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9. "Questioning":

Petra was exhausted the next day at school. She had stumbled out of bed with a cup of coffee and her eyes still half closed. Her mind was buzzing with the mysterious Phantom boy. When she approached Casper High that morning, as usual Danny met her outside on the stairs and she smiled as she stopped beside him. He yawned and the circles under his eyes didn't go unnoticed.

"Long night?" He pointed at the shadowy circles under her own eyes.

She cringed and batted his hand away. "Me and my mom got in a big fight last night." It wasn't a complete lie.

"Does that happen a lot?"

"Yeah it does." She hesitated then added. "Also, I didn't listen to you. Last time I ever do that."

He sighed and rubbed at his face. "Yeah? Well for future reference, try and take everything I say as law from here on out. It's dangerous at night here. Come on."

She followed him into the hallway in the direction of his locker. They stopped and she leaned up against the cool metal close beside him before she spoke up again. "Met that superhero though."

He stopped fiddling with his locker and stole a nervous glance around the hallway. "Yeah? And how'd that go?"

"He saved me from this big snarly monster." She held up her hands like claws. "Then hung out on my roof for like three hours. It was different. He was.. different. I don't know how to describe it." She looked up into his bright eyes.

Danny half smiled. He took a long breath and turned his eyes towards the ceiling before he spoke. "Why don't you ever invite me over the sit on your roof?" She opened her mouth to bite back a snarky response but he spoke again. "Listen probably don't talk about that too much here at school." He set his hands on hers and slowly lowered them back to her sides. "Everyone's sorta obsessed with ghosts here, remember?"

"You mentioned that."

"They all kinda idolize the GhostKid it gets weird and I don't want you to get interrogated by someone trying to figure stuff out about him. There's a reason he doesn't- er.. Listen." He sighed deeply, his eyes glued to hers. "Just uh.. Don't.. I mean, just don't talk about him a lot here.. you know? Shit, this is a mess already."

"What do you mean by that?"

He gave her a strange look. "I don't.. I can't really explain it here.."

He was distressed and she couldn't quite figure it out. She narrowed her eyes briefly but then smiled. She flipped her hands over so she could catch his jittery fingers in hers. "Hey relax. I won't talk about it anymore. And you can come over to my place whenever you want Danny. Really. Just show up and you can come in and we'll hang out and watch movies or do homework, or anything. Anything if it meant hanging out with you." She made him meet her gaze. "I'd rather have you than a ghost kid any day, you know that right?"

"You mean that?" He looked up from their hands. His voice was quiet and unsure.

"Why wouldn't I?" They had ended up close enough for her to see the tiny flecks of green in his eyes that flickered in and out of view every couple of seconds. She smiled. "I never noticed your eyes had green in them. They're really nice."

"Oh, um. I guess they do. Er.. Thanks. I'd rather have you too. No. That sounded better in my head." He paused and quickly changed the subject. "You're really nonchalant about this whole ghost thing. You didn't get hurt or anything did you? Doesn't that kind of stuff scare you?" An unreadable expression passed over his face. "Ghosts or whatever." He looked back down at her fingers, still wrapped around his.

Petra shrugged, watching his face as closely as she dared. "I'm not scared of ghosts Danny. Especially when I've got a big strong boy looking out for me at night."

He laughed despite himself. "I was trying to be serious."

"So was I." She grinned and he gave her an incredulous look. "Ghosts are spooky sure, nothing I can't handle." She conceded.

He seemed satisfied with her answer. "And you're not hurt."

"No not a scratch. It was scary but I felt safe as soon as the GhostKid showed up. He made sure I got home safe and everything. He was a proper gentleman."

He puffed his inky bangs out of his face. "Yeah. Well, he is a superhero."

"Want to come over tonight?"

He coughed on whatever he had been planning to say. His eyes met hers.

"Come over tonight." Her voice got quieter. "Please."

"You really want me to?"

