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Chapter 16

Six Months Later

"Do you feel any different?" Bella asks from the couch as I walk into the house she once claimed as her own, but I've now moved me and my meager belongings (besides my stocked weapons safe) into.

And added a second floor, changed the locks, got a gardener and fixed her driveway.

I hold my hands out, flipping them back and forth in front of me. "Not really. I mean, I thought my cock would grow but it turns out, it's already huge and couldn't grow anymore."

"You're an ass."

Flopping down on the couch next to her, I give her my best devilish look. "I have a pretty good one of those, too."

"Seriously, what happened?" She starts playing with my hair, but I can tell she's really trying to get a good look at me, to see if I've changed at all - marble skin or weird colored eyes, something to make me not appear human.

"He took me to a dark room, surrounded by candles. There was chanting and in the middle of a gathered crowd, a virgin lay bare ready for me to drink from." Bella just looks at me like I'm an imbecile. "We met at his hotel room, he sliced open his wrist with a pocket knife and I took a few mouthfuls. Done." I shrug, thoroughly unimpressed with the lack of pageantry. "He did pat me on the back and welcome me to the world while my mother hugged me."

Bella looks as unimpressed as I am. "That's it?"

"Yeah, that's it. Emmett came by after and we played some poker. See? You wouldn't have been intruding at all."

"I wasn't concerned about intruding; I was concerned it was going to get weird. I didn't want to feel any Game of Thrones vibes."

"I can promise it'll get weird when I change you." I start running my hand up and down her thigh. "Just you and me so you can be naked, wearing only a mask with bad porn music in the background."

"Great. Looking forward to it." Bella rolls her eyes. "So what about everything else? How do you physically feel? Do you feel weird? Different? Powerful?"

Thinking, I formulate my thoughts. "I feel more powerful, yes, more… exact. I can't quite describe it. Like every movement I make is the correct one. `1 I feel very precise, if that makes sense." She says nothing, just waits for me to tell her more. "I'm stronger, that I know. But maybe for a human, becoming a vampire will be more of a change than a Half becoming a Full. We'll have to compare notes."

She continues to rub my hair while I think about the conversation we started at the taqueria the night Bella told me she loved me. "Remember when you asked why I hadn't become a full yet and I said that I wasn't ready, that I wanted to live my human life?"

"I do."

"It was a lie."

"Edward Cullen, I thought our lying days were over."

"The truth is, deep down I was waiting for you. Part of me knew I wouldn't be able to change until the one thing that was missing from my life was found."

She smiles, running her hands through my hair. "That's a good reason. And very sappy." My eyes close at the satisfying feeling of utter completeness as she continues the head massage, which feels like millions of nerve endings tingling and shuddering at once. A feeling so amazing I might be purring.

Moving in for a kiss on her neck, I take note of how different she feels under my lips. She's warmer, has more texture, I can feel the little hairs against my skin and hear her breathing change slightly. Her clothes are silkier under my touch; my fingers feel each satin thread as they ghost over the material that makes up her pajamas. Opening my eyes and looking at her, I see the dozens of colors in her irises, see each eyelash like they're magnified and blackened by ink.

Realization dawns that I have all these thoughts moving in my head all at once, hundreds of little sparks lighting up my brain and having separate, full conversations and coming to their own conclusions and resolutions.

My first thought is what a powerful gift I've been given, one I'll be sharing with my wife whenever she chooses.

The other is, with these heightened senses, I'm going to become the best fucking hitman ever.

Smiling briefly at that awesome thought, there's something on my mind I'm more excited about at the moment, so I start inching my hand between Bella's closed thighs. "Can I take my wife to bed so I can show her my new vampire lovemaking skills?"

She giggles, and then kisses me, pulling back slightly. "Aren't you… hungry?""

