I'm Gonna Fly

Summary: Lily has led a not so pretty life and now she can only think of one way out and that way is to Fly.

Rating: R for mature themes and language.

Warning: This has suicide and cutting as a very prominent theme. If that offends you, I am warning you now. And unless your in a really freaked up situation that I don't even want to know about, some one is not holding a gun to your head forcing you to read my story. And if so I am flattered that the gunman is forcing you to read my story instead of another.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. J.K. Rowlings does. But if you feel like suing go ahead I will laugh my head off and see if there are any hotties in the court room.


One day the whole world looks like an open page.

It hit the floor with a thud. And there it lay on the floor of the fourteen-year-olds bedroom lost and forgotten. Sure, it would be picked up and put on a shelf for storage. But what it was meant for, the life it could have helped to save if someone could have just deciphered the knowledge it held would go forgotten, unknown to the world.

It was a book. A diary to be precise. Appearance wise it was no different than any other diary. It was a plain book that had been covered in denim. The kind you would buy at a bookstore for 6 pounds. But this one was different.

It had a hundred pages in it, yet only one was written on and it bore these simple words.

August 31, 1974

Dear Diary,

I am tired of fighting this battle. If I knew one person would miss me maybe I wouldn't do this. In fact, if one person loved me enough to care I know I wouldn't do this…but no one does so why bother? Why Care? Why Try? Why not? So tomorrow it's all going to change. Tomorrow I will go to Hogwarts. Tomorrow will be the day that I die.

Lily Evans

And there it would lay, on the floor of the fourteen-year-olds room. Not cared for, not noticed, not taken care of…Much like the girl who had wrote it.