The Ocean's Call

Chapter 2

There was nothing but emptiness.

She felt empty, like every last bit of feeling had been sucked right out of her. She didn't have the will to fight whatever was making her feel like this.


Words started to echo around her. She didn't who or what was saying them, but she could clearly make out the words.


It almost like they were describing her. Yes, those words sounded familiar to her.

No one will miss you

They were right. Who would miss a weakling like her?

She was nothing.

TK was still in shock after everything. He was currently sat beside Kari's hospital bed. Once the ambulance was called, he had tried to go with her, but he was denied entrance into the vehicle. He ran straight here as soon as he could.

He shouldn't have left her alone. He made that mistake the first time and almost lost her then. Now it seemed a lot more serious. His gaze followed up to the various machines that she was connected to, a mask over her nose and mouth to help with her breathing, and an IV drip connected into her hand.

He had overheard the medical staff talking when he reached her room. They seemed baffled at her condition, they couldn't pinpoint the cause of her unconsciousness nor could get her to wake up. TK knew that the cause was beyond normal circumstances, which frightened him more.

The door to the room burst open as Kari's older brother barged in.

"What the hell happened!?" Tai shrieked as he ran to his sister's side. TK could tell he was panicking; his breathing was short and uneven after running all the way here, TK felt even more guilty for letting this happen to Kari.

Tai whipped his head to face the blonde.

"Tell me!"

"Calm down Tai!" TK looked over to see how own brother enter the room. He looked much calmer than the brunette, but TK noticed the look of concern in his eyes.

Tai looked over at Matt, the panic still plastered all over his face. He took a few deep breaths to try and calm his nerves. When he was done, he turned his attention to TK.

"Can you tell me what happened?"

TK gulped as he started to fidgeted. "I-I honestly don't know. She wouldn't tell me what was wrong."

TK directed his gaze to the brunette laying on the hospital bed. "I tried to get it out of her, but she wouldn't tell me. I told her to go to the infirmary to get some rest-" he took a deep breath as his nerves started to take over. "-and found her unconscious at the bottom of the stairs."

Tai's face paled when he heard the news. TK couldn't stand to be the bearer of bad news. He wished he never had left Kari alone.

"Did you notice anything odd this morning Tai?" Matt asked. At least someone was keeping calm about this situation.

"S-she was late getting up this morning, but she was rushing about that I didn't get a chance to talk to her." Tai replied.

So that's why she was late to school this morning, because of the nightmares. TK silently berated himself, he should've known better than to leave her alone. He should've taken her to the infirmary himself, then he could've had a chance to protect her. Instead, he had failed her.

Everyone whipped their heads when Izzy burst in.

"We have a problem."


Dragomon's powerful voice echoed throughout the hall, so powerful that it could cause anyone to shake where they stood. His eyes bore down on his servants before him.

"The armies have managed to infiltrate the real world m'lord!"

"The darkness is spreading at a rapid pace, just like you wanted m'lord."

Dragomon cackled. Good, his armies were advancing at a good pace. Soon, he will be strong enough to rule both worlds.

"Excellent, we must proceed on with the plan." Dragomon snarled. He was ready and there was no time like the present.

"What about her?" one of his minions asked. He turned his gaze to the chosen child that was seated beside him. She sat there with a vacant stare on her on her face, her eyes dead and lifeless. Darkness swirled around her, there was nothing left of the light she once had, which made Dragomon more powerful. Without the Light to extinguish the darkness, nothing could stop him.

"She's no threat now. The Light is gone, we're unstoppable now."

Wicked cheers sounded throughout the hall. With the Light gone, darkness was free to rule. Dragomon commanded his servants to move onto the next phase of the plan. They all began to advance towards the exit of the manor, leaving behind the lifeless shell that was once the bearer of Light.

"What the hell is going on?"

Something strange was going on, Gatomon could sense it. Odaiba had gotten darker, almost like there was a storm coming, but considering that the weather reports didn't specify that one was coming, it seemed a bit sudden.

