

Harry looks out to the horizon and could see Daenerys three dragons flying around. Harry always thought Dragons were marvelous. Now there were three in this world. Perhaps there would be more.

Daenerys walks down the steps and sees her dragons flying. So far nothing has happened. She knew the battle reports would be coming in soon.

She reaches the gate and the Northern Rangers unsheathes their weapons at the sight of her. She only had two Unsullied soldiers at her side.

"I wish to see…Lord… the Lord Commander." Daenerys said as she corrects herself.

They said nothing.

"You'll find him at the cave's entrance along the beach." The guard captain said as they open the gate. The gate opens wides and Daenerys walkthrough. Her handmaiden and her guards following her. She walks alongside the beach and could see Harry Stark looking out at the ocean where the Stark Fleet was at port.

He was eating an apple and appeared to be enjoying himself.

Daenerys stop short of him. Looking at him.

"It's magnificent isn't it." Harry Stark said looking out at the horizon. "Despite the war going on, there is actually a moment of peace in a place like this."

Daenerys looks and could see what he meant.

"It is beautiful." Daenerys agreed.

"Still want me to bend the knee?" Harry Stark said with a smirk on his face.

She's never met a man so defiant of her. She was so used to getting what she wants. Why was he making things difficult?

"I want to speak to you about an alliance. What does the North want in exchange for an alliance?" Daenerys asks.

"What do we want? That is an interesting question. One that is not easily answered. The truth is, you can't give us what we want. Further talks are pointless. The North is withdrawing from this war and if you march on us, I'll meet you on the field of battle." Harry said. he grabs his sword and places it upright.

"Then why did you agree to meet?" Daenerys asked angrily. "Is this some kind of game to you?"

"When you play the Game of Thrones. You must play to win, or you die. That is a common fact when you're fighting for the Iron Throne. There is no reward for second place." Harry said.

"Then why are you here? What are you doing in Dragonstone if you're not going to fight in this war?" Daenerys demands.

Harry turns to look at her for the first time.

"Varys has been trying to find out. The problem is, we don't allow anyone see what we're doing. I'm sure you're going to think I'm mad if you knew." Harry said with a smile.

"I'm fighting a war and I need allies. You're telling me you won't be our ally. What are you doing that is more important than killing the family that killed your family?" Daenerys started to shout as she was beginning to show her frustration.

"You really want to see?" Harry said.

Daenerys was taken back. She was expecting an insult.

She nods her head.

"Leave your guards and handmaiden here. I'll take you inside." Harry said as he stands up. He grabs his book puts it in a saddle bag and straps his sword around his waist.

Daenerys didn't know what he was planning. However, she might get some insight on what he was doing.

She nods her head and follows Harry Stark into the cave.

"We've been at it for three months." Harry said as he holds a torch. "Taking as much as we can and shipping it to Winterfell." Harry said as they enter a large cavern. Daenerys could see people mining dark green ores and throwing them into crates. Rangers were carrying crates out and bringing in new ones.

"What is it?" Daenerys asks.

"Dragonglass." Harry said simply.

"Dragonglass." Daenerys repeated.

"Yeah, we're making weapons out of it. Swords, daggers, spearheads, and arrowheads. Thousands of them." Harry said.

"Are they worth much?" Daenerys asks wondering if Dragonglass was worth a fortune.

"Not really. Dragonglass is a lot weaker than steel. But it does have its uses." Harry said. He ventures deeper into the cavern to a tunnel that thin. Daenerys follows.

She saw drawings of what look like people and green folk standing together. They were holding dragonglass and pointing it at an enemy. It was blue and humanlike.

"What is that?" Daenerys asks.

"A white walker. A frozen abomination. You see, Dragonglass can kill them. It's the only thing that can kill them." Harry said.

"Aren't white walkers from a fairy tale?" Daenerys said with a scuff at the thought of being threatened by a children's story.

