MA: hey peoples! The party is still up while pikkan easily beat marik.

(Marik crying like a bitch over his bike.)

Marik: did he have to play so rough?

P: what did you expect punk?

Max: hey ma, there is some one else who wants in the party so I let him in. is that cool?

MA: yeah. Who is it?

Max: some weird guy named mango.


Mango: hello everyone! It is I, the mango!

Ma: you invited him into my party? Don't you know what will happen?

Max: what?

Ma: just wait.

Kaiba: hey you are interrupting the party, you fruit!

Mango: you cannot stop the mango!

(Mango's music plays as he began to dance around. The men getting a weird look in their eyes.)

Kaiba: mango.

Yugi and yami: mango.

The JLA men: mango.

The teen titan boys: mango.

All the men: mango! Mango! Mango!

Mango: no, you cannot have the mango! (Slaps ass.)

The men: mango! We love you!

(Mango runs out and the boys run after her, leaving ma and max alone with the women.)

Starfire: why are you two not going after the small gay man?

MA: covered my eyes. I knew what was coming.

Keke: and max?

(Max turns around and is seen eating a burrito.)

Max: man, this is great. Hey, what happened to all the guys?

Wonder woman: they left after mango. Now what do we do?

Tea: say max? Have you been working out?

Max: uh oh.

Mai: get him girls!

(Max runs out with them, hot on his heels.)

MA: it just don't get any better than this. ON WITH THE FIC!



" Man what a night!" groaned tike. It was morning on the watch point as the twins, David, Cody, armadillomon, and Tommy wandered around the building, waiting for keke to fix breakfast. Even though keke is a fast cook, cooking for that many people is still a chore.

" What happened?" asked the armored digimon.

" Kara stuck her foot in my mouth again. It always gives me nightmares."

" Hey! But you put your mouth on my foot! It gave me nightmares too!"

" See what I have to put up with?" said David.

" Say has anyone seen max?" asked Tommy.

" I haven't seen him since he went for a walk last night." Spoke Cody.

" Now that you mention it, I haven't seen that Tyler fella." Added armadillomon.

" Where do you think they are?" wondered kara when a slight rumble shook the floor. The kids looked at each and ran to the front of the building and what they saw causing their eyes to just about pop out of the sockets and their jaws to drop.

" No way!" shouted the twins.

" Way!" added David.

" Aww, man!" said Tommy.

" Should we do something?" asked Cody.

" Yeah. Sis, go tell everyone about this."

" And miss this? Hell no! You go!"

" We'll settle this the only way we know how!"

The siblings turned to each other and played a short game of jaken, which ended with tike winning.

" Ha! Scissors wins!" he exclaimed, as his pouting sister ran off to find the others, hoping to get back into time to see some good action. She ran all the way into the dining area as everyone still waited for keke to finish.

" My tummy hurts." Groaned guilmon.

" It's ok guilmon. If only keke would hurry up." said takato when keke stuck her head out of the kitchen with a knife.

" If you think you can do better then get your ass in here and help! If not, shut up!" she snapped and returned to her work.

" Damn. She makes rika look like Kari." He said.

" Hey veemon. Bet you 5 bucks she spits in his food." Whispered terriermon.

" You're on." he said, slapping his floppy ear with hand when kara ran in.

" Everyone......" she started but was out of breath.

" What's wrong?" asked TK.


" What?"

" It's max and Tyler! They're outside and they are fighting!"

This caught everyone's attention as they all looked at the girl.

" Mind repeating that?" asked sam.

" It's like I said; me and the other kids were walking when we saw them going at it! And it wasn't like sparring! They were really going at it!"

" Maybe you were seeing things sweetie." Said Kari.

" No I wasn't seeing things! I saw....wait a minute! Why the fuck am I staying here? I missing the fight!" she cursed as she ran out of the room, leaving everyone wondering.

" Naw! I think she was yanking with us!" said Tai.

" You think so?" asked his red haired girlfriend.

" Yeah. They made it up so they could get breakfast first. I mean, come on. If max was fighting, would we know something, like the ground shaking?" tai asked just as, almost on cue, the ground shook a little, getting keke out of the kitchen. They all looked at each other and, without saying a word, rushed out of the room and to the site of battle. When they got there, they found out that what the young lady said was true: max and Tyler, their fists seemingly stuck together as they strain against each out in a small crater. In an instant, they spun and rammed their knees into the others, creating a much larger crater in the floor.

