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Born for You

It all began when Hermione, a 14-year-old, 3rd year student, fell down the stairs and hit her head on the way down. Witches cannot die from such injuries, but the height she fell down from would require medical attention. Hermione still couldn't make sense whether the dreams began with her hitting her head or the hex that sent her falling down in the first place. Madam Pomfrey dismissed it as an injury related dream. But she didn't tell the school nurse that the dreams persisted.

She dreamed of being the only child, a beloved daughter, of two loving parents. They weren't rich by any standards nor were they poor. Her father, a scholar, in his love for her went above the expectations or demands of their time and status, and gave his daughter an education. He taught her how to read and write, taught her the classics even though her mother thinks she does not need any of it. Her mother compensated by teaching her the skills of a wife. But as she learned the skills necessary of a woman, her father continued to hone her mind. Unfortunately, he sharpened it up to the point that no common man can equal his daughter and as he loved her so, he acquiesced when she stated she wants to choose who her future husband would be. Her mother disapproved but her loving father agreed that she would not bloom and grow to her potential as intellectual with a stupid husband.

Takeshi Yamamoto was a graduating medical student at Tokyo University when the dreams started. Looking back, he felt that they probably started when he started planning to get engaged to his long term girlfriend. It was as if the universe was telling him that there was somebody else meant for him even if he felt that marrying his girlfriend is the responsible thing to do. At the age of 25 he was younger than most graduating medicine students, seeing that he has not failed any of his subjects and had more or less kept his nose on the grindstone. It also helped that the generations of doctors in his family left behind reading materials and his own father tended to review with him before he even reached college. He has a wonderful life, a great family, cool friends and an awesome girlfriend. But after his dreams began, he felt discontent, like there's something missing.

He dreamed that he was a man of a simple life. He dreamed that he was a scholar who farmed. He and his younger brother didn't come from a rich family but were of enough means to build their own farm and hire a couple of people to help them out. They were orphaned by the war. His uncle who took them in after their parents' death had just died and they were still making their way into the world. He knows that they were lucky, many who are much younger and of better circumstances then them ended up dying early as the war tore through the empire, ravaging the land and its people like a horrible disease. Many died because of violence, but more died not due to the war itself but through its effect, as the young and strong men fought for warlords who sought to gain more power and enrich themselves, lands remained un-tilled, useless and barren. Soldiers plundered and stole from the civilians who barely had enough to keep them alive. The rich got richer and the poor starved to death. The peasants rebelled at this injustice and it took the empire 21 years to quell this uprising which in turn made the empire unstable. Even as the rebellion was quelled, the warlords who fought for control remained and the empire remained divided. He knew all of this and yet he wished to stay away from the fighting that tore his kingdom and family apart.

Life went on for Hermione even as she dreamed or lived through a different one in her sleep. Those dreams had unknowingly re-shaped and molded her perspectives and views. The feeling of change and growth became stronger as she used the time turner Professor McGonagall gave her. Her change came from within, making her act more mature than she had been before and pushed her ahead of her age group.

Her beauty had been a cause of concern for her father and her parents kept her hidden away because of it. She understood their fear, as soldiers on all sides are indiscriminately raping women. But she was feeling stifled from her mother's domestic lessons and her father's academic pressure. She loves them and understood that they do what they do out of love for her, their only child, but she needs to breath. Thus, one day, while she was supposed to be studying the classics, she dressed up as a man and ventured out into town. She met a most interesting man while he was trying to bargain for goods with a shopkeeper. She helped him in his bargain which had the shop keeper cursing them both but eventually bowing down to the man's demands. She would later share tea with him in one of the tea houses in the area as they laughed about their mutual experience; they talked about the classics and the ideas of Confucius before parting on amicably, promising to see each other again.

After he graduated from medical school, he immediately started reviewing for the National Medical Board Examination and decided to take the earliest exam. His girlfriend whose idol good looks made him the envy of his friends, was starting to get distressed at his lack of attention on her. She had been noticing his reluctance to spend time with her ever since, unbeknownst to her, the dreams began. Now, he only found a good reason to stay away from her. She gave an ultimatum, get engaged and marry her or they break up. He chose to break up with her and told her he needed to focus on his studies.