"That's why I told you you would think I'm mad. But you do not see, and you don't understand." Harry said as he looks into her. Daenerys stares into his dark green eyes and realized how beautiful they were. "Come, I'll take you back. Your handmaiden and guards will be worried." Harry said as he leads the way back to the entrance.

Daenerys said nothing as she follows Harry to the entrance. She was worried a bit he would just lead her deeper into the cave. Then she finally saw the light of the horizon.

She had to adjust her eyes to the brightness of the sun but she does and notices two other people standing there. Varys and Tyrion.

"We've taken Casterly Rock." Tyrion said.

"That's good news." Daenerys said. Neither Tyrion or Varys looked happen. If anything they shared a look of concern before looking back at her. "Isn't it?" she said in confusion.

Harry Stark returns to his rock and sits down.

"Awe, you took Casterly Rock." Harry Stark said. He pulls out another apple and starts eating it. Daenerys turns to him. As does her advisors and guards. "But there were only a couple hundred Lannisters there. They killed around, maybe a hundred Unsullied. Euron Greyjoy fleet has flank your fleet is sinking your ships and taking your sailors as prisoners. The real Lannister army marched south to High Garden. You have lost the Tyrells support as well as the Reach and Dorne." Harry said. He bites down on his apple and continues to eat. "Unfortunately for you, the Unsullied can't hold Casterly Rock. They will be forced to flee. There is no food or water at Casterly Rock. No supplies and nothing worth taking." Harry said. Again he bites down on his apple and looks out towards the Horizon.

Daenerys looks at him in surprise.

"Who is at Highgarden?" Daenerys said turning to her advisors.

"Your grace, there is nothing to support his claims…" Varys began.

They were interrupted by an Unsullied soldier running up to them. He hands Varys a sealed scrolled.

"What is it?" Daenerys asked.

"It's from High Garden." Varys said. He breaks the seal and opens the scroll and reads. Varys paled as he read the letter. He turns to Harry. "How did you know?" Varys said.

Harry smiles and bites down on his apple.

"We still have a plan. A good plan. It hasn't changed…" Tyrion said.

"Your strategies." Daenerys snaps turning to her hand. "Has left us with no more allies. They've been taken from me while I've been sitting on this island."

"We still have the largest army…"

"Who will no longer be able to eat because we've lost everything." Daenerys said.

"Call Grey Worm and the Unsullied back. We still have enough ships to carry the Dothraki to the mainland. Commit to the blockade of King's Landing. We have a plan, it's the right plan." Tyrion said.

"The right plan! Your strategies have lost us Dorn, the Iron Islands, and the Reach." Daenerys snaps.

"If I have underestimated our enemies…" Tyrion began.

"Our enemies? You mean your family. Perhaps you don't want to hurt them after all." Daenerys said.

Her dragons could be heard shrieking as they flew nearby.

Daenerys was clearly frustrated. It showed on her face. She stood there fuming and her advisors and guards said nothing, clearly not knowing how to please her or get her to calm down.

"What do I do?" Daenerys said to Harry as she turns to him.

"Why ask me?" Harry said as he takes another bite from his apple.

"I'm at war. I am losing. What do I do?" Daenerys said as she takes a step towards Harry.

Harry smiles.

"Why should I tell you?" Harry said.

'Son of the bitch he has her right where he wants her.' Tyrion realized.

"I'm losing. I need someone to tell me how to win. You are renown for winning every battle you've been a part of. Tell me what I should do." Daenerys said as she walks up to Harry.

Harry tosses his apple aside and stands up on his feet. He smiles as he looks at her.

Without warning and without pause he reaches up with his right hand and holds her by the throat. She falls to her knees from Harry's strength as she attempts to break free from his grasp.

Her guards immediately reacted. Pointing their spears at Harry.

{Try it.} Harry said in High Valyrian. {I could break her neck before your spears touch me.}

They look uncertain as to what to do.

"That means you too." Harry said turning to the former Kingsguard.