" Hey watch it you two! I just got this place fixed up from when buumon was here!" shouted Simms. Max threw a punch at Tyler but he dodged it and returned with on of his own. Max dodged it as well and then both of them punched each other, impacting their faces at the same time. With renew power; the two began to fight at super speed, trading blows. Sparks of energy shot off their bodies as they battle, all the while, the team watched in awe of the fight.

" Is any one gonna stop this?" asked a very worried Zoe.

" Stop it! Hell no! This fight is good!" said tike, punching along with the fighters.

" But this is wrong! Tyler will get hurt! I'm stopping this!" she announced, starting to walk forward to stop the fight but found the hand of pikkan bring her to a halt.

" Stop. Let them fight!"

" But why?"

" Give it a while."

Zoe was unsure about it but if pikkan said it would fine then there must be some more going on, so she stood back and watched her son battle a up mountain battle. But it seemed it was the other way around, as Tyler was unleashing a wave of punches upon max while he could only catch and block them. The young man's hands seemed to blur out of focus as he wailed on him and, either by luck, chance or skill, Tyler caught him in the face, knocking him off guard. This allowed him to knee him in the gut and land an axe hammer smash to the head, dropping him to the floor. Max coughed and little and wiped some blood off his lip while Tyler just looked at him, waiting to see what he would do next.

" That was good." was all the fighter said before he was in his face again and punched him. Max rained a hail of fist on him, as it was his time to block. The force was so get that Tyler was forced to back step away from him. It was like this until he was on the edge of the watch point. He turned briefly to see the massive drop behind him before he found a way to win; he caught max's fists, much to everyone's surprise. He strained against the powerful hands of max as he pushed him back to the center of the floor. Tyler then began to twist his arms, slowly, around while max fought against him. With a slight smile, he head butted max twice but began to lose focus after the second and let go of max's fists. Max on the other hand was smiling, seemingly unaffected by the attacks. He landed a punch and Tyler replied with a knee to the chin, which only started another round of high speed fighting.

" Unbelievable! Takuya, when max was on you world, did he train Tyler?" asked pikkan.

" Well no. Mainly because we never could find him. Why?"

" This kid is unreal!"

" Why?"

" Max, even in his normal state, is a formidable opponent. But this kid, who has no experience in fighting, is battling on par with max."

" Impossible! When I spar with him, he always has some advantage on me but these two are really fighting and he hasn't been landing any lucky shots!" said BW. Tyler landed a right cross to the cheek, followed by an upper cut that sent him skyward. He jumped into the air, grabbed his legs and begun to spin him around in mid air. With a yell, he threw him down and watched him crash into the floor with an eruption of dust and debris. Tyler landed back down, putting his hands on his knees as he panted heavily. Just then, a loud explosion came from the debris field as max stood up with a white aura around him. He turned around to face Tyler with a smile.

Good. He's learning but he's not there.

" Fight's not over." He spoke before vanishing from his view. Tyler began to look around for him only find him behind him. He punched at him but max vanished again, much to his frustration. He looked around and then seemed to get an idea. He concentrated hard, and without warning, vanished from sight. The sound of blows colliding filled the air as the fighters followed the action.

" Damn. They are moving so fast." Said sam as he tried to follow the action when the two reappeared, facing each from across the watch point. They vanished again and reappeared on top of the building, on different parts. They sped up and reappeared in the midst of the gang of humans and digimon, back to back.

" Too slow." Max taunted as he vanished. Tyler, gritting his teeth, phased out after him. The two reappeared and smashed their fist together before phasing out one more time. Tyler appeared in the air punching the air but then max appeared above him and drove his heel into his head. Tyler landed with a thud on the floor as Zoe almost ran to help him but takuya kept her back. When Tyler got his senses back, he found himself neck deep in the floor of the watch point. He struggled to free himself when max float down over his head.

" Yoo hoo."

" Huh?" he went as he looked up.

" Fight's up here." He said before walking off, leaving the stunned and struggling boy in the ground.

He's been toying with me. All this time. No. No! I can't it end like this! Not here! Not in front of my mother! I don't care if he is stronger than me!

" I..."

" Huh?" max said as he turned back to the boy who was looking like he was about blow up.

" I.... AM NOT... A FAILURE!!!!!"

