"You failed us, Klarion" The mysterious voice told the Chaos Lord.

"I wouldn't have if it weren't for those meanies, Dr Fate and Magic Girl" He defended with a pout "He won't get away next time"

"There will be no next time"

"What do you mean!?"

"We agreed on a chance to kill the bird, only one"

"Chaos will reign on you for this, I'll make sure of it!" He shouted defiantly before dissipating with his cat.

Another figure stepped out of the shadows.

"What is it you want? You should know I'm a busy man" Slade said as he stepped into the light.

"I wish to employ you"


So, this is the second part to my COTR series. The first was Careful Betting. The next is a two part (Yeah, I have a two part story in the series) and it's called Revenge Games.