Ser Barristan Selmy hands were on his sword but he realized there was nothing he could do. He removes his hands from his looks at Harry carefully.

"You're choking me." Daenerys manage to say.

"Yes, ironic how your situation has changed isn't it." Harry said. Daenerys hits his wrist in attempts to break his grip. Unfortunately, she couldn't break it. "You see the problem is I don't like your attitude. You remind me too much of Joffrey. Now you have the nerve to command me like I'm one of your subjects. You need to remember I'm not your ally. You came to me for an alliance, do not act like you can boss me around." Harry said. In saying that he lets go of her and she breathes fresh air.

Harry turns and sits back down on the rock by the cave.

Daenerys stood up and takes one of the spears from her Unsullied soldiers. Harry smiles as he looks at her.

She thrust the spear at Harry but he grabs it and holds it as the spearhead was inches from his face.

Harry swats the spear to the side Daenerys stumbles. She attempts to regain her footing and points the spear at Harry.

Harry stands up and looks at her.

She thrust the spear again but Harry sides step it. She pulls back and thrusts again and Harry sidesteps it again. She tried this multiple times but Harry kept sidestepping her attacks. Daenerys pulls her the spear back and swings with all her all her might. Harry side flip over the spears and lands on his feet. Daenerys lost her footing and stumbles as the spears hit the ground.

"Not as easy as it looks is it." Harry said.

Daenerys looks at him and this times she charges. She thrust the spear as she does. Harry side steps again. This time he grabs the spear and yanks it forward causing Daenerys to come forward. The moment she was in front of him, he kicks the back of her foot causing her to fall on her back. Harry then slams the back of the spear into her gut.

Daenerys moans as she holds her stomach. Harry drops the spear by her side and walks a couple feet from her.

Daenerys grabs the spear and looks at him. She then thrusts again, hoping to hit him in the back of his calf. Harry jumps allowing the spear to pass between his legs and quickly jumps back in to lock the spear in place. He then spins, yanking the spear out of Daenerys hands and it comes back hitting her on the side of the head.

Daenerys was busted open. She was bleeding. Harry picks up the spear and drops it in front of her.

"He's going to kill her." Missandei said in a worried voice.

"No, he's toying with her." Ser Barristan Selmy. "If he wanted to kill her he would have done so already."

Daenerys struggles to get to the back on her feet. She grabs the spear and climbs back up to her feet.

Harry was five ten and stood much taller than Daenerys who was barely five three. She looks at him and thrust the spear upwards towards his head. Harry grabs the spear and yanks it to the side. He then steps forward and thrust the spear back into Daenerys face. He hit her three times then lets it go.

Daenerys hits the ground, her face bloody. She was close to blacking out as she laid there. Harry drops the spear at her side and walks away. He returns to his rock and pulls out another apple.

"I think that's enough." Tyrion said as he steps forward. Harry said nothing as he bites down on his apple.

Her guards pulled her back to her feet and she struggles to stand on her feet.

"She needs to sit down and rest." Harry said.

"Sit her down." Ser Barristan Selmy said. They guards comply as they sit their Queen down on the sand.

Harry said nothing as he ate his apple.

"What was the point of that?" Tyrion asks as he steps forward. In a way that looks like he was using himself as a shield to prevent Harry's next assault on Daenerys.

"She needed to be taught a lesson. I gave her one." Harry said. He bites down on his apple.

"She asked for your help."Tyrion said.

"As I stated. I don't like her attitude." Harry said.

Daenerys attempts to stand back up and her guards were being careful. They help her up and hold her steady.

"Why did you attack me?" Daenerys demanded.

Harry smiles.

"You really don't know. You really are like Joffrey." Harry said in amusement.

"I'm nothing like that boy." Daenerys said.

"You are in more ways than you know. However, I don't want to have this conversation here. We will return to Dragonstone." Harry said. In saying that he gets up and walks back to Dragonstone. The others follower. Her guards carrying their Queen along the way.