Her cheeks were flushed but she smiled and was about to open her mouth to say something when an arm separated her and her dark haired friend. Her hands felt empty without his sitting in them and she furrowed her brows in frustration. She glared up at the new person standing between her and Danny. His backpack fell to the floor in a clatter and one of the huge football players shoved his thin form back towards the lockers on the other side of the hallway.

"New girl!" The voice was sharp. She turned to the most popular girl in school and met her gaze with a scowl.

"We were talking." Petra said, pointing over to Danny.

"Yeah, yeah. Nerd talk, who cares. Tell me though. Who were you with, last night."

"Paulina, leave her alone-" Danny started.

"Watch it Fen-toenail." The huge football jock Dash forced Danny backwards. "Heard the GhostBoy saved you. We want to hear the story."

Suddenly Petra was surrounded by another huge jock, Kwan who always had a sympathetic look on his soft face, and a few of the other football players and cheerleaders who were all chattering about the Ghostboy. She watched Danny carefully as he rolled his pale eyes and backed up against the lockers on the other side of the hallway to wait until they were done harassing her about whatever had or hadn't happened the night before.

"You know you could hang out with us, and tell us more about him." The blonde girl, Star spoke up. She was Paulina's best friend and a blonde haired blue eyed air head. "We love him. The Ghostboy is sort of our favorite. And if he hung out with you that makes you at least cool enough to sit with us."

"Yeah the GhostBoy and I are pretty serious now, we're in love. He saves me all the time, that's why it's so shocking to hear he was hanging out with you. But!" Paulina added. "I love hearing stories about him, especially where he's being all heroic and stuff. Plus then you could get out of that group of losers. You could hang out with all of us."

Dash grinned at her. "Yeah it would be pretty cool. For all of us."

Petra stole another glance over at Danny. He was staring down the hallway distractedly. He hadn't finished getting his books out of his locker and his backpack was laying on the ground with a binder half inside it. "You know, I don't really want to talk about what happened last night." She dipped to pick up the discarded backpack. "And I think that I'm fine where I'm at. I don't need you guys to take an experience I had because I didn't listen to a friend to hang out with you. I've already got friends and they're more important to me than that."

"Oh come on sweetheart-"

"Don't call me sweetheart. I'm not your sweetheart." Petra corrected Dash quickly. She pulled Danny's math book from his locker before she pushed her way through the small crowd of jocks and returned to his side. She scowled back at them before she handed him his backpack. "C'mon. We should get going. We still have to go by my locker too before the bell rings." Their fingers brushed as she passed him his backpack. A strangely familiar tingling rolled up her arm and she met his gaze. "And you should decide what movie you want to want tonight.. When you come over. Are you okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine. Sweetheart." Danny muttered with a teasing smile. He bumped her shoulder playfully and she smiled up to him.

"Don't start that."

10. "Stars.":

Danny had come over that night. He had been really unsure about it until she had insisted that she wanted him to come over more than anything else. And s had told him he should come over right after school in their last class of the day. She assured him she had been very serious about him coming over. She wanted to have him over, she wanted to sit on her roof with him and absolutely hadn't been joking at all. It was a Friday and they could watch movies as late as they wanted. Her parents were out of town for the weekend which was probably for the best, and her brother was staying with friends and she had the house to herself anyway. He had gotten embarrassed and flustered again but she quickly told him he didn't have a choice. She was already planning what they should eat and he no longer was going to pick the movie. It seemed to ease some of the nervous tension out of his shoulders.

They were standing together outside of the school. His parents were picking him up for some reason so he couldn't walk her. However she didn't need to be home anytime soon so she was sitting on the cement railings of the stairs down from the entrance of the school above where he was leaning.

"Are you really sure you want me over Petra?"

"How many times are you planning on asking me that?"

He rolled his pale eyes.

"Yes. I mean like absolutely positive. You want to sit on my roof, right?" She hopped down and looked up to him, suddenly worried she was pushing him. "Don't you want to come over?"