Something was wrong.

Gatomon could feel her hairs stick up as she felt a dark energy coming. She had felt something like this before, around the time Kari disappeared into another world. She thought back to her partner and how she was acting this morning, similar to how she was when she vanished all those years ago. It made the feline nervous when Kari woke up from her nightmare last night, sweating and panting and absolutely terrified. Gatomon knew she hadn't slept well last night, which made her even more nervous when Kari left for school this morning. She couldn't keep still in the Kamiya apartment, so she left for Kari's school to try and check on her partner, it was then that she noticed the dark atmosphere of the city.

A dark figure suddenly jumped at the cat digimon, hissing words that Gatomon couldn't quite make out. She hissed back.

The figure was unlike any creature she had seen before. She couldn't identify it as a digimon she knew, all she could sense was darkness. It looked like those corrupt Scubamon they had encountered when herself, TK and Patamon went to rescue Kari from the dark world.

If that thing was here, that meant Kari was in trouble.

The creature lunged, trying to grab the feline digimon but Gatomon was took quick. She jumped to the side and quickly retaliated with a Lightning Paw attack. The creature hissed and tried to grab her again. Gatomon leaped into the air and landed another punch, causing the creature to dissipate- it's body melting away into dark particles.

Suddenly, there was a boom which caused the city to quake. Gatomon surveyed the ocean in the distance, black clouds hovered over she noticed dark specs falling from the clouds into the ocean. Something was coming. Something bad was coming.

She dashed towards the school. She had bad feeling something had happened to Kari.

Gatomon sprinted towards her destination. The darkness looming over Odaiba seemed to be growing and those dark creatures seemed to be multiplying. She could hear people screaming as the creatures invaded. This was REALLY bad.

She skidded to a halt when she noticed some of the other Digidestined run out of a hospital building. She ran over to them.

"What's going on?" she asked, hoping to get answers at the strange occurrence that was happening around them.

She noticed Izzy typing away furiously on his laptop. "That's what I'm trying to find out. This is nothing like the normal occurrences we're used to. It seems-"

Everyone gasped when a flood of the dark creatures ambushed them. Gatomon hissed took a defensive stance in front of the children, but she knew she was vastly outnumbered.

The creatures were about to pounce when they suddenly knocked back by a flurry of attacks. She was soon joined by the other digimon.

"Agumon!" Tai's voice yelled behind her.

"Tai, these creatures are flooding the city! We have to do something!" Agumon replied.

"We need to contact the others!" Matt exclaimed, there was just too many. They needed the whole gang her.

Izzy continued to type away. "I'm picking up a major digital reading! That's probably where those creatures are coming from!"

They all looked towards the ocean, where the dark clouds were gathered and the creatures were falling. It looked like some kind of portal, one that was producing an influx of those creatures.

"That's where Kari's got to be!" TK yelled over the noise of people screaming. "Her body was disappearing like that time all those years ago! It's got to be the Dark Ocean that's causing all this."

Gatomon whipped her towards the blonde, her fears seemed to becoming true about her partner.

"But her body is here?" Tai questioned.

"I think what's happened is that whoever is ruling that other world has managed to separate Kari's mind from her body, thus making it easier to try and make her succumb to his powers." Izzy responded. "If it's the same monster that TK and Kari fought all those years ago, then he'll want to corrupt her and take her power for his own. Separating her mind from her body means it's much easier to do so."

Gatomon narrowed her eyes. So the master of that world was trying to corrupt her partner's mind as a way to take her power as his own. She was determined to stop that from happening.

"I need to get into that portal." Gatomon said.

Everyone stared at the feline digimon like she had gone crazy, "If what Izzy says is true, then Kari will be in there. It's happened before. A portal appeared that led us to Kari the first time."

"She's right." TK replied. "That's how we managed to get her back before."

Gatomon nodded. "I need to go. You guys will have to stay to defend the city."

Everyone nodded in agreement. Gatomon couldn't digivolve without her partner, but the others could, making them the best candidates to defend Odaiba.