He wasn't stupid. He knew that she is a girl and not a beardless young man that she pretends to be. He knows that her precaution is due to the fact that the world they move in is a dangerous place for women. He couldn't help but enjoy her company and looked forward to their meetings. Her perfect complexion denotes that she is not of the farming stock. Her hands have callouses of regular variety, ergo she is not a princess, but a woman who weaves and does house chores but this is a woman who is unfit for farming work. He thought of this and knew that should rule her out from his book as a future wife, yet somehow he kept on coming back for their conversations due to the fact that not many women (or even men) can converse with him at such level. He likes her, a sentiment he cannot even use for some of his siblings even though he loves them. He doesn't love her, but he knew he was getting close to that feeling, even though he feels he shouldn't. Logically, he knows that to invest emotions on such an impulsive and reckless mere slip of a girl who meets up with a man in a tea house is disastrous. Yet, he never felt more alive than he did whenever he's with her.

Hermione is an only child of two loving parents, whom she feels she owes given the fact that she gave up most of what she grew up with to move into this wonderful magical world called Hogwarts. She wanted to assure them that her education at Hogwarts would not hinder their dreams for her. Given the fact that she is a more matured person than how she would have been without the elements of her strange dreams, she had a heart to heart talk with Professor Trelawney and Professor McGonagall about her situation instead of walking out of class. Instead of getting angry at Trelawney, she had the humility to apologize for her erratic behavior, given the fact that she is overloaded with subjects and her connection with her muggle parents felt almost severed as of late, given how involved she is with this magical world. Sybill Trelawney understood and also apologized for being hard on Hermione, she told the girl's fortune, saying that she would meet the man of her dreams. Even though she didn't believe in such things, Hermione thanked the teacher, for her support and her understanding. Hermione earned the respect of Professor McGonagall that day, which would come in handy as she would announce her intentions to continue with her non-magical courses next year. Professor McGonagall, as her Head of House is the one responsible for clearing up her schedule so that she would have time for her A-Levels.

One day during one of their tea conversations, her friend mentioned that he was looking to get married as he was of age to do so, seeing that he was already 17. His reason had been that he needs another hand in managing his farm. She bade her father to go to him with a proposal. Her father had been surprised at her request but did so out of fear that his daughter might never be interested enough in a guy to marry. He knew that the reason why his daughter wanted to marry Zhuge Liang is because of his reputed intelligence so he went to the man and told him. "I heard that you're seeking a spouse. I have an ugly daughter with a yellow face and dark complexion but her talent matches yours." Any other suitor would have been discouraged at his proposal and words but Zhuge Liang went ahead and went to the room where he was supposed to meet her. He was greeted with the joyful and beautiful face of his friend and tea conversation partner. He knew that the traditional virtues expected from a woman is her silence but he also knew that it would be a shameful waste if this woman is silenced and her mind tarnishes as it lays unused. He would also miss her company and ability to challenge his mind in to greater heights. Her beauty is an afterthought for him, besotted as he was with her mind, but he admits that being a man, he is attracted to her. So he only said the only thing he could, "I believe that your ugliness is misunderstood by your father."

He went to his two year training in cardiology with a lighter heart. He realized that he felt dragged down by his ex-girlfriend and now had more freedom to focus on his medical career. He still dreams of her, his dream girl, but she wasn't a weight that dragged him down but an inspiration to persevere. He worked hard, choosing the path to become a cardiologist. Once when he visited home, his mother told him that his ex-girlfriend went to their home and started to harass his mother, claiming that she broke them up and that his mother encouraged him to break up with her. His mother had been really hurt but had not wanted to tell him of this seeing that he was about to take his exams. He apologized to his mother for his ex-girlfriend's rudeness, his younger sister Yumi said that it was good riddance on his part. He smiled at her comment, he humored her seeing that she's carrying his first ever niece.

His wife supported his every endeavor. She might be inexperienced at farming but she quickly learned to manage and even to supervise the help they have. He was inspired to study more and to better himself so that he can keep up with hers. She continued the studies her father honed her in. There was no competition between the two as they helped develop each other's strengths and lessen their academic weaknesses. She kept the books, a job he used to do before and something most women of his time isn't trusted with. This gave him more time to observe nature, research, create more innovations and inventions for their farm. Thus, their farm developed but he didn't expand more, for fear that bandits and even soldiers of different factions might steal from them. His wife agreed that they should live in moderation, saving what they can, helping out their neighbors when they can and so they maintained what most can call a hovel, even if it was weather tight and comfortably snug. He sometimes feels guilty that they have more when people have so much less. He often wished for peace but it seemed to be an impossible dream.

