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One year. It had since this story began. One year since he was alive. But this story is best told at the beginning.

It began some time after the 12 digidestined saved their world and the digital world from malomyotismon but little did they know, a new threat loomed on the horizon. The digital warlord, an evil tyrant with powers beyond anything they had encountered. It would've been the final curtain if not for some new allies; their children for 25 years in the future, a time where the warlord rules both worlds with an iron hand, and the digidestined are dead. They come back into the past to prevent this future but soon join the fight. They were five of them; the twins of TK and Kari, tike and kara, the son of ken and yolei, sam, the daughter of mimi and matt, keke, and the one who had the most impact, tai and sora's son, max. The five of them seemed to posses powers similar to the warlord but not on his level. Battle after battle, the digidestined and their future children fought against him and his forces. It was later discovered that the warlord was in fact ken's older brother sam. In one final battle, he brought back the most evil digi-villains to fight for him but they were defeated. That was a part of his plan as he absorbed their power and became a god but it was not to be. Earlier max revealed a transformation called ascendant, the next step in human digivolution. Later he taught his fellow d3s the ability in preparation for the battle. In a titanic battle, max defeated the warlord and saved both worlds but soon after disappeared.

Along the way, they made allies; blackWargreymon for one. The destructive digimon joined them after a fight with max ended in a draw. The two became as brothers, and developed a brotherly love grew between them. In the final battle, blackWargreymon gave his life so that max would realize his power. Doc, a scientist who became trapped in the digital world for four years and learned a lot about the digital world. His intelligence surpassed even izzy's. And Simms, a strange millionaire and businessman who knew more about max than any one.

It turns out that Simms was actually a high one, a guardian sent to find a warrior to present to his master, the overseer of the digital universe. To prove himself, max entered the digi-versal tournament, a tournament for which no human has ever entered but he did and won it. During the contest, he meets and fought pikkan, an alien digimon who didn't care for humans. Afterwards, he was sent on a mission to save a digital world from something called d-reaper. There, he encountered the tamers, a group of humans with digimon similar to the digidestined. After saving them, max headed back to train for two months before he was reunited with his friends and family in the tamers and digidestined for their ultimate mission; to defeat buumon, a super powerful digimon that threatened the all of humanity and digi-kind. Joining them was pikkan, BW, the re born form of blackWargreymon, and David, Davis' son from the future. After many battles, the decimation of the digimon and the destruction of the digidestined's digital world, it came to one final battle between max and the demon digimon. Thanks to all the humans and digimon, max was given the power to defeat him but at a cost; max was dying. Thus he was left with no choice; in order to save the digi-verse, max gave his life and his energy was used to restore the digi-verse. As for the others, the nexus wave, the energy that restored the digital universe, sent them back before the d3s traveled back through time and wiped their memories of everything.

All of the digidestined returned to their lives but sora and Tai were different. Both sora and Tai posses the infinity factor, a rare genetic power that protect their memories and allowed Tai some of his abilities from the battles. He now works under Simms and both watch over the real and digital worlds.

Max's spirit was held and reborn in a new body, that of the man know as X. it was believed that there were more ascendants in the digi-verse and now it was his job to find them. The first he found was takato, leader of the tamers and it came at the right time as the digital warlord return to reek havoc on the tamers' world but he was defeat by the fused being of guilmon and takato, guilkatomon.

He found another ascendant on a digital world where the planet was torn apart. The ascendant was takuya, leader of the digidestined of this world but something else happened. A child arrived from the future named Tyler, son of takuya and fellow digidestined Zoe. Tyler's power surpassed max's own power that brought him under the watchful eye of the fighter.

You are wondering how I know all this. I do for I am shinmon, supreme digi-deity of the digital universe and overseer of all.

I should be content that there is peace but I fear that something is coming, a dark evil from the past. And I fear that I must one again bring together those who can fight.

" Wake up. Wake up!" the voice ordered as the warlord felt a hard smack across the cheek. He woke up to find himself in the same situation he was in; chained to a floating rock surround by his eight captors.

" Is it time for my afternoon torture?"

" Not this time." Spoke the leader; he resemble a dragon with two legs, black boots, black pants, a small black vest with a ying/yang symbol on it, claws, black hair, fangs and a long pony tail.

" If we wanted to torture you......" spoke the largest of the digimon: she was huge like a mountain, green skin and a round body.

" We won't have bothered to wake you up!" said the next one as he hopped on the floating rocks. He was bent over like a frog, with pale blue skin, boots, shorts and a long tongue.

" Then what do you want?"

" We have a task for you." spoke the next; he wore read a black robes that hide his feet, four arms, two smaller ones next to his chest, and slicked back hair.

" A task that only you may perform." Said the next one; his skin was red like clay, huge horns, massive arms and a beast like face.

" Yes, and you will do it." said the next; he was physically the smallest of the bunch with a bony dark gray body, shorts, big eyes, and a pair of wings that he used to fly around on.

" Or we will never release you." stated the last; she was the most pleasing to the eye with her light blue skin and shapely body.

" Ok what is it?"

" You see, my pet, we have been trapped in this void for 12,000 years." Said the leader.

" 12,000 years of nothing but you can change all of that."

" How?"

" You are a mere spirit, and you have the power to move between the dimensions at will. The only reason you can't is because we have willed you here." He spoke as he extended his hand to him. An image of a small black box appeared.

" This is the ying/yang box. It had the power to send us here and it alone has the power to release us." He said as the female digimon wrapped herself around him.

" We want you to find the box and release us with it."