Like his spirit's namesake, he broke out of the ground like an inferno and jumped out of his hole. He screamed with a bright red aura surrounding him and the very ground ripped apart. The others were in awe of his display while max grinned happily.

All right! He's done it!

Tyler's power seemed to skyrocket while the tiles in the floor began to loosen and rise up around him. His eyes ablaze, he stared at max and waved his arms towards him. The tiles, seemingly following his commands, shot at max like a swarm of insects while prepared he but then he noticed that Tyler had disappeared. That's when he saw what happened to him; Tyler was phasing on the tiles while they were flying at him.

" That's pretty good!" max said before the boy dashed at him with a fist but it met air as max flew up into the air while Tyler felt the impact of the tiles. Tyler then found himself hang on to the edge of the watch point by one arm. He looked back up to see max floating the air with a big grin on his face and began to power up for his tsunami wave.

" Ts...Na.....mi....." he started when the ledge that Tyler was holding on to gave away. Tyler yelled out in terror while max flew down at super speed and caught him by the arm.

" Whoops! Sorry about that! I guess you don't know how to fly yet, huh?"

Tyler looked up at the fighter as he flew them both to the top of the watch point.

Amazing. In the fight, he was unbelievably intense but now, he's smiling again.

Max gently set him on his feet before landing himself, in front of him with a smirk.

" I hope I didn't hurt you too badly."

" I'm fine. Really."

" Oh Tyler!" Zoe exclaimed when she jumped on him and gave him a hard hug.

" I was so worried! Are you hurt?"

" Zoe....need...air.....dying....." he squeaked out, while she hugged his neck. She then realized what she was doing and released him.

" Sorry. Are you ok?"

" Yes. It's a good thing max was holding back or I would be seriously hurt."

" I don't know about you but I wasn't holding back, at least in this form I wasn't."

" Man, that was super! Tyler you kick ass!" said tike as the others came over.

" And you've had no training?" asked kara.

" Um, not that I know of."

" Then how could you fight like that?" asked David.

" I just copied what he did. It's nothing really."

" But I want to know; why did you fight in the first place?" asked bokomon.

" Because I wanted to test a theory and I was right. Tyler, I'm sorry for all the things I said but it was the only way you would fight me."

" But why?"

" Tyler, you have a great power in you, greater than even mine."

" But what's the point of it if I can not control it?"

" That's just it. During the fight you showed some of that power. I made you fight me so you would use it and you did. This proves that you don't need to become infernomon to use that power and you were still in control of yourself. Tyler this proves it; the power is part of you, not the other way around."

" But what can I do?" he asked, still unsure of himself when max placed his on his shoulder.

" How about this; if you stay, I will take you on as my pupil. I'll teach you everything you need to know about fighting. So what do you say?" he offered to the surprise of his friends.

" Well that's a first." Said sam.

" Why should it be? I mean aren't you his pupils?" asked his father.

" Nope. He only taught us a few things and we went on our own but he's never taken on a single student."

" So how about it kid?"

Tyler looked to his mother and father, both with grins on their faces and finally he gave an answer.

" Yes, of course. It will be a great honor." He answered with a bow. Max and everyone smiled at the agreement when suddenly, all the fighters sensed something and turned their heads in the same direction.

" Tai what's is it?" asked Kari.

" We're about to have company."

With that, a black blur flew from below the watch point and landed on the floor, which turned out to be hsi wumon. Everyone got ready for a fight as he walked over.

" What do you want bat boy? Another ass whooping?" asked BW.

" I have not come to fight. I have a message to deliver to your leader." He spoke, pointing to max.

" What kind of message?"

" My brother wishes to speak with him, face to face. Do you accept?"

" Well yeah. Where does he want to meet?"

" Right here."

With that, the eldest of the deamon family flew in and landed on the floor with a thud and a smile.

" You want to go at it again?" shouted JP.

" Silence round one! I have no desire to speak with any one of you, except max. Come max, we have things to speak of." He growled.

" You guys stay back. I'll see what he wants."

" But what if he wants to kill you?" asked a worried keke.

" Don't worry. If he wanted to kill us, he would've done so." He explained before slowly walking ahead to meet with this massive digimon before him.

" I saw your fight you with the boy over there. I must say I was impressed by the both of you."

" Thanks but I take it you didn't come up here to congratulate me on my fighting prowess."

" True. You see, my siblings and I had been trapped in that damnable dimension for over 12,000 years and much has changed in the time since we last ruled. Tell me, are you familiar with the digi-versal tournament?"