"Yeah of course it's just.." He watched her for a second before nodding and shrugging at the same time when they stopped beside the parking lot to wait for his ride. "Okay. Okay. I mean, you've already basically put the nails in your social coffin hanging out with me and Tucker and Sam anyway." He motioned over to the pair, who waved from the other side of the parking lot. "Not like having me over will be something you have to hide from your other friends."

Petra snorted and then laughed. "Oh yes. All my other friends I want to have over."

He smiled a little easier. "You still have to meet my parents. You're ideas of me might change a little bit the first time you get an ectoblaster stuck in your face just to be sure you're not a ghost."

She laughed again. "Maybe that's the edge my life needs. Ectoblasters and ghost hunting. I already met the superhero, maybe I can convince him he wants a sidekick."

His face changed a little but his guarded smile shifted to a full on grin. "Would you make an outfit and everything?"

A horn honked before she could answer.

"Hey Danny!" A booming voice made him cringe. A man in a hazmat suit leaned out of an assault ready RV and waved over and him. "All ready to get going? Say bye to your friend! Hey wait a sec, that's not Sam or Tucker! I wasn't aware you had more than two friends!"

Danny's face flushed as a group of jocks who happened to be standing nearby started snickering. "So that's my mom and dad. I'm sure you'll meet them officially someday."

"Come on Danny. I'm glad you have more than two friends but we really have to go." A petite woman leaned around his father's huge shoulders.

Petra leaned to the side enough to peak over his shoulder. The pair were watching her carefully, so she waved hesitantly. They paused and then waved back with a pair of smiles. "They seem nice." She whispered to Danny.

"Yeah sure. Just wait for the ectoblasters." He gave an exasperated sigh. "See you in a couple of hours okay?"

She smiled. "Yeah okay. I can't wait."

With Danny gone, Petra rushed home to make sure the house was clean. Her parents were gone, her brother was gone and she collapsed on the couch once the few dishes in the sink were gone and she was changed. She wasn't sure exactly why she was nervous. Her and Danny had hung out plenty at school but there was something about having him over at her house, just the two of them, that made her jittery and nervous. She had fixed her hair and changed her clothes and couldn't sit still.

Her green eyes flickered to the clock hanging on her wall. It was four. What if he had changed his mind? What if he had decided that he didn't want to hang out with her? Her heart jumped into her throat when the doorbell rang. A little too fast, she hopped up off the couch and rushed over to the door.

"Hey sorry I'm late. I wanted to shower and then I got a little distracted." Danny's hair was still wet, but his eyes were constantly flicking over his shoulder. "Sorry. I get.. er distracted a lot."

She smiled. "Yeah I know. I mean. It's okay. I was just worried maybe you really didn't want to come over."

He slipped in through the door and rolled his pale eyes. "Oh yeah I really didn't want to hang out at all with you. Sorry actually I have to get going. I have so many other plans."

The tension eased out of the quiet living room after she started laughing and they settled into the couch to watch movies. They had decided on a theme of terrible horror movies, and after about three she was leaning up against his shoulder and his arm was draped casually around her waist. He was so warm and his laughter was hitting her lightly on the side of the neck and she had goosebumps all over her arms. The nervousness of their closeness melted away as they laughed and talked quietly and the world around them seemed to disappear into his light blue eyes. When the last movie ended, she took his hand and bounced off the couch.

"Come on." She pulled him to his feet. "I want to show you the roof. I have a little crawl space and so it's kind of tight to get up there but now that it's dark I want you to see the stars."

"I've seen the stars. I want to be an astronaut remember?" He said sarcastically.

She gave him an incredulous look. "You haven't seen them from my roof."

He smiled, then let out a long sigh. "Lead the way."