They fought their way to the beach front, where the cloud towered above them. Gatomon stared up and saw the portal where the creatures were falling from. That was it.

Suddenly, they were ambushed by another wave of creatures. The digimon readied themselves.

"GO!" Tai yelled to Gatomon.

"We'll handle it here!" Matt replied. Gatomon nodded but leaping towards the portal. She looked back to see the other digimon had digivolved to fight off the invasion. She only hoped they could keep it up.

Gatomon landed into the other world with a thump. She groaned as she picked herself up, noticing the sand beneath her paws. It had worked, leaping into the dark portal created by those swarm of creatures had led her here, this was her chance to find her partner. She surveyed her surroundings, the memories of this dreary place flooding back, causing a shiver to flood her body. This place was nothing but misery.

She looked beyond the dark waters. Kari had to be here. After what TK had told everyone about the incident at school, there was only one place that she would be. Her physical body was back in that hospital, but something was off and Gatomon sensed that this place was behind it.

Suddenly, the water before her began to bubble. She took a defensive stance when the water began to ripple more vicariously and split apart. The water parted before her, a path leading her into the depths of the ocean itself.

This had to be a trap. She edged closer, trying to take a peek at what lay beyond the path but she couldn't see anything clearly, all she could see was black. She had no other choice but to start walking down towards the ocean's depths. She had a feeling that her partner was down there.

The road had led the feline digimon to a manor. It was huge, painted black to match the atmosphere of this world; the doors towering over the Champion level digimon. Gatomon kept her guard up. Whatever had lead her here was keeping Kari hostage, and she wasn't leaving without getting her partner back. She just hoped her friends could handle the wave of creatures that were infiltrating the real world right now.

Suddenly, the doors opened before her. Gatomon jumped back a little, preparing for anything to jump out at her. Nothing came, but Gatomon refused to let her guard down.

She began walking into the manor, her ears trained to pick up the slightest sound. The place reeked of darkness; nothing but despair and misery was felt in this place. No wonder Kari was so frightened of this place.

When she reached the end of the corridor, the feline was greeted with another set of doors. It wasn't long before they began to creak open and revealed a huge hall lit only by a few candles.

It didn't take Gatomon long to spot her partner up ahead.


She was so focused on running to the brunette that she missed the figure towering figure emerge from the darkness. Before she could get close to Kari, she was smacked away from her by a strong force. She hit the wall hard, groaning at the pain that flooded her body. She looked up to see Dragomon towering above her.

"It seems I've got some vermin running around." He snarled, bearing his large teeth as a way to intimidate the small digimon before him.

Gatomon refused to be intimidated by this monster. Her main focus was rescuing Kari and getting her out of this place.

"Let Kari go!" she hissed. She stood up, ready to fight. She glanced over at the brunette. Her body was so still, her eyes dead and lifeless. What had this monster done?

"I'm afraid I can't do that." Dragomon replied. Gatomon turned her attention the master of this realm and scowled. "Well I mean, it's not like she'll be any use to you now, for she has succumbed to the darkness. Her Light is useless to you now."

The digimon stilled. Her gaze lingered on her partner. That's why she looked like so lifeless; the colour in her eyes had faded. But if her Light had gone….

"Without her Light to stop the darkness, it makes my armies stronger. Soon the Digital World and the Real World will fall under my rule."

"What have you done to her!?" Gatomon snarled. If what he said was true, then they were in big trouble. She knew Kari's crest was powerful, if that had been extinguished…

"I've merely made her my queen. With the darkness corrupting the light that resides within her, nothing can stop my power now. Her mind is a slave to the darkness now. Nothing will bring her back."

Gatomon's eyes narrowed in hatred. She didn't want to believe what she was hearing; she wouldn't believe that Kari was gone forever.

She turned her body to fully face her partner.

