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The day of Bella's gallery show came around all too fast for her. The past couple of weeks had been amazing. She and Edward spent every night together and every minute of the day that they could between his new position in the Liberal Democrat party and her working on pieces for the show. They spent lazy mornings in bed at the weekend, feeding each other breakfast, talking about anything and everything and of course, making love. Sometimes it felt like a dream to Bella. She finally had everything she'd ever really wanted in life. Unfortunately, she knew she couldn't dream away this gallery show, as much as her nerves wanted to.

"They're going to love you, Shorty" said Edward as he slid his arms around her waist. His eyes met hers in the full length mirror she'd been looking in to check out her outfit. She wore a flirty sapphire blue cocktail dress with matching bag and heeled strappy sandals and because Edward loved it that way, she'd left her long rich brown hair loose for the night. "And you look incredible" he added, his eyes roving down her body with scorching blue heat.

Bella grinned and turned to face him. She smoothed her hands down the lapels of his tuxedo "So do you" she said then slid her hand lower to cup his erection straining against his trousers "although that's not really an appropriate accessory to the tux" she laughed.

Edward chuckled even as he pulsed in her hand. "It's a permanent fixture around you" he grinned. "If you notice me standing behind you a lot tonight, this will be why"

Bella giggled and leant up to place a long lingering kiss on his lips "I'll try not to back up too fast then" she teased "but if anyone is going to be loved tonight, it's you. Once all those women see my pictures of you without a shirt on, I'll be beating them back"

"We'll protect each other then, hey?" he laughed, dropping another kiss on her lips.

They made their way down to the limousine that had been sent to collect them and set off for the gallery. The biggest of Bella's fears – that no-one would show up – was allayed the instant they got there and saw the crowd of art lovers and reporters waiting to go in. She felt a little like royalty as an usher came to open the door of the limo and escorted them straight into the gallery.

"Wow" breathed Bella. Her work, if she said so herself, looked amazing. The gallery director certainly knew what he was doing. Each piece had been hung in a way that complimented each piece next to it and flowed delightfully, inviting people to keep moving on to the next work of art.

Edward laughed as he stood in the middle of the gallery and did a 360 degrees turn taking in all the images of himself in various poses and mediums that Bella had done "Yeah wow, but a man could definitely get an over inflated ego in here"

Bella laughed "Only you, my muse, the other guys will be feeling rather under inflated I think!"

The evening went fabulously. Everybody was raving about Bella's work and the majority had discreet sold labels attached before the night was even half over. Emmett and Alice of course came to support Bella and gave her huge hugs to congratulate her, teasing that they should get commissions for forwarding her work to the gallery in the first place. Bella was laughing with them when she turned to find Edward's parents had also come to view her show.

Edward's mother took Bella's hand and gently squeezed "Simply beautiful work Bella, congratulations" with some actual warmth in her tone, surprising Bella so much that she could barely stutter her thanks.

Edward's father also shook her hand "Wonderful Bella" he agreed, then placed a hand at the small of his wife's back "Maybe you could do a portrait of Elizabeth for me sometime soon?"

Bella smiled "Of course"

Finally, the gallery began to clear and Edward asked Bella if they could take one more look around before they left. They strolled around the gallery, eventually pausing in front of an oil image of Edward as a teenager.

"You know" he said softly, taking her hands in his "even back then I knew you were the woman for me" he leaned in a kissed her mouth gently "I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you" he continued huskily "I still do". He pulled a jeweller's box and opened it to reveal a platinum band simple diamond solitaire ring. Happy tears filled Bella's eyes as she gazed first at the ring, then at the man she'd always loved. "I love you Bella. Will you marry me?"

Bella reached up to thread her fingers through the hair at the nape of his neck, relishing the silky feel against her skin and brought his mouth down to hers. Before they kissed, she simply whispered "Yes." before settling her lips on his.

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