Hermione studied her A-Levels, danced with Viktor Krum during the Yule Ball. The only difference was that she was beyond such petty childish tantrums, thus she ignored Ron's accusations and enjoyed herself. She would later on tell him that she feels nothing for him, that they were just friends and akin to siblings at most but she doesn't have a crush or any affection for him. He was flabbergasted, even denied he felt anything for her or was jealous, claiming to only be concerned about Harry. Hermione did not point out that he himself had been aggressive towards Harry some months before but instead kept on repeating that she is not interested in him beyond friendship. Ron sulked and had even mocked Hermione to Harry but Harry only pointed out that if Ron didn't feel anything for Hermione, he wouldn't be bothered. This had Ron changing his tune and telling Hermione that he has feelings for her but she turned him down, as gently as she could. He would get angry and sulk but Hermione would not budge and pointed out that there were many who would appreciate his charms. It would take some time but they would go back to normal. Hermione and her friends kept on, even as tensions rose on different sides as the second wizardry war threatened to erupt. Not many believed Harry's claims that Voldemort had returned.

She never felt more secure and safe than she had in his arms. He was tanned from farming and from staying out in the sun, but he took the time to clean up before sharing her bed because he knew that she likes his fresh clean scent. She had half expected him to take another wife or a concubine given her inability to seemingly carry a child to term, they have had several miscarriages and one stillborn. But he was adamant that he only wanted her. He took care not to get her pregnant again, as hurt as she was, she could understand that he is only protecting her. He assured her that they could just adopt one of his nephews if need be. All he needs and all that he wants is her. Both studied harder, challenging each other's minds and took to working harder at the farm. He took care of her though, lavished her with more care and affection than most men would. She knew that her husband half-worshiped her, taking care of her as she knew no other husband does their wife. She allowed him to steer her mind off of her childlessness into a life of studies and work.

He was already 27 years old by the time he finished his two year training in the different medical fields. He'd decided to train as a cardiovascular surgeon, he knew he already have an edge seeing that his father had been and still is one of the best in this field.

He was 27 years old when he was approached by Liu Bei to join him, seeing that he was already established for his strategic mind and his thinking capacity. He was relieved at least that his wife is a woman and thus, had not been considered to be a strategist by any of the other lords who offered for him. It took Liu Bei two visits to convince him, and the third one, he spent on the finalization of a plan that would impress his future lord, thus he pretended to be asleep and later on, he presented Liu Bei what historians and novelists would call the Longzhong Plan (隆中對). His wife has criticisms of his plans and saw it as unrealistic but she let him be, she understood that it was more than just an alliance with Liu Bei. It was a matter of honor, it was a matter of family for him, she knew that his father passed away from weakness and an illness he got when they were displaced in their home by Cao Cao's marauding troops.

Hermione's 5th, 6th and 7th year were not how she wanted to spend it. Harry was put on trial in a kangaroo court and for his sake, they had not been allowed to communicate with him at some point in those times. She spent what was to be her 7th year either in hiding, running away or being tortured before going in a war she was just a part of because of the circumstances of her birth and her friendship with Harry. Instead of modifying her parents' memories to forget about her, she did something more illegal and modified their memories that they have been planning to uproot to Massachusetts, so her father can be near his dream university, Harvard University where they would be waiting for her to finish her education at Hogwarts before joining them there.

She might be his most ardent fan, but she was also his harshest critic. She worried about the fact that he is joining a warlord, even as he assured her that Liu Bei only has the people's interest at heart. She believes that he is only doing this out of some form of revenge seeing that Cao Cao was indirectly the cause of his father's death and his family's misfortunes in his childhood. He shot the idea down by retorting that he only wished that no other child would suffer the same fate as his family did. They both knew he was lying, by the end of this, both of them knew there would be more people who will die. Such is the way of war. Famine began the revolt of the peasants but their hunger remained due to the constant wars of the lords who quelled the rebellion. Finally, she criticized the entire idea of Liu Bei seizing the Jing province stating that both of them knew that Sun Quan would never allow such a critical area to fall on anyone else's hand. But Zhuge Liang is adamant that he wasn't just a dreamer, Sun Quan is young and has yet to prove his military might. She remained unconvinced but he remained positive at the outcome.

At the age of 29, he had been training as a cardiovascular surgeon for 2 years, his father is hopeful that he will take over his position at the hospital in the countryside he grew up in. He knew his younger brother who is about to start his training as a neurosurgeon wants to remain in Tokyo and marry his sweetheart, the ever patient Rie. Eitarou was a handful and his eyes tend to wander but he remains faithful to the woman he loves (and fears). His mother is concerned that he has yet to have a relationship, but his father, at least understood the rigors of the medical field and knew that he was only striving to be the best he could be.