"KARI! You have to fight this!" she screamed as she sprinted towards the brunette. If she could get close enough, maybe she could try and get through to her. Maybe she could…

Her thoughts were interrupted when she was suddenly picked up off the ground. She felt Dragomon's tentacles tighten around her, intent on crushing her.

"I told you that it's no use." He snarled. Gatomon could smell his rancid breath overwhelm her senses. His menacing eyes glared at her as his hand-like form continued to crush her. "She belongs to me now."

Gatomon's eyes lingered on Kari. She had to do something.

"Kari! I know you're in there! You have to fight it- "she gasped as she was slowly being crushed- "I know you're in there. KARI!"

Something called her.

Maybe she imagined it. Who would be calling her? No one was coming for her. Who would?


She was useless. She was weak. No one would come to rescue a weak girl like her.


But there was someone there. Someone was looking for her. But who?


The voice was becoming a little clearer, it was breaking through the nothingness.

The crackling voice was cut off. A new voice spoke to her, this one much clearer.

No one has come for you. You are nothing to them.

Despair crippled her. They were right. She was nothing.

The darkness kept a grip on her. There was nothing out there to save her. Nothing

She was nothing.

Gatomon couldn't breathe. Dragomon still had her in his crushing grip. She kept her gaze on Kari, hoping that she would just move; just to show that she heard Gatomon's pleas.

She didn't.

She was suddenly flung from Dragomon's grip and smacked into the wall again. She heaved as her breath returned to her, but her body hurt immensely from being crushed.

She had no chance of fighting this monster on her own, she needed her partner.

"K-Kari…please-"she winced as she tried to regain her breath "-you h-have to fight t-this. Please."

She felt like her pleas falling on deaf ears. Kari's body remained so still, no sign of life to be found anywhere. Gatomon's eyes began to sting with tears.

She heard Dragomon's laugh above her. Maybe this was the end.

Gatomon winced as she sucked in some air. She had to try one last time.



There it was again, that voice calling for her. It was a different voice to the darkness; a familiar voice. Someone was her for her.

"Where are you?" she looked around but saw nothing but black. But she definitely heard someone.

She suddenly felt an intense pain as the darkness fought back.

There's no one there.

It was trying to convince her that she was making things up, but she was sure someone was out there. She winced as the pain continued.

No one is here for you. You're nothing. Nothing but weak and useless.

She wanted to scream. Tears burned at her eyes as she felt the darkness winning again. She guessed they were right, she was weak and useless. She couldn't even fight off the darkness by herself.


This time, she knew that voice.


Her digimon was here. Gatomon was here. Gatomon had come for her.

It sounded like Gatomon was in pain, what was happening out there? Was that monster hurting her partner? No, she couldn't let Gatomon die, not because of her.

The darkness tried to force her back; tried to keep her away from escaping. But her digimon was out there; and she needed Kari.


The darkness disappeared as a white light blinded her.

Kari gasped as she felt the darkness dissipate. The clutch it had on her mind was gone. She was free.

Her eyes caught the sight of Gatomon on the other side of the room, bruised and beaten but she noticed her digimon was smiling at her.

"Welcome back Kari."

Kari was in shock at the state of her digimon. She tried to stand but found her legs unstable. She collapsed on the ground.

"What!? How is this possible!?" Dragomon snapped. Kari whipped her head to face the monster that had tried to corrupt her mind, his mouth pulled back into an angry snarl.

Gatomon struggled to stand as she faced the monster. "Because Light always prevails. No matter how dark it gets, there will always be light to extinguish the darkness."

Kari's eyes softened at her digimon. Gatomon had come for her, despite thinking that no one would.

"Gatomon..." her voice whispered. Her digimon smiled back.

The moment was short-lived as Gatomon was crushed beneath Dragomon's form. Kari screamed, trying to stagger forward as much as her legs would allow her, but the darkness had taken its toll on her.

"Stupid pest, I will eradicate you now!"

Darkness swirled in front of Dragomon, forming into a weapon that would pierce right through the feline digimon and end her life. Kari tried to run, but her legs were like jelly. She couldn't reach Gatomon in time.

