Robin angrily drove into the cave and trudged up to Batman, who was seated at the computer.

"Clayface got away. I had him, but then he" Dick sighed "Managed to slip away"

Batman stood up and turned to face his son.

"Uh, are you okay Bruce? You seem, off"

Batman's fist shot out and connected with Dick's cheek. The force pushed him to the floor and he quickly brushed his face with the familiar feeling of wet blood.

"Bruce, what the hell!? I didn't do anything!"

"Oh you've done plenty, Dick" Bruce's tone seemed almost robotic and sarcastic at the same time. Dick was officially scared.

"L-like what?"

Batman sighed "Little things, like that, you're showing fear, you're not supposed to do that. You're also not supposed to let a criminal get away, and that's just to start off the list"

Bruce, no, not Bruce, stomped down against Dick's arm, a loud crack and small cry fulfilling his sick wish, or part of it.

"And again, you showed weakness, the punishment will only get worse from here"

Dick wanted to ask so many things but he couldn't get his voice to work.

"You're a failure and a burden" Bruce smiled sadistically "I can't wait to get rid of you" He leaned down "Permanently"

Dick found the strength to start fighting back and kicked out. Bruce stumbled back but was unfazed.

"You should know I'm not that easy to get rid of. Now, I don't know what's happened to you, but I know that you would never hurt me"

Bruce growled and charged at his ward, with an unduly amount of rage. Dick quickly turned and dodged the hit. A batarang was aimed directly at his chest and he took a moment to take everything in.

'Something's up with Bruce, he broke my arm and now a batarang is flying toward me. It looks sharper than most' Dick ducked and locked eyes with his mentor 'He's so, angry'

In one quick movement, Bruce suddenly had his hand curled around his 'son's' neck. Dick gasped for air as his supply was cut off. He looked down to Bruce with fearful eyes, focusing on the twisted smirk planted on his face.

"Please" He pleaded "Bruce"

His vision began to darken and the last thing he saw was his father figure's sadistic smile as he squeezed tighter.