My throat begins to burn slightly as I focus on it. It's something we've discussed at length, me finally biting into her flesh to suck the sweet blood out of her veins. I'm dying for it, she's greedy for it, but I'm a sick, mean bastard and I've got plans I'm not willing to share with her just yet. "I'm hungry, yes, but not terribly. Carlisle's blood is potent, so you're safe for now."

I smirk internally when I detect the slight disappointment on her face. "Well, take me to bed then. I'm dying to see what changes lay there." She eyes my growing cock.

"I told you, nothing could make that any more magnificent than it is, but being inside you, well, I've kind of been thinking about how that's going to feel all night."

She jumps up off the couch, practically running with me quickly behind as we both climb up the stairs two at a time to our bedroom. She starts taking off her clothes, but I stop her, wanting to experience every sensation of this first time of making love to her as a Full.

The plastic buttons of her top are smooth under my fingertips as I slip them through the holes, the fabric making a whooshing sound as it hits the floor that only I can hear. Moving to her shorts, I take my time pushing them down her legs and run my hands over her perfect body. My fingers feel every molecule of her soft hips and thighs, her knees and calves, before I turn her and move my way back up behind her, feeling the crease of her ass cheeks, the barely there vertebrae of her back. My fingernails tingle as they brush the silky hair that falls down her back to lie over one shoulder. Her Tahiti Island Dream is fog-inducing, strong and heady, swirling around her and making me drool at the sheer deliciousness of memory as it perfumes her skin.

Slowly, I lower my mouth to her shoulder, every fine hair and every faint freckle registering on my tongue as I lick her skin, kissing a trail up her neck to her jawline. "You're overdressed," she says, panting, her hands running up my jeans to reach the button on my pants. I lean back slightly to hinder her movement, only to hear her barely there sigh of frustration.

"Uh uh. I've been thinking about this moment for years, having you as a Full. Don't rush it, you bad girl, or I'll stop."

Her throat undulates as she swallows, my lips enjoying the subtle movement. My hands move from her shoulders and across her back to skim her sides, the muscles there tightening as she shivers. "You have to tell me if I press too tightly, if I'm being rough. I'm not sure I'll know."

"I don't mind it rough, you know that," she taunts.

"We'll work up to that as soon as I know my full strength. But for now, promise me you'll tell me if I begin to hurt you."

"You're not going to go all soft and romantic on me out of fear, are you?" The note of derision in her voice makes me smile against her back. It only takes a millisecond to weigh my strength, her weight, and how near the bed she is to calculate how rough I can be.

"Be careful what you wish for," I answer before pushing her face down onto the bed, where she bounces slightly as she lands. My new vamp eyes pick up the rippling skin of her ass and hips like it's moving in slow motion, and my cock grows thicker at the sight.

She squeals and looks back at me, her face a mix of surprise, playfulness, and desire. I'm on top of her immediately, but the newly loud scratching sound of denim against her bare skin annoys me so I maneuver my hand between us to unbutton myself. Bella presses her ass back against my hand, causing pressure against my raging cock.

So I slap her ass a little to keep her in place.

My body is off and arched over hers in an instant, tense in realization of what I just did. "I'm sorry! Did that hurt?"

The look she shoots me from over her shoulder is venomous. "Edward, I'm not going to put up with you worrying every time we fuck. I promise to tell you. Now man up and do that one more time!"

I think I just fell in love with her all over again.

My hand falls on her backside in a slap, and I can see the red forming that no one else would be able to see. As much as I trust she'll let me know if I hurt her, it's up to me to control the physical side of things for now. Sliding off of her, she groans, but I assure her it's only for a second to get naked.

As she watches with lust-filled eyes, I prove that it is, in fact, only a second as with lightning speed, I'm fully disrobed before she has the chance to blink. "That's going to come in handy," she says, eyes wide.