"Say goodbye!" Dragomon thrust the weapon forward. Kari screamed until her lungs burned.

Suddenly everything went white.

Kari slowly opened her eyes, still feeling slight pain from the blinding light that had come out of nowhere. She looked up to see a form covered in a pink light. When her eyes had adjusted, she gasped as she saw a pink dragon bathed in a holy light. Magnadramon. Gatomon had digivolved to her mega form.

"How can this be!?" Dragomon roared. He flinced back from the light.

Magnadramon snarled. "Like I said before Dragomon, you cannot fully defeat the light. It can be found even in the deepest of darkness."

Kari couldn't stop staring at her digimon. She had only ever seen this form once, and it was only brief. The pink light gave a sense of warmth and safety, Kari felt her strength return.

Dragomon hissed at the holy dragon. "I will not be defeated by some pathetic fools!" He reformed his dark weapons, Kari gasped. "Prepare to die!"

Kari tried to scream again as she saw the weapon flung towards them. She tried to warn Magnadramon but her voice had given out. Magndramon glowed once again as she produced a shield to deflect the weapon. It bounced off the shield and dissipated into nothingness. Kari was shocked.

The monster howled in rage.

"Now, it's time to end your reign of darkness!" Magnadramon announced as her light became brighter. Dragomon hissed, trails of smoke billowing from his body; almost like the light was burning him.

Kari shut her eyes as the light became too much, but she felt comfort from it.

"Now, begone!"

Magnadramon roared as she unleashed her light within the room. The darkness began to vanish; the greyness of the room disappearing as colour returned. Dragomon roared with pain as his body began to split apart as the light continued to assault him. Kari covered her ears also, wincing at the sound of his screams. She started to count in her head, waiting for the onslaught to be over.

Magnadramon continued to assault Dragomon with her attack, watching as his body was torn apart; his roars echoing around room.

Then he disappeared completely; and so did her light.

Magnadramon's form glowed before she shrunk. She had de-digivolved to Salamon due to the amount of energy she had spent. She crawled over to where Kari was hunched over; her hands still covering her ears.

"Kari." Salamon nudged her partner, encouraging her to open her eyes. Kari did; and sobbed when she saw Salamon before her.

Kari scooped up her digimon in her arms and cried. Relief flooded her mind, she was extremely happy to see her partner.

"Kari, you're hurting me!" Salamon protested as she was being crushed by her partner. Kari loosened her grip slightly, afraid that if she let go completely that Salamon would disappear and she would be all alone again.


Suddenly, Kari's form began to glow. Kari panicked slightly as she noticed her body beginning to disappear; but it seemed different this time.

"It's time to go home Kari. You have to return to your body. Everyone's waiting." Salamon said.

Kari sighed in relief. She was going home; she wasn't being taken but the darkness again, everything was going to be alright.

Kari continued to hug her digimon as they both faded into the light.

Salamon thumped into something soft as the light disappeared. Quite frankly, she was sick was being thrown everywhere.

The feline digimon whipped her head up when she noticed that she had fallen onto Kari's hospital bed. She looked up to find her partner laying on the bed, strapped up to various machines. She crawled forward until she could see Kari's face, hoping that she would awaken.

Kari's eyes began to flutter, Salamon called out to her, encouraging her to fully open her eyes.

Kari's eyes opened fully. She found herself in a strange room, but soon recognised it as a hospital room due to the stark white walls that's surrounded her. Which meant she must be back in the real world.

"You're awake!"

Kari lifted her head to see Salamon on her bed. This was real, they were out of the Dark Ocean. Kari wanted to cry with happiness.

The doors burst open as the other chosen flooded into the room. Tai and TK leading the way to Kari's side, they look a little beat up, but she could see the relief on their faces at seeing her awake.

She was suddenly hugged tightly by her brother, whispering just how happy that she was back. She looked over to TK, who looked relieved to see that she was okay. Tears stung at her eyes. She was home.

And the darkness was gone for good.

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