Both he and his father are men of little words, in fact most people would only hear his father grunt his answers, nod or shake his head if he is not administering or dispensing medical advice. Yet, Takeshi knew he and his father understood each other better than most people would with all of their words. But his mother was his confidant and she was a romantic. So in her worry for her son, he felt obliged to tell her of his dream girl, the woman whose face and being is a constant part of his dreams. She wouldn't tell him of her worries, of an evil spirit plaguing him or a fox spirit tricking him, given her superstitious nature. She would consult a miko (priestess) who would assure her that her son is not haunted by anything malicious but that his past life is leading him to the woman of his dreams. She would tell him this and he in turn would say that he already knew that and had not been concerned. He assured her that while he dreams of this woman, it wouldn't affect his day to day life and only serves as his inspiration. But his mother being the true romantic that she is prayed to the deities that her son and his beloved be united in this life.

They lost an important battle, but he was positive they have not lost the war. Unlike most men; warlords, officers or strategists alike, he brought his wife along to his campaigns, a constant reminder of what he fights for and to keep her close to him in his fear that some bandit, Cao Cao's or another man's troops might reach their peaceful farm. He thought of sending her back home but he knew she'll resent him for it. He also knew his life would be more miserable without her. He would often times wish that they were back in their farm, and that peace finally came but he knew that as for now, that is still an impossible dream and he really believes that the only way they would have peace and quiet is for the empire to be united under one banner. He knew that Sun Quan would have to be convinced to be allies with his lord so that they would be able to defeat Cao Cao.

When the war ended, everybody expected Hermione to remain, to celebrate the defeat of the Dark Lord and to just stay. Molly Weasley, she knew hoped that she and Ron would end up together, never mind that the woman once believed Rita Skeeter's slanderous materials. Hermione may have forgiven her but she will never forget. Besides, as she kept on telling Ron long ago, she didn't feel that way towards him. Harry would eventually marry Ginny and became an Auror, Ron would go on and keep shop at his older brother's joke shop and later become a store manager but Hermione said she wants to be with her parents. The surviving Order members tried to dissuade her, seeing her potentials and her abilities, but they did not seem to notice what she did. She foresaw that the rich and the elite, those who stayed in the background or hid behind the grey lines would crawl their way back into favor and would once again wield power. She also knew that no matter what sugarcoating the so-called "adults" of the wizardry world put in, she, as a muggleborn, wouldn't really reach the heights of her career aspirations given that while people pretends they've gotten rid of their biases and prejudice against, they really haven't changed their minds. Hundreds of years of conditioning, as she'd seen with how house elves behaves and perceived themselves, is not easy to break out of. Besides, she has already finished her A-Levels. She just stayed for her last year at Hogwarts and studied to finish her NEWTS but all of their convincing, failed to show her that their world has changed. She would still visit her friends but she would never return to the heart of that world ever again.

She knew of the princess' envy of her and of her admiration towards her husband. But the princess was at least polite and was a sincerely good person and had not betrayed nor formally acknowledged her interest in Zhuge Liang. She also knew that the girl, who is younger than her, volunteered to be a spy at the other side of the river to be of use to her husband. Somehow, she wasn't jealous; she knew that her husband's love and devotion belongs to her and no force on earth would make him stray. In reality, she also pities the princess because she is destined to be in an arranged marriage, possibly to Liu Bei who is several decades her senior and while the older man would be gentle and understanding with her, given how Liu Bei is, she wouldn't have Zhou Yu's love affair with Xiao Qiao or hers with her husband.

By his third year of training as a cardiovascular surgeon, he had decided that being chaste and single may not be the best way to go about it. He knew he'd still have time for his studies but he didn't like the feeling of being alone. He also didn't like how his brother would bring his girlfriend home almost every weekday nights while he has to listen to the sounds they make. But he somehow couldn't make these girls stick, as handsome and as a good catch as he was, they wanted to catch him but something didn't rest well about them with him.

