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Part 1: Chasing Family
Part 2: After the Hunt
Part 3: Bothering Bowman
Part 4: Jacob in Wonderland
Part 5: Clash of the Hunters

Sam hesitated, staring into the looming motel room.

Normally, he'd never be around when a human was in the room. Unfortunately, times were tough. Not many people had stayed at the motel during the last month, leaving slim pickings for the people that called the walls their home. If his family wasn't desperate, he'd never risk coming out.

But they were desperate.

Due to the lack of patrons at the motel, even the kitchens were dangerous as a food source. Not many patrons meant less food was being used. That meant that missing food would be easier to notice, and Sam's family wasn't the most desperate around. Krissy and her mother had been forced to go there a few days back to get what they could.

So here he was. Behind the nightstand of a motel room, staring out at a cracker that had been dropped on the ground not long ago.

Sam knew the human was right there, but he hadn't heard the guy move for at least ten minutes. He was frozen, weighing his options. He was fast, and he was quiet. It reasoned out that Sam should be able to dart in, grab the cracker, and be back behind the nightstand, heading for the hidden entrance behind the second bed with the human none the wiser.

Taking that risk though, with the knowledge that all it would take was a second's mistake to get him irrevocably caught, was what had held him back that long.

But his family was going to starve if he didn't do something, and Sam refused to let that happen.

They'd taken him in all those years ago, when he'd first been cursed. Sam hadn't always been four inches tall, after all. Up until he was ten, he'd been a perfectly normal human. Aside from the way his father had hunted monsters and Sam and his older brother Dean had been raised on the road, of course.

Then the witch his father was hunting had attacked them, and Sam had been hit with a curse.

By the time he woke up, his family was gone. It was a week before waking, a week during which his family would have given him up for dead. Sam awoke in a small home, two people by his side, worried he'd never wake. Once he discovered what had happened, they'd taken him in, raised him as their own. He owed them his life.

With that knowledge, Sam hitched his bag up on his shoulders. He tensed, preparing himself for the run.

And darted out into the open, angling for the forgotten cracker on the floor.

In. Out. What could go wrong?

Jacob was only half awake as he watched some food commercials play on the TV across from the bed. He was lounging with his long legs stretched out, a stark relief after driving for most of the day. Road trips were a lot of fun, but they did tend to make one sore after several hours on the highway.

He didn't even have a destination in mind. Jacob was making the trip as a relatively inexpensive vacation for the summer. His mom had to work a couple jobs, so she couldn't come along, but he'd somehow managed to convince her to let him go on his own. At least she knew he'd probably be safe, standing at six feet tall already when he wasn't quite 18 yet. Jacob could handle himself.

He'd picked a motel almost at random, not that the small Kansas town had that many options to choose from. It was a cheap place with a lot of vacancies, though Jacob couldn't call it a complete dive. It'd be perfectly fine for a short rest before he set out again on his directionless trek.

He'd grabbed some late lunch/early dinner barely an hour ago, the remains of which settled in the trashcan by the table. One of the fun things about traveling on his own was that his mom couldn't gripe at him for having his food on the bed. It wasn't like he left any crumbs on the covers anyway.

He was about to grab the remote that lay next to him when a movement, the barest flicker, caught his attention. Down on the floor, something darted seemingly out of nowhere, and Jacob turned his head to focus on it.

He hadn't left any crumbs on the bed, but Jacob realized that a good portion of a cracker must have fallen on the floor, because something had just snatched it up and was darting away.

Back towards the nightstand and who knows where, sprinting along on two legs. What the hell?! Jacob almost flinched at the realization that he wasn't seeing a mouse. Whatever it was darted along quickly.

But Jacob was quicker by just enough. He practically lurched over the bed and reached down with one hand while the other pushed into the mattress to keep his tenuous balance. His sudden move gave the little whatever-it-was a fright and the cracker dropped from its tiny hands. Not a full second later, Jacob's hand was upon the little guy.

He closed his fingers around the running thing, stopping the mad dash immediately. Holy shit, Jacob thought as he noticed more clearly how humanoid his find was. He could feel the tiny arms and legs wriggling as the little guy writhed desperately in his hand. Jacob pulled him back and upwards, shifting so he sat up on the edge of the bed.

Before looking over his find, Jacob leaned down and pinched the cracker in the thumb and first finger of his free hand. He set it down on the nightstand and then clicked on the lamp before returning his focus to the fist closed around the small creature he'd found.

"Woah," he breathed, his free hand cupping around his fist in awe as he drew the little guy into the light. A small head and tiny little shoulders were sticking out of his grasp. Jacob looked over the tiny face and brushed a thumb over one shoulder that seemed to have a little leather strap slung over it. Now that he paid attention, he could feel a tiny bag in his hand in addition to the tiny guy.

"No way," Jacob muttered, momentarily in shock over this completely unexpected discovery.

Sam knew he was in trouble the moment the shadows above shifted.

A prickle went up his neck. Shit… He pushed his legs to run even harder, desperate to get out of sight. Either he'd overestimated his ability at staying silent or he'd underestimated the human.

Whichever it was, he was in trouble.

A shadow fell over him. Gasping, the cracker tumbled out of his hands as he tried to get that last ounce of speed to escape behind the nightstand and back to safety. Just a little more… Like Walt always said, a bit of food wasn't worth any of their lives.