She didn't realize until she pulled the chord down to the attic that her fingers were still wrapped around his. She tried to pull it away but his hold on her hand tightened minutely before he realized what he was doing. He immediately realized what had happened and pulled his hand back with an embarrassed cough to clear his throat and break the tension.

"After you." He motioned her up the stairs.

She nodded quickly and led him up to the roof spot. After a quiet moment she motioned almost grandly to the sky and the homes around them. "So this is my roof."

Danny laughed. "I had no idea a roof could be so.. Roofy."

"Don't be sassy. Do you like it?"

"Yeah. I can almost see my house from here." He deadpanned and motioned to the huge Fenton Works sign hanging like a gigantic neon beacon on the outside of his parent's house just a block over. His bright blue eyes met hers as he smiled softly and the mask of sarcasm fell. "It's really really nice Petra. Thanks for inviting me."

"If I had known you wanted to be an astronaut I would have invited you earlier." She turned and in a quick motion she scooped his hands up into hers. "Do you know lots about constellations and stuff?"

He was unbearably close again, and his breath stuttered out in a nervous chuckle. "Sure I know plenty." His voice was almost silent.

"Can you tell me?"

"Sure if you.. Uh.. If you really want."

She smiled. Her mind was suddenly a swirl of just his eyes and his lips and every thought in her head was suddenly how much she wanted to kiss him. His eyes shifted briefly down to her lips, it was enough of an invitation for her. With another nervous breath and the rest of the world disappeared when she leaned towards him. She licked her lips and clutched his hand a little tighter.

"Wait, wait, wait-" He set a hand on her shoulder just before their noses bumped. The look in his eyes completely changed suddenly as the strange shiver made his body tense up. A puff of freezing breath fogged out from between his lips as the tremor released his body and he turned down to the street with a wild look in his eyes. His fingers covered his mouth quickly. "I have to.. I have to go. Now. I'm so sorry." He stood and half slipped on the tile roof.

Her hands caught his and she shook her head. "Did I do something wrong? I really didn't mean to. Please just pretend it didn't happen-"

"No! No, oh god no you didn't do anything wrong. I just.. Agh. I can't believe this timing just, I just have to go I can't explain it right now. I will explain-" The tremor shook his body again after he ran his shaking hands through his hair and he shook the strange look out of his eyes. "Later! I'll have to explain later."

"I don't understand." She still didn't want to mention the tremors but she was crushed.

"There's just.." He searched her face for a second before he let out a breath and touched her cheek. "Listen it's just late and I have some things to take care of. I'll make it up to you I promise but I have to go."

"Let me at least walk you out." She offered desperately.

"It'll be fine." His hands were shaking and a minute shift in his eyes made goosebumps roll over her skin. His vision seemed to fuzz, as he looked off the rooftop and all at once the strange expression was gone and he turned back to her. "I can uh.. I just gotta go. I am so sorry."

His hands were gone in a rush and Petra was alone on the roof before she could even process what was happening. Her skin was tingling and she couldn't exactly figure out why he had left in such a hurry. Danny was such a strange person sometimes. The shivers and the strange coolness his fingers always held. She couldn't put a finger on it. She set her chin on her knees and sighed. Immediately, she knew she didn't know how she was going to face him the next morning.

11. "Silence":

School was awkward the next day, to say the very least. It was silent and Petra was trying hard to avoid the awkward 'remember when I tried to kiss you and you ran away' conversation with Danny. She had avoided him in the morning, when he had been waiting in their usual spot in front of the school she opted to go around back. She ate lunch by herself in the back corner of the library, she walked to classes alone. She didn't see him until their last period, and by then she was sure he had the message. His eyes stayed on his notes and she bit her lip, trying to ignore the miserable look on his face. The bell rang and she made a quick dip for the door.

"Petra c'mon, please." His voice was close enough that she stopped and turned.

"I don't want to talk about it, its fine." She said defensively and entirely too fast.

