Author's note:  This is in response to the minute challenge from a character's pov.  This minute takes place during episode #34, The Schultz Brigade, written by Richard M. Powell and contains elements from that episode.

A Minute in the Life of Stalag 13

By Diane Maher

          He was pushed forcefully to the floor.  Someone turned off the lights in the room.  He heard the two men smashing out the windows of Klink's guest quarters at Stalag 13.  A shot rang out.  And then another and yet another.

          Terrified, he closed his eyes and held his hands over his ears as the two men kept shooting outside the windows.  He heard muffled voices and then more gunshots.

          He felt a cold chill as one of the men put the barrel of his gun to the back of his neck and forcibly pulled him up to his elbows.

          "Cease fire or I will shoot Burkhalter!" the man shouted.

          Burkhalter felt the sweat as it beaded on his forehead and trickled down his neck.  He heard that arrogant American prisoner Colonel Hogan shout something and then Klink shouted something about not being intimidated.

          Although he couldn't see what was happening, he could just imagine Klink cowering behind Schultz and maybe the two of them were cowering behind Hogan.

          "Klink! This is no time for you to get courageous!" Burkhalter cried out.

          "Do not raise your head, not even once," the man gruffly ordered as he pushed him back to the floor.

          Burkhalter covered his head with his hands and his reply was a muffled, "I'm not even considering it!"

          As he listened to the men shooting through the window, Burkhalter regretted condemning Klink.  If he survived, he would rescind his judgment against Klink.  Besides, maybe he would then be able to talk Klink into eventually marrying his sister Gertrude.

          What seemed like an eternity later, he felt two men trying to pull him up from the floor.  As they helped him to stand, he opened his eyes, saw that the lights were on in the room and Colonels Klink and Hogan were the ones who had come to his aid.  Hogan left the room for some reason.

          Burkhalter never thought he would be so happy to see Klink.  He was relieved to be alive after such a horrific experience.  He was surprised that Klink would come to his aid; especially after he condemned the man to death.

          "Klink, you saved me! How I have misjudged you!"

          "Not at all, Herr General," replied Klink.

          Wait a minute! Klink was confined to the cooler! How did he get here? thought Burkhalter.

          Hogan returned to the room then and said he was returning to the barracks.

          Burkhalter felt his anger rise and it needed an outlet.  That outlet was the man responsible for persuading him to convict Klink instead of the other two conspirators.  He pursed his lips and then ordered, "WAIT! It is your fault that I condemned Klink!"

          Hogan opened the door and paused.  Burkhalter ordered Klink, "This man is to be severely punished!"

          "Severely punished!" repeated Klink.  Klink turned towards Hogan and said, "Colonel Hogan, thirty days in the cooler!!"

          Hogan frowned and muttered, "Thanks a lot!" and then left, slamming the door behind him.

          Burkhalter gazed speculatively at Klink.  "I'm going to have my sister come and visit you.  Take her out and show her a good time.  She needs someone like you."

          He turned and crossed the room to where the phone sat on a small table, picked up the receiver and told the operator to put through a call to his sister.  A few minutes later, he hung up, turned towards Klink and said, "It's all settled.  She'll be here tomorrow evening."