If only Sam had listened to his advice and hadn't been so overconfident.

A huge hand snatched at him. It was too fast for Sam to even hope to dodge. He was fumbling at his jacket, trying desperately to yank out his knife even as a thumb and four massive fingers relentlessly closed around his body.

And then it was too late.

Sam's arms were sealed to his side, his knife inexorably out of reach the moment the hand closed around him. Desperate struggles were muffled in the thick skin that surrounded his body. It was like none of his movements could make an effect.

The world dropped away beneath him, receding into the distance as Sam was yanked into the air. He let out a desperate gasp, unable to concentrate as his surroundings spiraled around him. The human was shifting him to an easier position to see.

As the light clicked on, Sam almost went blind at first. His eyes, so well-adjusted to the darkness in the walls, had difficulty focusing in the bright light of the room, especially when it was completely unexpected. Sam tried to flinch back, then twitched in the other direction when he saw a huge thumb brush over his shoulder. He shivered, realizing how helpless he was in this human's hands.

Sam could see every ridge, every crevice in the hand curled around him. Nothing he did could loosen up his arms. His satchel was crushed into his side, and his scared hazel eyes stared up at the huge human, afraid of what would happen to me. Walt's voice echoed in his head, reminding him how it was almost impossible to escape a human after being caught.

They'd never been able to rescue Bree…

Jacob stared in unmasked wonder for several more seconds. Those tiny struggles were almost nothing compared to his grasp, and he could feel the tiny chest heaving with panicked breaths. "Hey, you're okay," he muttered, loosening his grasp just a little. He didn't want the little guy to flail around and risk falling, but there was no need to squish him.

The sound of the TV was a faintly distracting buzz in the background. Jacob fumbled behind himself for the remote and clicked the machine off. Without even looking, he dropped the remote to the nightstand with a loud clatter.

That done, he shifted his grip on the little person carefully. His hand tilted so he could safely uncurl his fingers and get a better look at the details on the tiny little guy. His thumb moved to the little chest, pinning him in place so he couldn't go jumping right off Jacob's hand.

"Wow," Jacob muttered aloud, his free hand nudging the little bag that now lay mostly free on his hand, part of the strap secured just as much as the tiny chest was. Two impossibly small clasps held it shut and Jacob couldn't help the amazed smile. He poked at one of the teeny legs, amazed that the little guy was even wearing miniature jeans, denim and all.

His gaze drifted back to the little guy's face. "What are you?" he asked, unsure if he'd even be understood. It was worth a shot.

Sam froze as rumbling words directed at him for a brief second. Wouldn't you like to know shot through his mind in Dean's voice from long ago, but he swallowed the words. It was bad enough he was trapped. If he answered, the human would be even more interested in him and that could lead to unfortunate events.

Like him never letting Sam go. Sticking Sam in a cage he'd never escape and taking him away from his family.

Sam had already lost one family. He didn't want to lose another. His chest tightened at the thought, a real fear rising in him that was even greater than his fear of the human.

He'd lose what little life he'd managed to scrape together over the last decade.

Instead of responding, Sam tried to shove the thick thumb off his chest. The heavy digit made it difficult to breathe, pinning him in place effortlessly. At the same time, Sam kicked out with one of his boots, trying to dissuade the human from his interest in his legs. It was nauseating to see how thin and frail they appeared compared to the powerful fingers meticulously checking him over. Sam was being reduced to nothing more than a toy, helpless to stop the human. But that didn't mean he'd stop fighting.

All he had to do was push the thumb off his chest just long enough to get his knife out. That way, the human might actually be distracted from Sam for just long enough for him to make his escape. He only needed seconds… he could slide down the cover of the bed and get back behind the nightstand. That way he'd have just enough time to run for cover and slip into the walls.

Back to safety.

The little guy didn't seem to have understood Jacob's question, judging by the way he resumed his struggles. He'd heard, definitely, because Jacob had felt him tense up from the noise. He supposed his voice might be a little loud for such tiny ears. He'd have to remember that so he didn't freak the little guy out any more than he already was.

One of the little legs kicked at his hand. The tiniest boot Jacob had ever seen planted on one of his knuckles and pushed with all its might. He didn't actually feel any force from it, though it was clear the tiny person was giving it his all. Some pity softened his expression. The poor guy was just so small. Jacob moved his hand away.

"Don't worry, you're safe," he said, in a quieter voice than before. Hopefully it would offer some comfort to the little guy, even if he didn't understand the words; it was still tough to tell if he could.

Jacob could feel the panicked breaths speeding in and out of the small chest pinned by his thumb. The little guy was practically hyperventilating there. And he was pushing against Jacob's thumb for all he was worth, but again Jacob didn't actually feel the force behind the little shoves. Still, clearly he wasn't helping with the poor guy's breathing, so he'd have to think of something else.

Jacob got an idea and latched onto it. He shifted his hand so it was flatter, and then used his thumb to gently nudge the small person so he was propped up against Jacob's curled fingers like a seat. That done, he moved his thumb so it rested on the tiny shins instead, hopefully preventing any panicked flailing without constricting the little guy's breathing.

"There, isn't that- fuckdammit! "


And, Brothers Found kicks off at last! An alternate version of Brothers Apart where Dean is not the one to find his baby brother in the motel!

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