This cause max to raise his eyebrow and everyone else to wonder what he meant.

" Tai, you remember all this stuff from before. What is this digi-versal tournament?" asked matt.

" For once, I have no idea what he is talking about."

" The digi-versal tournament is a fighting competition between some of the most powerful digimon from across the digital universe. It's rarely held but the winner is crowned strongest in the digi-verse." Explained pikkan.

" You sound like you know a lot about it." said jeri.

" I should. I participated in the last one over a year and a half ago. And max should know too since he was in it too. We met at the tournament and he was the first human to enter and the first human to win it. But why is he bringing that up?"

" Of course I know about the tournament. What does that have to do with anything?"

" It such a novel idea. We never had such things back in my time but I was taken with the idea of a tournament; many enter with hope of victory and the weak are beaten by the strong. And then, only the strongest do battle in the end."

" Are you saying you want to enter the digi-versal tournament?" he asked, getting a deep, throaty laugh from the deamon leader.

" Do you think warriors such as I and my siblings need or want to fight the so called best of the best of the digi-verse? No, I don't want to enter but I did have an idea. You see, this little running war is doing neither side any good. By the time this is over, they might not be anyone left on either side to battle."

" Just get to the point."

" I am. I propose a controlled war, a competition as it were. Basically, I wish to hold a tournament between us; me and my seven brothers and sisters versus you and seven fighters of your choice. If you win, me and my family will return to arrakis and never bother anyone again."

" And if we lose?"

" In the event that you lose, and you will, you and your friends go back to where ever you came from and shinmon relinquishes all control of the digital universe to the Deamon Empire."

" And what if I say no to your tournament?"

" Then I will order my siblings to target and kill the weakest among you, until only you are left. So I need an answer; yes or no?"

" Give me a minute."


Yes max. I have been monitoring the situation.

Good. It seems like a big gamble, risking all of this on a tournament.

True but it is better than fighting a running war and watching innocents get hurt.

So what should I do?

I don't know but I will support any decision you make in this matter.

Good. Then I know what to do.

" Shendumon, I've had some time to think about this and I've come to a decision."

" And?"

" I accept your offer. I agree to the tournament."

" Excellent."

" But I have one stipulation."

" Huh?"

" I choose where we fight."

" Fine. Pick a place."

" I chose the very center of the digital universe, central planet."

" Interesting choice. What a better place for our battle. Fine, I accept but I have one of my own. I told you to pick 7 other fighters to help you but you may only chose those 7 from that group behind you. Let's keep this between us. And only 7! No digidestined/digimon teams! Agreed?"

" Agreed. It's only fair."

" Good."

" Ok. Now when is the tournament?"

" I need time to train, as do you, so the tournament will be held 30 days from tomorrow."

" Fine."

" Seeing as how we have come to deal, I understand that humans often shake hand to seal at deal." He said as he extended his clawed hand to max. The teen then slowly stuck out his hand and shook it.

" Good. Then we have a deal." Shendumon said, letting go of his hand and turning around.

" Remember, in 30 days, one month and then, the deamon tournament will begin!" he laughed as he and his little brother flew away from the watch point, leaving max walking back to the gang.

" Max, I mean this with all due respect but have you lost your mind?!" asked kazu.

" Nope."

" Then why did you agree to this?"

" Use what little brains you have and think; it's better to have our strongest fight then lose weakest in useless battles." Snapped pikkan, while everyone seemed to agree.

" Ok, we have the why, the what, the where, and the when, now for the biggest question; the who." Spoke Henry, as everyone looked around at each other.

" Well I think I will enter by myself. I don't want to risk anyone else's life." Said max when his brother put his arm around him.

" Little brother, haven't you figured it out? We are in this together. Besides, I can't let you hog all the fun. I'll join the tournament as well."

" Well I can't just let my only son fight alone so count me in." announced Tai.

" Now just a minute!" yelled pikkan as he marched over.

" I can't let a bunch of humans fight for the fate of all digimon! So I will join, to represent the digimon!"

" Well this is certain a group thing so I might as well enter before I everyone takes up the spots." Takuya added.

" Well gogglehead." Said rika.

" Well what?" he asked when she slapped him on the head.

" Ow! Damn! Ok! I'm in!" he said rubbing his head.

" Count me in too!" said tike.

" Me too!" said David.

" What?! You can't enter!"

" Why not?"