Not wanting to rush things further, I take my time laying my now naked body down on top of hers. The sensation of my skin on hers is firing atom bombs throughout my body, every cell and neuron exploding on impact. I lay there and enjoy how she feels for a moment, inhaling the scent of her neck as my hands move reverently up her sides and under her, where her breasts are lying flat against the bed. Squeezing them, she moans along with me. "You have no idea how incredible you feel. Every part of you. You're so soft, so strong. Smooth and velvety. Your nipples," I say as I pinch them gently. "So hard but silky all at the same time."

I continue to feel every inch of her with every inch of me. My legs feel her, my knees feel her; even the hard bones of my elbows feel her. Every piece of my skin that's pressed against her is filled with ecstasy, including my rigid cock, which is screaming at me to move. Shifting slightly, I nestle myself between her cheeks and hold breath I no longer have use for so I don't come like a frat boy all over her back. "Jesus, Bella. I wish I could tell you what this feels like, but I'm seriously out of words."

"Imagine what it'll be like when we're both feeling the same way," she says, breathing heavily for both of us. "Soon, Edward, I want to change soon." Bella's body writhes under me as my mouth begins sucking the skin of her neck.

As I enjoy the satisfaction of the sounds she's making from my attention, the taste of her on my tongue becomes excruciating. The urge to bite into her tender flesh and drink her intoxicating blood is overwhelming, making saliva pool in my mouth. "We have plenty of time to figure that out," I whisper against her as I feel my face beginning to shift, becoming the dark creature that has much more feral needs. "But right now, sweet Bella, I'm going to fucking devour you."

With no warning, my new razor-like teeth penetrate the skin on her neck like a warm knife sliding into butter. She gasps loudly as they sink into her, but I hold her still with my mouth, impatiently waiting for the millisecond of time it takes for her blood to start flowing.

When it finally bursts onto my tongue, my eyes roll back into my head. It's better than any song I've ever heard, better than any orgasm I've ever had, better than any kill I've executed. Her sweet blood riles then soothes the monster within me, its flavor in my throat better than anything the greatest chefs in the world have ever tasted.

Just like she was, all those years ago, this blood, Bella's blood, was made exclusively for me by the demonic Gods above.

Forcing myself to pull back, I close the wound with a quick swipe of my tongue. "Bella." She's still, her heart beating fast against my hands and I worry that she didn't like that surprise at all.

The sound she finally makes is desperate, a harlot begging for more. "Oh my… Edward. Oh fuck, I want to see you," Bella urges as she begins moving, trying to flip over. "I want to see you do thatto me."

Relieved and impossibly turned on even more, I allow her the tiniest amount of body distance so she can maneuver herself, before pressing back on top of her. My mouth instantly moves towards her breasts, licking and sucking the surrounding skin of each nipple without allowing myself to take them in my mouth just yet. She's twisting under me, her legs opening on instinct to cradle me against her. The warmth of her pussy on my dick as she continues to move under me, and her wetness dangerously close to allowing me to slip inside is exquisite, but the promise of another taste while she watches trumps the urge to enter her.

The wife has made a request, after all.

I grasp her wrist and bring it to my mouth, placing a gentle kiss and letting my teeth tease the vein that's a million colors under my vision. "Please," she whispers, her eyes following the movement of my tongue as I lick the spot I intend to bite mere inches in front of her.

"You're kinky, Bella Cullen."

"And impatient."

Pulling my lips back to expose my teeth which are now poised and ready, I smile devilishly while watching her face as I begin to press against her, until her skin begins to give and I sink into her warm, docile flesh. Her breathing escalates as I drink slowly, just a bit, just enough of a taste. Her eyes widen then fall, hooded with desire, never leaving the sight before her. When her tongue peeks out of her open mouth and licks her lips, I almost come.

Sealing her second wound, I begin to move down as she protests, but wisely stops when she sees the path my mouth is taking. There's a faint line of smeared blood following the trail I'm creating, and I fight the urge to lap it all up. I leave it there, letting it mingle with the faint sweat dusting her skin, the aroma of the mixture filling the room.