They enter the meeting room and Harry sits down. He pulls out another apple and starts eating it.

Daenerys was seated down and her handmaiden Missandei was trying to clean her up to the best of her abilities.

"So tell us, what can Daenerys offered to get your support in the war." Tyrion asks.

"For starters, she could lose the attitude." Harry said.

"I'm the Queen, not some common folk." Daenerys said.

Harry smiles and turns to Varys and Tyrion. "How many times did Joffrey say 'I'm the King' a day?"

Varys and Tyrion look back and stare at Harry.

Varys answers. "Many time my lord." Varys said.

"When a person has to scream they're a ruler it means they're not a true ruler." Harry said turning back to Daenerys. "Do you know what happened to Joffrey?" Harry asks.

"He was poison at his own wedding." Daenerys said.

"Yes, but do you know by whom?" Harry asks. Daenerys just looks at him. Harry smiles. "I thought not. You see, Joffrey wasn't poison by an enemy… rather he was poison by his own allies and a member on the council who was recently made a great lord of Westeros." Harry said.

"What does this have to do with me?" Daenerys said.

"He's saying that the same thing could happen to you. Your own allies could kill you." Tyrion said.

"You should listen to your Hand. He's a smart one. And he knows what I just incline is true. Yes, your attitude will make you more enemies than allies. For one, you have no respect for anyone. Don't think I don't know you disrespected me. You insulted me the very first time we met."

"I did not." Daenerys protest.

"You did. Don't think I don't know that you called me 'lord' as a figure of speech. Not out of respect for my title. If you don't respect other lords and Kings of Westeros then you are not going to have a very happy life here. Had you not been blind and arrogant, I would have warned you about sending the Unsullied to Casterly Rock and told you about Highgarden." Harry said.

Daenerys was silent. She looks at Harry carefully.

"Yes, I understand. Your name gives you the right to sit upon the Iron Throne. I respect that. But it doesn't give you the right to do what you pleased. Joffrey and Stannis once thought the same as you did. Look what happen to them." Harry said.

"Then what should I do?" Daenerys asks.

"First, you need to learn how to be humble. Westeros has its own laws and tradition. You're not fighting slavers here. Your fighting free men. You want to claim your birthright but the problem is your father did many terrible things during his reign and the Lords of Westeros are afraid of a repeat of history. That you could be just as terrible as your father." Harry said.

Daenerys was taken back and appeared to have a lump in her throat.

"I'm not my father." Daenerys said.

"Then listen to me. Learn from me. Look I understand. I get it. All your life you wanted to sit on the Iron Throne because you believe it was your birthright. But it doesn't give you the right to do what you please. The problem is Daenerys Targaryen, is that you have a dream, but you were never taught how to be a Queen. You were never taught how to be a Lady of Westeros. You need to understand, if you want your rule to be peaceful and just, then you need to make as fewer enemies as possible. But your attitude, your attitude will make you more enemies than allies." Harry said.

"You're saying that Jon Snow could be a better King than I a Queen?" Daenerys said.

"Yes. Because of our father, or the man who raised him as a son, Lord Eddard Stark, taught us everything he taught me. Swordfighting, strategies, politics, and how to stand and address another. You were never taught these things. From what I understand, the only thing you know was abuse at your brother's hand."

Daenerys looked taken back. It was clear she was thinking.

"What kind of Queen do you want to be?" Harry asks.

"A good queen." Daenerys replies.

"A good queen isn't one who shows off her power. A good queen knows when to show restraint. She also shows respect to others even if she doesn't respect them. Believe me, you'll last longer than any other King or Queen in Westeros." Harry said.

"Then what do I do?" Daenerys asks.

"Do you understand what's going on with the Northern Kingdom and the Iron Throne?" Harry asks.

"I know you're in open rebellion." Daenerys said.