Years would pass after their victory in the Battle of Red Cliff. Sun Shang Xiang would go on and marry his lord Liu Bei, it was a good thing that the princess had been wary of him since the Battle of Chi Bi, seeing that it wouldn't do for his lord's wife to admire him too much. The girl had finally seen him as a manipulative schemer who would use anyone to further his goals, which his wife always pointed out to him and yet still loves him in spite of it. After their marriage, she posted a hundred of her well-armed battle ready handmaidens outside of her door. He was pragmatic and noted that his lord is wary of Cao Cao in the North, feared Sun Quan in the East and fears that his wife might stir up trouble at home. He proved to be correct in this statement, seeing that while he and his lord went away to battle, Lady Sun would try to kidnap his lord's only son by his first wife. It took the force of two generals, Zhao Yun and Zhang Fei to recover their lord's son. His wife teased him about this, seeing that the princess used to be enamored with him, that the situation could have been different and that he might have been the one she kidnaps instead of their lord's son. He shut her up by kissing her every time she utters a word to stop her from teasing him further.

She was lucky to pass the entrance exam at Harvard University. She decided to take up BS Biomedical Engineering, given her interest in these fields of studies. Her parents were supportive of her endeavors seeing that they also took their graduate studies at Harvard in the intervening years they've been away, but they have moved on and moved to a home in the suburbs, enjoying the country club life as they continued on with their now thriving private practice. Her next two years had been uneventful, but that would soon change after meeting him in her final year of undergraduate studies.

The dreams went at a faster pace as they seem to culminate to show him how his life had been and could have been. He knew he had been careless, try as he might not to get her pregnant but she got pregnant again at the late age of 45. He had been so afraid for her, the memories of his mother's death at childbirth bothering him almost daily. Of course he wanted a child of their own, even though they do have an adopted son, but not at the expense of her life. She carried the baby to term and he was born a healthy and happy boy. Their adopted son would die a year after the birth of their own and they grieved him as he was their own son in every ways except of birth. But their grief would lead to another joy as his wife gave birth to their second son in less than a year.

He was very lucky to receive a research fellowship at Harvard University. Not one to boast, he had published several well received articles on cardiovascular surgical procedures that is quite an achievement for someone his age. The grant he'd received covered most of his expenses and the university liked him so much that he is even invited to teach some courses. He was too focused on his research and studies that he didn't even make any effort to have the casual meaningless flings he'd had over the past few years. But then he saw her.

He was only 53 years old, his sons were only 7 and 5 years of age. He knew he was dying, he hadn't wanted his wife to find out, for fear that she might contract the same disease he had. But she forced his brother, her brother-in-law Zhuge Jun to tell her why the military had stopped being so aggressive and the man had to admit under pressure that his brother was severely ill. She went to him, caring for him until his last breath. He had arranged the succession of the kingdom's adviser knowing that his death was inevitable, he had already taken care of his family's fortune. He had not expected to see his wife, but he realized it was only inevitable that she noticed that he hid his illness around her. It was for her ears alone that he would tell his last words, "I will find you again. In all of our lifetimes, every time we would be born, I will find you so we can be together." She became angry and rebuked him, saying that he will get better, but they both knew that his death was only a matter of hours. It is said that with his death died her high spirits, but it wasn't true at all. She just had no one to match wits with.

She accidentally bumped into the guy, it really didn't matter since they were mostly unharmed and it's not as if she spilled coffee or anything all over him. She didn't pay him much thought, all except she felt he was someone she once knew but she dismissed the thought at the threat of her finals coming up.

She would be on her deathbed just a year after her husband had. She had bid her sister-in-law and brother-in-law to have no one, save for a servant to come near her and even the servant is only to bring food near her door and not to linger, for fear that they might contract her disease. Weak as she was, she left a letter to her second son, containing only a sentence that she and his father loved him with all their hearts while she left her eldest son, who became the Lord of Wuxiang at his father's death, a message that he should "strive to be loyal and filial". She died peacefully, knowing that in her death she would find herself to be in her husband's arms once more.

Takeshi Yamamoto felt a connection with the girl he just bumped with but she left before he could say anything. Despite not being the rare beauty his dream girl had been, he knew it was her. She was, he supposed, a pretty girl. But there was something else that drew him to her. After that incident, he'd not seen her again for more than a year.

He would then find out that her name is Hermione Granger, a freshman graduate school student who just finished BS Biomedical Engineering and is now taking up MS Biochemistry. It was brief, just a sliver of emotion that passed through her eyes, but he knew what it was, it was recognition. She knew just who he is and who they are for each other. He ignored the feeling, seeing that he would be her resource person for her graduate thesis. He supposed there was nothing wrong in pursuing a relationship with her seeing that he is not her professor and she is not an undergraduate student. But he immediately brushed off the thought and resolved to stop looking at her eyes. He would not go near her so he won't be tempted to do anything improper.

He reminded himself that she is just a 24-year-old girl and he is a 35 year-old-man. That wouldn't stop his dreams though.