He gave her a surprised look. "It's not fine. I can tell it's not fine." He took a few cautious steps towards her in the hallway. She avoided his probing gaze. "You've been avoiding me all day. That's not fine. I don't like it."

"It's awkward Danny. You're right, I've been trying to avoid this all day. Because I didn't want to ruin what we had and I did it anyway." Her voice was a low whisper and she turned her full attention to him. "I just want to forget it happened and not have this conversation."

He gave her a surprised look. "No you didn't ruin anything. It's just.. Things are just different with me."

"Different how?"

His eyes fled to the ceiling and he muttered something under his breath. "It's really not.. uh.. Listen-" He was suddenly in front of her faster then he should have been and the lights in the hallway flickered around them. He flinched. "It's just complicated."

"Complicated how Danny?"

He gave her a desperate look. "I didn't know you were going to.. I would have said something. It's just a bad idea Petra."


"Just okay?"

Petra nodded. "I just don't want to have this conversation. I just want to forget it happened. It won't happen again. I didn't know it was complicated I thought I read the mood, and I guess I didn't." She paused. "And I'm really sorry for avoiding you today. And I'm sorry for trying to kiss you and touching your hands alot. I won't do any of it again. Just drop it. Pretend it didn't happen and it'll all go away." She took a step away from him.

A desperate look crossed his eyes. "That's not what I meant."

"Why did you run away then? I would have kissed you, you know? I wanted to kiss you."

"Yeah I know that. It's just complicated. With me. I'm not.. I can't.. There's something that.. No. None of that's right." He dug the heels of his palms into his eyes. A shaking breath slipped out of his lips and his eyes reopened. "You're not scared of ghosts are you?" He took her hand and met her gaze with a look of clarity in his eyes that had been lacking all day.

"What a strange thing to ask right now."

He was close again. His fingers threaded between hers, discreetly against the lockers hey had stopped beside and behind his leg. Her heart fluttered and she looked up at him. "Things are just different. Er.. when I'm around." He looked out into the hallway worriedly. Students were still swarming around but no one seemed to be paying attention to them. "Just give me some time. I've never had to explain it before. But I promise. Everything's fine. You're fine, you haven't done anything wrong and I don't want to spend another day not talking to you. Okay?" His hand was gone from hers as fast as it had appeared there and he took a few steps backwards. "It's me that's not fine."

She was breathless under his pale blue gaze. She couldn't move, or breathe. He blinked the intense look away and she felt her muscles loosen up.

"I'm sorry."


"Just okay?" He joked, but it sounded more like a cautious question.

She smiled. "More than okay."

"Sam and Tucker are coming over to do homework at my place tonight. You should come." His voice was still airy and breathless.

"I can't tonight."

He looked crestfallen.

"Family stuff. My mom and me don't get along and we're having a family dinner. I won't be able to leave the house once I go home."

"Hey it's fine. Come over next time, we do it all the time." He let out a breath but the hopeful look was gone from his eyes as fast as it had appeared. "Are you sure you're okay? I'm just so sorry this can't be normal. I wish I had a better explanation for you."

Petra shrugged. "I guess you wouldn't be worth it if it was just normal right?"

His face flushed and he tried to mask the anxious look by throwing a distracted look at the lockers across the hallway. "You might think differently if you knew everything."

"Are we still going to get lunch at the Nasty Burger?" Petra tried awkwardly.

"Yeah!" Danny took a half step backwards from her. "I mean yes. Yeah we're going right now. If you want to go you're totally invited. Yeah you're still invited I mean."


Things fell into a tense silence as each of them tried to ignore the awkward conversation they had had. Petra crossed her arms tightly across her chest and Danny let out a long shaky sigh as walked together through the halls. She couldn't help but feel like something had been broken and it was her fault. Danny was picking at his fingernails anxiously and chewing on the inside of his lip and she felt her face burning with embarrassment.

