"Wait, you're... what?

His eyes were hard. "You heard what I said."

"But, I don't understand why?"

"It's not working between us."

I stared at him, my feet felt frozen. "But, just yesterday, you said everything would be fine, I thought the picnic was great! I was hunting Nargles, you were working on your, assignment thing, and..."

"I decided that it wasn't working out. I'm sorry." With that he started walking away.

"No, wait please, just tell me what I did!" I felt tears starting to spill over my eyes, even though I desperately tried to hold them back. "I know I can be difficult, but I never thought that you thought…"

"Stop." He stood still; his back was turned to her. "You're not good enough." I caught my breath. "You're annoying, you always talk about the stupidest things, and I'm embarrassed to be seen with you." It felt as if the ground was spinning. I feel back into a chair holding my head. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him turn back to look at me.

"Goodbye Luna." And with that he turned and walked away. I could have sworn I saw a tear run down his cheek.

Chapter 1

Life went on

(this story is a gift to my friend I started a few years ago, and never finished, I'm going to keep posting, but the writing style may change because of the time gaps in when it was written. there are also a lot of mentions of characters is different tv shows and books, i don't own them nor do I own Harry potter. enjoy! love you KK! :)

Luna starred up at the sky. It was a cloudy day, it had just stopped raining and the air was still damp. The wind was strong around her, blowing the air around her face. Abruptly, she gave a little cheer. "What a beautiful day!" she felt odd looks from various onlookers, but she ignored them. She gave a self satisfied nod, before skipping away. She was at the small park near her college. People didn't come here often, but Luna loved it, especially after a storm. The place was surrounded by a large lush forest, colourful flowers poking around here and there, large rocks placed in seemingly random order. Luna always felt like she was walking into a fantasy land as she continued her happy skipping towards her favourite rock. She plopped down happily, leaning back against a tree, and she reached into her bag. As she searched through her backpack, she felt eyes staring at her but she shrugged it off. She assumed it was because of her hair. One of her best friends from her art class, Fred Wesley, had seen the new hair spray that gave you animal prints in your hair at a store, and gotten it for her birthday. She had fallen in love with it instantly, and used it nearly every day.

"Finally!" she called out in a sing song voice, and she pulled out what she was looking for. She found a large sketch book, with a picture of a cartoon bunny yelling "the bunny took my carrot!" but Luna had crossed out the word, bunny, and replaced it with nargle. For a moment, Luna just sighed, allowing herself to relax into her surroundings, before picking up her pencil. She started sketching aimlessly, allowing her mind to flow into a blissful dreamless state. She didn't know how much time had passed before she heard a loud voice.

"Hey Looney girl." Luna ignored him for a second, wanting to finish the feather in the girls hair. "Hey, I'm talking to you, listen would ya?" Sighing, she turned her gaze at the man standing in front of her. "Wasting your time with another stupid drawing are you?" Doug was standing in front of her. He had gone to school with Luna, and then by coincidence ended up going to the same college, although he was going into business leadership, her into visual arts.

Luna just looked at him for a moment, blinking twice. "Your hair is red."

He frowned, perplexed. "Huh?"

"I thought we were stating the obvious?" Luna asked, tilting her head slightly, as her eyes sparkled innocently.

Hans stuttered for a moment, baffled by her unusual reaction, before regaining his pride. "Whatever, it's still stupid."

"Stupid is a matter of opinion. For example, I think that the bright yellow shirt you're wearing is quit stupid, but obviously you don't think the same." Doug sputtered a bit as Luna continued. "I also think its stupid continuing to bother Jamie the way you do. It seemed like her break up wasn't difficult to comprehend, seeing as she did it in front of your entire class. Also I don't think threatening Chris will do any good either, as physically he is much stronger than you, considering he's head of the snowboard and boxing teams..."

"OK enough!" Doug snapped. Luna frowned, watching as Doug huffed in anger, truly uncertain as to what she had said wrong. Hadn't she simply been trying to prove a point? Hans shook his head in frustration. "Luna, how could you possibly be more annoying?"