Finally sucking in a nipple as I move down her body, I groan at the taste and try not to bite too hard. Her hands in my hair tell me it's just enough pressure as they grip and pull, forcing me closer to her so my whole face is pressed into her cleavage.

"Tell me how it feels," I say as I bite into the soft flesh under her breast, and her answering moan tells me all I need to know. She jerks against me, shuddering, so I seal that bite quickly, anxious to continue, her whole body moving and on the verge of orgasm.

"You were right. This is the best fucking foreplay in the history of foreplay. Oh my God." She pants and wipes her hair out of her face, her eyes watching every movement I make anticipating what's next.

"I just want to make you feel good, Bella, forever."

"It's nothing I can describe." She shakes her head, eyes filled with lust and wonder. She snakes a hand down between us and I feel the light touch of her fingers as they slide against the tip of my cock. "Tell me how this feels," she purrs.

Gasping for control and moaning, I honestly can't form any cohesive sentences to describe the pulsing fire raging inside me as her hand grips me fully, while the taste of her blood still lives on my tongue and in my body. "Am I hurting you?" she teases, waiting for me to form words.

Fighting the urge to come, I slide myself within her grip slowly, and once I've calmed down, I smirk at her. "Hurt me? Mmm, you'll never be able to knee me in the balls again. This whole changing into a vampire is worth it just for that fact alone."

"Damn. Flying objects won't be hurting you anymore, either. I'm going to have to use the silent treatment to inflict harm."

My cock is extremely close to being satiated, so I gently remove myself from her grasp and focus on her, distracting myself. "Won't matter. I can now read your mind. Did I fail to mention that?"

She stills beneath me instantly. "You're fucking lying."

"Let's see." I begin to move further down her body, kissing the soft skin around her navel and licking each hipbone. "You're hoping I continue my travels, maybe stopping by the holy land for a quick taste." My nose inhales her as it nears her center and if I could die, I would from sheer bliss alone. Bypassing where I know she wants my tongue, I continue down her thigh, sucking on the soft skin that lies inside. "Now you're calling me all sorts of names for teasing you."

"Proves nothing. I'd say that out loud to you," she huffs and squirms, trying to get me to move back up to where she wants me. My mouth moves slowly as my finger begins to trail up her leg, before faintly tracing the top of her slit. "Oh!"

Her desperate sounds make me want to tease her even more, regardless of the fact I'm torturing myself as well. Swallowing and tasting the lingering blood in my throat, I close my eyes, slide my finger inside her wetness, and taunt with my teeth higher up her thigh. "Now, you're thinking, this isn't so bad, he can do this for a while."

"Feel free," she pants while her hips begin to move faster with my finger moving in and out of her. I brush her clit a few times, making her buck into me hard.

"Let's see, now I think you're screaming inside, 'please, Edward, make me come'. Might that be correct?"

"God, yes! Yes. I want to… Oh!"

A second finger joins in and I begin massaging her clit for real, circling and diving inside her. She's dying to come, but I can tell she's trying to hold back as my fingers pick up speed and my mouth crawls ever closer to her pussy.

"I'll tell you what I'm thinking." Looking up her flushed body as it writhes and moves, her eyes meet mine, waiting, urging, begging me to continue. "I'm thinking I'm awfully hungry all of a sudden and ready for the main course."

Her head snaps back and she moans loudly at the feel of my mouth clamping down on her skin, my teeth biting and slicing the soft flesh in the bare crease where her leg meets her pelvis. My fingers continue to pump in and out of her as she begins to orgasm, the blood from her artery fluidly spilling into my mouth like water to a dying man. Warm, wet, and flowing freely, it coats my mouth and throat just as she comes so spectacularly, so violently, her hands grip my hair almost painfully to prevent me from pulling away.

The burn in my throat intensifies as I take my first lengthy drink, until her blood feels like pure honey soothing the ache and filling my veins with sweetness. My cock on the other hand is ready to explode, so I shut her wound and snake my way up her body. I'm conscious enough to take a quick moment to check and make sure that she's okay, that biting into her four times and drinking more each time isn't too much for her.

