HP and Tenchi Muyo Crossover

By: FunahoMisaki

(A/N: I own nothing and let's face it. Washu is nearly a dead ringer for Lily Potter…maybe it's because she's Lily's daughter? The unwanted Potter heiress? The true Child who Lived…and now she's getting summoned for the Triwizard…but she sure as hell is bringing her new family along. AU OOC Potter!Bashing Alive!Lily and James WCWL)

"Hey Washu are you okay? You've been acting weirder than usual all day." Ryoko asked looking at her mother worried but hiding it a bit as she sat at the couch next to the woman who was in her little girl form at the moment.

"Ryoko? Yeah I'm fine. Just a headache." Washu said shaking her head as she looked up at her full grown daughter with a weak smile on her face.

"Never knew you got headaches given all your inventions." Ryoko said frowning while Washu gave a weak grin as the rest of their family wandered into the room.

"I don't usually get them, not since I became a goddess at least. There's nothing normal about this headache. Especially not with those flashes I keep getting." Washu said as the rest of the rather strange and dysfunctional but loving family looked at the resident genius worried.

"Flashes?" Tenchi asked worried and making Washu grimace.

"Of a different place, different life, different name! One I haven't used since I was seven and became a goddess." Washu said making all of them look startled and confused, they never heard the red haired woman say anything about a different name before.

"You became a goddess when you were seven?" Ayeka asked curiously and earning two nods, one from Washu and the other from Sasami who had Tsunami's visage floating above her head.

"Yes Tokimi-onee and I were searching for a third Goddess to balance us and make sure there would never be a tie between the forces of life and death. Searching throughout all of time and space…and she found us. It was quite a surprise. One moment Kimi-nee and I are arguing over a potential goddess, the next a red haired seven year old literally appears above us and falls on top of us." Tsunami said with a chuckle while Washu gave a sheepish half grin.

"She was in a bad way, between life and death and yet... she was so different from every other person in that state. She was not angry, scared, or pleading for help. She was smiling and at peace." Tsunami said softly as she stared at Washu who gave a small derisive snort.

"Of course I was. All I knew at the time was pain, agony, fear, self-loathing and helplessness. I hated my life and had nothing to live for so naturally when death came to claim me I didn't mind. I was happy to die at the time." Washu said causing everyone to look horrified at that except Tsunami who winced.

"Quite. So after seeing what all she faced in such a short time frame and seeing how she understood the world better than any other, Kimi-nee and I decided to adopt her as our sister and raised her to be the third and final goddess. Giving her a new name and family, this one consisting of two sisters who loved her and she loved them. Later on in time the family expanded to include you all, starting with Washu's beloved daughter Ryoko-chan. She was quite the spitfire and a bit spoiled when she was little but all three of us loved her anyways. She was the first child any of us three had ever had that inherited some of our goddess powers so naturally we adored her." Tsunami said chuckling as Ryoko blushed and scowled, looking away from her mother and aunt although when she thought no one was looking she gave a soft smile.

"So if Washu is having a headache and flashes of when her name was different…" Tenchi brought them all back on point as Washu winced and rubbed her temples again.

"Then that means that this is likely the time frame she came from, and those from her past are trying to get her back. I'm not sure how or why however. Washu would have to enter her Goddess Form herself to figure that out." Tsunami said promptly and making Washu scowl slightly.

"I hate using the All-Knowing part of my powers and you know it Nami-ane. I'll do what I always do, resear-AH!" Washu began with her normal dry tone before she grasped her head as her body began to glow with blue flames and everyone felt the house shake.

"An earthquake?" Tenchi asked as he went sprawling to the floor, Ayeka kneeling down to help him as the others caught their balance and Ryoko caught Washu by the shoulders to keep her from hitting the floor.

"No it's no natural disaster. There is a great power buildup targeting Washu!" Tsunami called from where she was in her ghostly form holding Sasami tightly protectively when the small girl nearly hit the floor.

"Mom!" Ryoko shouted as Washu seemed to be consumed by flames and her head lolled to the side, her eyes hazy and unfocused as she and Ryoko disappeared leaving a small burn mark on the floor where Ryoko had knelt after catching Washu.

Roughly the same time in Europe

"Where the hell are we?" Ryoko demanded glaring as she held Washu close as the still out of it woman shook her head a few times to regain her senses while Ryoko glared down the giant room filled with kids, teens, and some adults.

"And who the hell are all of you?" Ryoko spat glaring around the room as Washu blinked her eyes a few times before looking around and groaning.

"Are you okay?" Ryoko asked instantly turning her attention to Washu who pinched the bridge of her nose.

"I'm fine musume. Right now we're at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the upper European area." Washu said smiling slightly at Ryoko before being set on her feet.

"There's a school named after a pig with pimples?" Ryoko asked snickering even though she was still wary of everyone.

"Yes there is. Now what do you want?" Washu said shooting Ryoko a fond smile before scowling as she glared at the man with long white hair.

"My dear girl. It is good to finally see you again Tamar-"

"I'm not your anything except pain in the ass if you don't tell us why we were forcibly summoned from our home and family and dragged halfway across the world by people who abandoned me to die when I was three. And for further reference, I have a new name and if you use my old one I will hurt you." Washu interrupted immediately making Ryoko snicker slightly.

"Young lady sh-" A woman with red hair and green eyes began to shout making Ryoko and Washu snort.

"Young? Lady I'm over a thousand years old. She is more than twice that at least. Who the hell are you anyways?" Ryoko asked amused as she jabbed a thumb at Washu. Washu answered instead and her words caused a brief moment of shocked silence before the flurry of whispers and a few yells started.

"She's your grandma Ryoko. She's my birth mother, Lily Potter."