" Cause we only need one kid in this and I'm it!"

" Well I'm smarter!"

" I'm stronger!"

" Boys!" kara shouted to the arguing boys.

" Why don't you both enter?"

" Huh?"

" Together!"

The two boys looked at her and pondered on her words when they both finally figured it out. He ran over and kissed her on both of her cheeks.

" Sis you're a genius!"

" She's much smarter than us!" David said as he and tike put their arms around each other and turned to max.

" We won't be joining the tournament...."

" But daike will."

" Cool so that 7. We need one more." Said Tai.

" Don't look at me. I'm a lover not a fighter!" said sam while max looked over at Tyler who seemed to be out of the loop. The teen walked over to him and placed his hand on his shoulder.

" Tyler it would a great honor if you were our eighth man."

" Me? But I don't have the experience you or the others have. I'd just be in the way."

" Kid, we've got a month before the tournament. Beside on what I have seen, when it's over, you'll be as good a fighter as anyone of us. But I have a condition."

" Yes."

" After all this is done, I wish to fight you again! That was the best fight I've ever had!"

" Of course. I will not let you down."

" Good. So tomorrow we train because will be our greatest challenge yet but I swear to you all that we will be victorious."


MA: well that's it. This fic is over but the story is far from over but more on that later. Right now, the party is winding down but we can't end it without a little puff-puff.

(Pulls out a big blunt. Everyone cheers.)

Max: hey superman! Light this bitch and smoke it!

Superman: well I don't advocate doing drugs but this is a party.

(Takes joint and lights it with heat vision.)

All: toke! Toke! Toke!

(He takes a big puff and smokes it all.)

Superman: man that's good!

All: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Max: he smoked it all!

Ssj4t: in one breath!

Batman: (slaps him.) it's puff, puff, give dumbass!

Superman: my bad.

Vega: GET HIM!

(Everyone jumps him and starts stomping him.)

Yugi: get him!

Yami: I summon my foot to kick your ass!

MA: I would like to thank all my guest and authors for stopping and I hope to have another bigger one next-get his legs! His legs!

Ma's corner

Ma: our first comes from yami chaoswolf; he asks if the d3s want to be in a video of his.

Max: as long as it's not a porno, yeah.

Ma: our next question comes from Joseph hale: he asks takuya and Zoe if they had a daughter, how would you feel if she had a spirit?

Zoe: well we haven't thought that far ahead but I would like to have a little girl like me.

Takuya: but as for spirit, I don't know I want her in that kind of life me, Zoe and Tyler have gotten use to.

Ma: Tyler, same question.

Tyler: although I would like to have a sibling, I don't know about her have a spirit.

Ma: our next set of questions comes from the camp of ssj4t; first coral asks max if he wants to fight her?

Max: I thought you never ask! I know you won't hold back so give it your best. And if you want to fight the warlord, be my guest.

Ma: next, since max and takato beat the warlord, who would be next to, beat him?

Warlord: no one! Because I am unbeat-ACHKKKKKKKKKKKK!

Max: shut up bitch!

Ma: well even though max is way strong than the warlord, he is still stronger than the rest but if I had to guess, I would give Tyler a shot.

Ma: lastly, he asks what the deal is with shendumon? Well shendumon is like a mix of togoro for yu-yu hakusho and ill shenlong; I've done some reading and togoro is super strong. I mean, he kills all the demons watching the dark tournament as he powers up to 100% of his power. And ill shenlong is the most powerful dragon ball villain ever: 1 billion, Nuff said! So shendumon has a lot of power yet to give and it will be much worse!

Ma: and to anthony1, thanks for the suggestion but I had already been planning the tournament for months now. But thanks anyway.

Author's notes:

Well I'm heading off to college soon so I don't know when I'll be able to write again but I will return. But to tide you over, I'll give you some previews:


With only one month before the tournament, the guys will have to bucket down and train hard; the time room, an old digimon lord, a wild foot race and rema and kai, pikkan's parents.


The warlord springs a trap and sends the gang to different earths. Now max, Tyler, BW, and pikkan must search them all to find their friend before the tournament. Multiple crossovers and I do mean multiple!


What do a gang of super fighters, their girlfriends, a boy who can create fire, a girl who's name means peace, a human renamon, a carnival, shopping, a karaoke bar, a biker gang and a high speed pursuit across Tokyo have in common? The wildest group date in history!


Nuff said!