"Yes, but do you know why? I'm not talking about the death of the Stark family members. Do you know what caused this?" Harry asked.

Daenerys shook her head.

"Ever since Robert's Rebellion. The Crown has been in debt. I believe the Crown owes three million gold stags to the Iron Bank. Unfortunately, the only way to get the gold was from taxes. The Iron Throne has been hitting the North heavy with taxes for years and it's been pissing off the Northern Lords because we don't have that kind of resource to pay it off. The separation was bound to happen. The execution of Lord Ned Stark killed the possibility of a union. Cersei manipulated much of those events. That's why we went to war. Because we're tired of being ruled by the Iron Thorne. We wanted our own Kingdom and we have our own laws. Robert's Rebellion cost us much and it was the North that suffered the most. We got no reward from it. Instead, we were hit with heavy taxes. So we segregated ourselves. Formed our own Kingdom. You may want the Northern Kingdom to bend the knee to you, but you are only asking for trouble. The Northern Lords don't trust a Targaryen… nor a Lannister." Harry said.

Daenerys look down realizing she wasn't going to get much support as she wanted.

"If however, you respect the Northern Kingdom's right to independence," Harry said slowly. Daenerys looks up hoping to hear good news. "Then there is the possibility we can be allies." Harry said.

"What do you mean?" Tyrion said.

"Look, when this war is done, Jon Snow… or rather Aegon Targaryen will sit on the Iron Throne and unite the Seven Kingdoms. He's the best bet at uniting the Seven Kingdoms. So I'm asking you… will you respect that." Harry said looking at Daenerys looks on.

"You're asking me to step aside and pledge my armies to a man I don't know." Daenerys said.

"I am." Harry said.

"If she agrees," Tyrion said as everyone turns to him. "She will be the second in line unless Jon Snow has an heir. In case something happens to his bloodline, Daenerys line will be ruled as the next family."

"Of course. That is more than acceptable." Harry said.

"It's a good offer. I suggest you take it." Tyrion said.

"No. Why should I give up…" Daenerys began.

"He could die in battle. If he dies in battle childless, you will have the North at your back as well as your own army. As well as the Lord Commander beside you. You would be invincible." Tyrion said.

"That is true. Jon could die from battle. Just as his father before him did." Harry said leaning back in his chair.

"What if he doesn't." Daenerys said.

"You still would have a claim to the throne regardless. Unless he has children. Unless you want to marry him to secure your ascendance to the Throne." Tyrion said.

Daenerys looks at her hand carefully.

"The choice is yours." Harry said.

Slowly, Daenerys nods her head.

"Good, then Jon Snow accepts your right to rule the Iron Throne." Harry said.

"I don't understand. What do you mean, Jon Snow accepts Daenerys Targaryen right to rule the Iron Throne?" Varys said.

"Jon has no desire to rule the Seven Kingdoms. Even though it is his birthright. He is more than happy to take the name Jon Stark, Lord of Winterfell." Harry said.

"Then what was that about? A test?" Tyrion said.

"It was. You see you can never know a person loyalty unless you test it. I needed to see where Daenerys loyalty was. To herself, or to her last living family member." Harry said.

"Yet she wished for his death." Tyrion said.

Harry smiles. "Not out of smite. She is desperate. She needs help. This is clear. She is willing to accept any terms right now because she is so desperate." Harry said.

"So what are your terms." Tyrion asks.

"Jon may not have any desire to rule the Iron Throne. But I do." Harry said. in saying this, Harry stood up.

"You want to sit on the Iron Throne." Varys said.

"Yes. In the past seven years, we have seen stupidy, madness, and a coward sit on the throne. Now a backstab and renown liar sits on the throne. A change needs to happen. But I'm not going to sit on the Throne simply because I want to rule Westeros. Because I want to break the cycle that has engulf these lands in war. The only way to do that, is to change the system. To do that, I need to defeat Cersei." Harry said.

"What changes would you bring?" Tyrion asks.