12. "Food":

The trip to Nasty Burger was as awkward as the conversation in the hallway had been. She couldn't quite bring herself to enjoy even just the milkshake and fries she had gotten. She hadn't been feeling that hungry but kind of desperately wanted to pretend nothing awkward had happened between her and Danny and was hoping that ignoring it all to get fast food would do the trick. It absolutely hadn't and she felt more tense and uncomfortable than she ever had. Tucker was arguing with Sam about something and she was trying to listen but it was like listening to voices through a closed window. She stole a glance up across the table.

Danny's eyes were watching the window, as usual. The dark circles under his bright eyes were even darker than they had been earlier The same flighty distant expression that he usually had when the strange shivers made his shoulders rigid had settled on his face, and a worried crease sat between his dark eyebrows. His thin fingers were fidgeting with his french fries and he was chewing on his lip. For once he wasn't sitting next to her. Instead he was sitting alone on the bench at the other side of the table and she was sitting next to Tucker and Sam.

"Listen, all I'm saying is that if all you're going to eat is tomatoes then you're never going to have the energy to do anything!" Tucker was saying, waving his burger around to emphasize his point to Sam. He took a big bite and ketchup dribbled down his chin. "You need protein." He said around the meat in his mouth.

She rolled her purple eyes and stabbed her fork down into her salad. "I have all the energy I need, thank you very much. There are plenty of ways to get protein without murdering innocent animals. Beans and tofu. You've heard of those right?"

Tucker snorted. "Beans are something you put on chille dogs Sam."

She gestured across the table to Danny. "You should be worried about me. I'm just fine. You should be worried about him. He's the one who hasn't slept since like this time last week."

Danny laughed, despite himself. It was ugly and humorless but it pulled his distant gaze away from the window for a second even and his eyes refocused on the present. Whatever he had been thinking about left a strange shadow on his face but the half smile masked it. "Yeah, but that's usual stuff right? Me not sleeping. Don't use that as comparison for health."

Sam and Tucker managed a laugh as he cringed a little. They started to argue again.

Petra looked up too from the fry she had been dipping in her shake for at least two minutes. He was trying hard to pretend none of it had ever happened and he was partly succeeding. She was trying too. A sigh slipped past her lips before she felt something touch her foot under the table. She jumped before she realized the toe of Danny's worn out red converse was touching hers, gingerly as Tucker and Sam continued to argue. She gave him a pleading look, it was so awkward at the table. But the weight of his toe on hers was something. She still wanted to run.

"Don't worry." He mouthed quickly, almost quicker than she could register it had happened. He sighed. "Everything's fine." He whispered more to himself than anything. His pale eyes found the window again and the strange distant expression settled back over his features.

The uneasy tightness eased out of her chest a little. She tapped his toes with hers again, urging him to talk to her, to engage so she knew everything was okay. Tucker and Sam's argument had ended in a huff and Tucker biting an entire burger in half. Danny said nothing.

"Fen-Turd and friends!" Dash's loud voice made them all turn. He slammed his hand on the table causing Tucker's soda to spill on the floor. Paulina, Starr and Kwan gathered around behind him. "I think it's time to break this little party up because you and your little nerd herd are in the best seat in the house."

In a shudder, Danny's fingers tightened around the cup and he turned to glare up at the jock. "Okay yeah sure as soon as we're done eating, you and your friends can use the table." He said smoothly.

"Yeah get lost meathead." Sam turned her eyes back to her salad.

Dash glared down at them before he turned to Danny and knocked tray full of fries onto his lap. Paulina and Starr laughed and high fived as Kwan looked on with what looked like worry. Before he could say anything else Petra stood up and clenched her hands into fists.

"Leave him alone." She said quickly.

Danny gave her a surprised look

"Or what weirdo." Paulina stepped forward next and poked her hard in the shoulder.

"Yeah you're the new kid." Starr was next. "You don't know how weird his family is so we won't hold this against you."

