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Author's Note: This is *not* the last chapter, even if it sounds like it is. There will be at least one more, I promise! Enjoy.

//Is it like this//
//In death's other kingdom//
//Waking alone//
//At the hour when we are//
//Trembling with tenderness//
//Lips that would kiss//
//Form prayers to broken stone.//

"We can't be here."

"Why?" The green eyed boy was back. He looked more haunted, more hunted then ever before. He stood on uncertain feet, unearthly in the strange light of this Other place.

"It...it isn't right."

"Why not?" It was hardly a reason, more of an excuse. James refused to listen.

"Because it isn't."

"That's stupid." He loved this boy, he wasn't certain why, but he did. There was nothing but a pure, golden glow when he thought of this angelic boy. He could see nothing wrong in his heart, in his soul.

"No, it's not." The green eyed boy was shaking his head, backing away as though frightened.

"But...I love you..."

"And not why you think!" Passion, frightened passion filled his voice. His steps took him further and further away. James would not have that. He advanced, a hunter stalking prey, but no such malice as would accompany dark intents.

"Then why?" He was, suddenly, standing before he boy. He took hin in his arms, lips meeting of their own accord, sunlight passing between them. James would hear no arguments, there was no wrongness here.


But the boy threw him off, green eyes flashing in a storm of rage and anger. His feet carried him back, and where dull earth had been between them, a chasm opened. Gaping, wide and unable to be breached.

"Don't do this..." James pleaded, words ripped from his throat in pain. He could not lose this beautiful green eyed boy, he would die should he lose him.

"I have to...I don't want to, but I have to...you have to understand. This isn't right. I...I can't tell you why, okay?"

"Why not?" Confused, betrayed, hurt. In this place, all things were possible. There was no such thing as right or wrong, this wasn't real. Not int the sense of the tangible. What happened here would have to effect on the future of the waking world, of the true world. It was something removed.

"Because you don't understand...it hasn't happened for you yet..."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean...it's hard to explain. Look, just go!" The boy waved his arms, and James could see the silvery path of tears on his cheeks. Why was he causing them such pain? This forced parting was hurting him as well, so why continue?

"This isn't real!" James called, willing a bridge over that expanse of emptiness. "This is okay...we can be together here...."

"We can't be together anywhere!"

A bridge, wavering and tricky, stretched from ledge to ledge. James took it in leaps and bounds, and the boy fled. But there was no where to go. The edges of the dreamworld wavered and shifted, a silent unseen barirer. James overtook him, pulling him close.

"But I love you here..."

"I know."

Such pain, such heart wrenching as shook James to his inner fears and feelings. What was so wrong? He didn't understand.

"I know you love me. And..I love you. And that's why we can't be here anymore. You...you have somebody else. And I...I just can't..."

"But this is different."

"I know, I know. For you. Not for me..." The boy shook his head, face pained and tight. "Please. Don't make this so hard for me! All I ver wanted was you, and now I have you, but it's all wrong!"

"Who says it's wrong?"

"That's not the point! There's more going on here then you understand. Because it's not your time that matters, it's mine. So just...wake up, or whatever, and never come back here again."

"But why not?"

"Because...because I don't ever want to see you again."

Each word was as a bullet, tiny and deadly in James' heart and soul. What of love? What of eternity? How could he never want to see him again?

"I...I don't understand."

"I know. And you never will, and I'm so sorry. I wish..I wish I could tell you everything, but I can't. At all. I can't tell you anything, cause it would screw so much up. Just...goodbye."

The boy kissed him, once, softly and chastely, and then he was gone, dissolving as mist under the uncaring rays of the sun. James was left feeling empty, and alone. Why had the boy left? James didn't even know his name. And the words he had spoken, they made no sense. Not now, and sadly not ever. With a heavy heart, James felt himself pulled back to the waking world, the real world. The dead world.