" And if I do?"

" We will not only release you but give you the power to gain your revenge."

" Revenge? Against max?" he asked with an almost crazed look on his face.

" So what do you say?"

" Yes."

" Excellent." He smiled as he snapped his fingers and the chain vanish from him and he floated off.

" I'm free and now to..."
Before he could move, the lead digimon fire a beam from his eyes while the others followed suit.

" What is this?!"

" You think we would be so stupid as to let you roam around free? No. This track spell will allow us to keep monitor your movements from here and discipline you if the need should arise."

The warlord struggled as the golden hew shrink under him and became a ring around his neck. He tried to remove it but it held fast on him so he gave up causing the ring to fade out of site.

" Fine. I'll do it your way."

" Good."

" Your spirit form will allow you to move to central planet without being detected but it is only temporary so get the box and go." Said the robed one.

" Good. Now go!" the lead one ordered as he threw the warlord through the barrier and out of the void.

" So brother, do you think he will do it?" the blue female asked.

" Don't worry my love. As much as he hates us, he hates this max person 100 times more. He will release us."

Else where, takuya, the frontier ascendant was in a rocky canyon in a meditative state, alone.

" Ready?"

Just then, a large boulder flew right at him and before it hit him, he spun around and punched the rock, destroying it. Suddenly, another giant stone shot at him and again he turned it into dust using his fist. Just as he seemed to relax, many of the boulders rose off the ground and swarmed at him. Takuya dodged and punched at any ones that got close to him. Soon he fired off some ki blasts and destroyed the rest.

" Well how did I do?" he asked, panting hard. As if answering to him, a man in a trench coat, boots, and a mask appeared.

" It was alright."

" Excellent!"

" For a corpse."

" Bogus."

" You used you ki attacks too soon and you are burnt out. If this were a real battle, you would be a major disadvantage but good try."

" Thanks."

" Here." He said throwing a bottle of water to him as he sat on the ground.

" Man I can't believe it's been three months since we left." He said taking swig of water and removed his shirt. He had gotten a lot more muscular since he had begun his training.

" Yes it has but you've come a long way since then."

" Say X. just who do you work for?"

" You really want to know?"

" Yeah."

" Well, first you have to understand that like earth, this digital world is merely one planet in a vast universe of different digimon."

" A whole universe?"

" Yes. There is a ladder of digivolution that is known through out the digi-verse; humans, I'm sorry to say, is at the bottom. Next come digimon, like neemon and bokomon. Above them are guardian class digimon like ophanimon and seraphimon. Above them are the higher evolved digimon."

" Higher evolved?"

" Digimon that have evolved pass the need to digivolve again. They are all very powerful and you don't want to cross them. They don't even go by mon any more."

" Cool."

" Higher still are high ones, like me."

" High ones?"

" We are watchers of the digiverse. We observe the events and beings of digi-worlds but we have a strict code; we may guide and observe but never directly interfere with the events of a planet."

" But what about helping me?"

" I am merely guiding you in the proper use of your powers. What you do with them is your own will. I can not physically aid you in your fight with cherubimon."

" So even if we lose, you can't help us?"

" That's right. Good or bad, I can't change the events of a planet unless it threats the digiverse as a whole."

" Oh."

" Above us the highest you can go, one I answer to, the supreme digi-deity."

" Is he like a god?"

" No. To many digimon, his is god. He is the overseer of all affairs of the digi-verse and my master."

" So how does he get there?"

" When the time comes for him to pass on, the supreme digi-deity will pass on his powers and knowledge to his assistant as he assumes the title. In turn, he shall choose one of us high ones to be his assistant. Answer your questions?"

" Just one more."

" What?"

" You say that there are a lot of ascendants out there but who was the greatest?"

" It was......" X paused.

" What?"

" Nothing, just remembering something."

" Oh. So who was the best?"

" His name was max. He was the first and the greatest of them all. His power was unrivaled and he saved more lives more than you can count."

" Cool."


Yes, master?

I need you to return immediately.

What's the matter?

A situation has arisen that requires your skills.

As you wish.

" Takuya, I'm going to have to leave you for a while."

" Why?"

" I'll tell you later. Can you find your way back to the others alright?"

" Yes."

" Good. Head back and wait for me."

" Ok, I will."
With that, X jumped up and dashed away from the area.

Shinmon waited in his private room with kibitomon when X and Simms entered with worry on their faces.

" Master, what's the trouble?" asked X.

" Yeah. Tai is gonna be wondering about this."

" I'm sorry to call you away from your assignments but a situation has risen that must be attended to."

" What?"

" A few hours ago, our eastern complex was broken into." Answered kibitomon.

" Was anything stolen?" asked X.

" Yes. The ying/yang box."
The two high ones let out a loud shudder at the news of the theft.

" Isn't that the thing that could......" wondered X.

" Yes, my friend. It could release a worse evil than buumon." Confirmed shinmon.

" Who did it?"

" It seems it was our old friend sam icjijochi."

" The warlord? But that's impossible! Takato killed him a year ago!" exclaimed Simms.

" Yeah and why would he want to release those guys? They are a thousand times stronger than him. He wouldn't release eight digimon that are more powerful then him." Explained X.

" Nevertheless, we have to accept the possibility of him doing what we think he will do."

" What are we to do?"

" Simms, X, I want you two to bring together those who can fight here and prepare them."

" As you wish." Simms bowed as he and X rushed off to do their tasks.

" I pray I am wrong."

NEXT TIME: the frontier digidestined and the tamers meet for the first time and it's not pretty.


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