Petra took a breath. "I didn't ask you to tell me about his family, I told you to leave him alone. Leave all of us alone. When we're finished eating you and your shallow friends can have this table but until then, I think we're gonna need some napkins to clean his pants up don't you?"

Starr's mouth dropped open and Sam smiled broadly.

"Yeah get lost." She said through her teeth.

Danny looked like he was about to say something when his shoulders tensed and he turned quickly to the window again. A scream from outside rattled the glass and Dash and his friends turned to the noise.

"Not right now." Danny muttered and stood from his side of the table.

"Ghost?" Tucker muttered, slipping his PDA into his pocket.

"Please tell me you have some of your family's weird weapons." Kwan grabbed Danny's arm and pulled him from the booth and out in front of his body.

"Oh sure always." He shook Kwan off of him.

Sam and Tucker grabbed their bags off the floor and exchanged glances with Paulina and Starr. Some kind of unspoken truce Petra thought to herself.

"What is going on!" Petra gave a frustrated groan as another scream shook the room. She clenched her eyes shut and covered her ears.

"Look at me." Danny grabbed her arm and made her focus on his eyes. "Remember I told you that this is the most haunted place in America? Ghost attacks happen all the time and I need you to run."

"Run where exactly?"

"What are you crazy? Out of here!" Paulina and Starr rushed out of the Nasty Burger as a glowing woman appeared in the parking lot outside the restaurant.

"Good luck losers." Dash and Kwan followed close behind the others in a crowd of people rushing to escape the fast food restaurant.

Her glowing eyes fell on Danny through the window and she screamed again. Petra took a half step into his chest and covered her ears.

"She's looking at you."

"Yeah I noticed." He took a half step away from her.

In a rush, the Nasty Burger emptied out. Petra tried to hold onto Danny as everyone grew frantic but he met her gaze and with an apologetic smile, disappeared into the frantic crowd.

"No come back." She tried to grab his arm but in the rush of people around them he was gone and another hand grabbed onto her. "Are you serious."

"Come on we gotta hide!" Tucker grabbed her wrist and gave it a sharp tug. "This way! Away from the windows"

"What about Danny?" She demanded as he pulled her towards the back of the restaurant. They slid behind a toppled table. "He got separated and-"

"And is fine trust me his family does this for a living. He probably had something on him and is trying to help. He always has something tucked in his backpack this kind of stuff happens all the time." Tucker shoved a glowing thermos into her shaking hands. "Point this at the ghost if it comes towards you and push this button, got it?"

She gave him and incredulous look. "No! No I don't got it! Where is Danny!"

"Tuck now!" Sam was suddenly beside them.

"Stay away from the windows, don't go outside and remember what I said. Be back in a flash." Tucker set his hands on her shoulders briefly before he was gone after Sam and into the chaos that was unfolding outside.

Petra sat still for a minute, clutching the glowing thermos in her shaking hands. The ghost she had seen the week before had to have been a one off. She was kidding herself if she had believed the Ghostkid when he said ghost attacks happened all the time. He had to be joking. A shriek from outside rattled the windows and scattered chairs of the Nasty Burger, reminding her of the glowing woman in the parking lot. "Okay, okay, okay." She whispered to herself.

After a shudder she steeled herself and stood. If Danny was in trouble she could try to help with the thermos Tucker had shoved into her hands. He was more important than anything. She turned to the window just as it cracked and a body flew through the air and into her chest effectively knocking her to the ground. They rolled a ways until she was laying on top of his chest, their legs tangled together and her nose hovering over his. She caught the breath that had been knocked out of her.


"Funny running into you here?" The Ghostkid was so close his eyes lit her face with neon green electricity and a grin lit his face with a light green.

Her fingers curled into his jumpsuit. "Please tell me what is going on? No one is telling me anything."

He grinned. "Yeah sure, I would love to do that but you gotta hang on a sec." His fingers tightened around her arms and with a shiver she felt her body lift up as he kicked his heels off the ground.