"I could find you in the park and start up a meaningless conversation that exists simply to keep you away from happiness?" that one was not innocent, but the comment flew right over Doug's head.

"Did you finish the assignment for class?" he asked.

Luna sometimes wondered if Doug only came to her because he didn't have anything better to do. The two of them had taking a history class on the "roaring twenties" Luna because of curiosity, Doug because Jamie was in that class. "yes." She said simply, not giving him any more information."

"I don't have the assignment so I need yours, hand it over."

Luna looked up at him. "I don't have any bulls in my house, so need to go to Spain; I'm going to fly on my wings."


"I thought we were listing things that we needed, and impossible ways we were going to get it?"

Doug rolled his eyes. "I'm serious Luna."

"I was too. I think it's your turn by the way."

"If I don't hand it in I'm going to fail the class, and I can't afford to do that."

"I don't believe that this affects me. If it bothers you so much I think there's a history of Ancient Rome course you can take."

"Luna." His tone had turned dangerous; he stepped closer to her, till he was only a foot away. "I'm serious."

"You're too serious all the time. It'll give you wrinkles." Luna turned away, from him and started drawing in her book some more. At that, Doug reached out and snatched the book away from her. "Hey!" she flailed, trying to take it back, but he held it high above his head beyond Luna's reach.

"Promise to give me the assignment, or your precious book goes in the mud." There was a moment of silence between the two, before Luna burst out laughing.

Doug's face turned bright red, immediately becoming aware of the attention they were attracting. "w-what's the matter with you frog breath?"

Luna, struggling to suppress her giggles whipped away a few tears as she managed to sneak out an answer before the giggles took over again. "It's just that you looked like a character in a TV show I like, and then I thought about bannana's and a really funny video I saw about Bannana's dancing and they were so cute…"

As Luna rambled on, Doug's face got continuously more and more flushed. He seemed to have forgetten the book in his hand, because before he could react, the book was quickly snatched out of his hand.

"w-what the-"He turned around to face the outsider, only to find his hand was caught by a much stronger one, gripping tightly onto his wrist till it hurt, Doug gasped in surprise. Luna's eyes following his gaze. Her previous statement disappeared into the wind as a grin beamed on her face. "Sammy!" she called, out, delighted.

The older boy stood behind Hans. He snatched the book out of hands, then shoved him away. "Take a hike Doug."

Doug stumbled back for a moment. "Winchester stay out of this!" he snapped. At this Sam turned, and glared at him. Despite not being one for violence Sam could look like a demon when he wanted to. Doug gulped, but turned to Luna, trying to regain his pride. "I'll remember this Lovegood!" with that he turned and ran.

Sam Winchester sighed, handing Luna's book back to her. "Sorry about him, he's just a jerk."

Luna smiled up at him. "You aren't him, so you don't need to apologize! I'm sure the Nargles will come and steal that awful shirt away from him for Karma. I guess some people just didn't learn their lessons in highschool, never upset a representative Squad girl." Sam frowned at her odd statement, but brushed it off, with a shrug. Sam Winchester was going to the same college as Luna, except he was going to become a Lawyer. They weren't close, but Sam had stood up for Luna on numerous occasions, so Luna considered him trustworthy enough.

"You shouldn't let him push you around like that." Sam said, glaring off in the direction Doug had run in. Luna just shrugged simply.

"And what would I do? Not everyone is strong enough to hunt demons Sam."

Sam's head snapped back to her, surprise flashing in his eyes. "t-that was a joke right."

Luna just smiled innocently at him, before turning and skipping away. "Tell Jenn I say hello! Don't let the Nargles find you!"

Sam stood there for a moment, staring after her. Eventually he shook himself out of a daze and turned away. "That girl's going to get herself in trouble one of these days." He mumbles to himself. "I just hope it's not the kind of trouble I'll have to call Dean for."

(ok explanation. before I had Doug as Hans from Frozen, Jamie Anna etc etc. but KK and me got a little annoyed w frozen because of their insane huge merchandise. so i had to change him, and couldn't think of a character to place in. hope you enjoyed! )