Her eyes open slowly, as her body gasps for air. The look on her face is pure ecstasy. "Is it possible to come so hard you actually lose sight?" Her whole body is shuddering as she pulls me to her, kissing me hard on the mouth that just drank from her before I can ask if she's alright. "I want you inside me, right now." She pushes on my ass to get me to enter her.

Hesitating for only a second as I assess her breathing and heart rate, finally discerning from a quick eye exam that she's blissed out and not about to pass out, I push the head of my cock inside her slowly, to savor what I expect to be the fucking best fucking of my life.

I plunge inside, every piece of me firing on all cylinders as I ignite and burn, feeling every sensation as it flows through my body and out into the universe. There are hundreds of emotions, thousands of thoughts within me, but there's only one word that I have the strength to utter. "Bella."

I say it as my body is finally flush with hers, my cock expanding and filling her as her legs wrap around me, trapping me.

As if I have any thought about leaving.

Moving slowly, I relish each new sensation as I slide in and out. Her nails on my back, her lips on my skin, and her heels on my ass, every part of her and every moan she breathes accepting what I am, what I just did, and what we'll be for the rest of time here on Earth and wherever we may land beyond.

When her breathing picks up again and her body begins to move faster, I increase my pace and fuck her hard at her prompting (well, as hard as I'll allow), my body slapping against hers and making us move up the bed. "Edward, bite me," she demands, and just as I'm about to let go for the first time as a Full, my mouth locks onto her neck and I pull deeply as I feel her shudder around me a second time.

I swipe my tongue over her quickly, wanting to see her as I come deep inside her. "I… absolutely…" I can't even finish getting the words out as I feel my insides rip from my body and pour into her, over and over again for what feels like the eternity I'm destined to live through.

"Me too," she breathes, hugging my body to hers. Letting out a final groan, I (carefully) slump my full weight against her. My mind is blank, purely white and void of any comprehension as I let the lingering electricity circulate, and finally vacate, my whole being.

Heaven. That's what heaven is. I'm not a monster, there's no way that is punishment for anything I've ever done.

We lie silent for a bit, her breathing hot in my ear and my eyes closed, until my arms envelop her and flip us so she's lying on top of me. I'm already thinking about when we'll be able to do that again, as I assume my recovery time is nil, but she'll need her rest.

My hands grasp her face and I kiss her deeply, trying to convey how strongly every part of me is reacting to her in my new body. A ten thousand word soliloquy wouldn't ever come close to how I'm feeling at this moment. Pulling back, I smile at her as her eyes hold their dreamy expression. "You're perfect, Bella. I thought you were before, but now… now you're a word that hasn't been invented for the epitome of perfection."

"Your new eyes can probably see all my cellulite. Great."

"I love it even more now."

She laughs thankfully, and we lie there quiet and peaceful. But that's when the worry starts. "I didn't ask…"

She shushes me with a finger against my mouth. "Don't you ruin this for me. It was better than anything we could've planned. In fact, I'm afraid I'll never be able to come without that." She smirks.

Even though I was pretty sure she was more than okay with it, I'm relieved to hear it. "You enjoyed me feeding off you that much? You are kinky."

She snorts, which makes her stomach rub against my cock, already hardening for round two, and my throat itching for dessert. "Damn, Edward. If it's going to be like that every time, maybe I'll stay human just for that."

"You and Rosalie will have that in common, now. Think of the girl talk over bad drinks in tacky, plastic tiki glasses you could have."

"On second thought…" She laughs, smiling lazily. In the dim light from the lamp on the nightstand, I let my Full Vampire hitman eyes roam over my wife. Her hair is frizzy and stuck to her forehead, her skin is blotchy and holds a bit of sheen, there are faint bite marks dotting her pale flesh, and she smells like sex and blood and me.

She's still the prettiest girl I've ever seen, and now she's mine forever.

Poor girl.


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