"Well first, I would destroy the Iron Chair." Harry said.

"Why?" Varys said.

"That chair actually holds resentment of the Lords of Westeros of the remainder of their defeat. Not a good way to win allies or support. That's why I want to create a new system. A throne where the Lords of Westeros could support and like." Harry said.

"If you sit on the Iron Throne, what of the Queen?" Daenerys asks.

"She would rule by my side." Harry said.

"Explain." Tryion said.

"In the past, it has always been a King that rules. The queen was only a figurehead. I believe a King and Queen should rule side by side. Together, as one." Harry said.

"What if they can't decide on what to do?" Daenerys asks.

"Then the Hand of the Throne would decide for them. The Hand must be a neutral party and cannot be punished for taking one side over the other. He listens to both sides, and he decides on what the best course of action is." Harry said.

"So three, that is wise." Varys said.

"Back to the subject at hand. What should I do? How do I turn this around?" Daenerys asks.

"You really haven't figured it out. It's so simple you should know by now what to do." Harry said.

"Well we don't know. So tell us." Tyrion said.

Harry waves his hand and the lion heads move to Highgarden. They were a bit shock by this to see magic being performed.

"The Lannisters are at High Garden and in the Reach. Most of the army will be escorting its spoils of war to Kings Landing. Around three and a half million in gold. As well as food for the winter." Harry said. They all look at the map. "However, much of the army will be resting. About a third of the Lannister forces. You have already unleashed the Unsullied but they can't move into position to attack the Lannister forces. Nor will you be able to get a message to them in time to launch a counter-attack. You do however have one element left to use. The Dothraki. Ship them to the mainland and intercept the Lannisters."

"Now why didn't I think of that." Tyrion said.

"Because you're a politician. Your not a military man. I admit, for a Hand, you would do a good job. Do the fact you understand keeping your allies happy. However the only thing Daenerys Targaryen has on her side is numbers. Do not forget, Jaime Lannister is an experienced military commander. He knows how to defeat your army without even losing. You think the Lannister are fighting for Cersei out of fear. They fight for Jaime Lannister because they respect him. Because he's an experienced military commander who knows out to lead them to victory. Their morale is high." Harry said.

"So what do you suggest we do? Unleash the Dothraki?" Daenerys said.

"Yes, but you face a problem. One The Dothraki are horsemen. As you should know Tyrion Lannister, the Lannister army is train to fight in any terrain and any type of army. They are well known for it. If the Dothraki ride with their horses to the Lannister. Thousands will die. You know as well as I do that they can hold them off." Harry said.

"The wedge formation." Tyrion said.

"What is it?" Missandei asks.

"It's a counterattack against Caverly horsemen. Very effective. You will lose at least a hundred Dothraki to one Lannister soldier. Not to mention they have skilled archers as well. So it's safe to say that five hundred Dothraki will fall to one Lannister soldier." Harry said.

"Meaning?" Daenerys asks.

"Meaning if I'm hearing this right. We could lose the Dothraki horsemen in a single attack." Varys said.

"Then how will this work?" Daenerys said.

"The Wedge formation greatest strength is that it's like a wall. Capable of repelling attackers. However it does have… a weakness." Harry said. They all look at him listening carefully. "If you could punch a hole in its defense it will fall apart. This will allow the Dothraki to surround and kill the Lannisters." Harry said.

"Will this work?" Daenerys asks.

"How do we punch a hole?" Varys asked. "Just from what you told us, thousands will die before we can punch a hole."

The others look they agreed with Varys.

"You have another element in your hands. One that is more than capable of punching a hole." Harry said.

"Dragons." Tyrion said.

"You have to act fast. The longer you wait for the less chance you'll be successful." Harry said.

Daenerys looks at Harry and finally understood why all her Westeros allies were warning her about him. He was dangerous. He already knew what to do. If anything he predicted everything that would happen. Did this mean he foresaw her downfall as well?

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