HP and Tenchi Muyo Crossover

By: FunahoMisaki

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"WHAT?!" More than one person shouted while Washu didn't look bothered and Ryoko looked just as surprised as the rest of them.

"Ryoko just said that she was over a thousand years old and that I'm more than twice that. Naturally I had a child over the course of the millennias." Washu said unbothered as she pulled up a screen in midair, much to everyone's shock and curiosity, and began trying to do… something with the screen.

"What are you doing?" Ryoko asked curiously as she looked at the screen.

"Trying to link my tunnel back home in the lab up to the one I carry with me here so that we can leave before the others get too worried. Unfortunately I have to calibrate it to get past the wards, the magical interference too but that's a minor thing, and that will take me a few hours. By that time it'll be too late to keep the others from searching for us and knowing Tsunami-ane she and Tokimi-nee will be causing natural disasters all over the multiverse to flush out the ones who took us. Although perhaps…" Washu said sighing as she moved that screen to the side and pulled up another one as well as a keyboard.

"You are the youngest between you three. I'd do worse if someone kidnapped Sasami." Ryoko said nodding in agreement and making Washu snort slightly.

"If someone actually tried to kidnap Sasami-chan they'd have to, literally, go through Tsunami-ane first, then Ayeka and her family, and then the rest of us get our turn starting with Tokimi and I since she's pretty much Tsunami as a human." Washu said smirking darkly as she began typing on two separate holographic keyboards, one for each screen. If anyone tried kidnapping her baby sister, of a sort at least, they were screwed.

"Washu? What happened? Where are you and Ryoko? Are you both okay?" Tenchi asked as his face popped up on the second screen, making the magicals around them gape in disbelief. Even the Muggle born and raised that knew of technology were amazed at what she had done. Talking to someone while able to look at them? That was like something out of the future or a futuristic movie!

"Yes Tenchi it's me. We were taken against our will to a school for magicals in the upper part of Europe and Scotland, and yes we're okay. What's going on there?" Washu asked smiling at the boy who sighed for a moment and opened his mouth to answer before being roughly shoved away by two fully grown women.

"Tsunami-ane, Tokimi-nee. Nice to see you both fully corporal again." Washu said grinning at the two women who looked rather frantic as they stared through the screen at their baby sister and niece.

"Where are you little sister? Do you need backup? Are you and little Ryo-chan okay? We'll get the others together and be there in just a minute!" Tsunami said rapidly, as she fretted in a motherly fashion, calling for the rest of the dysfunctional family that couldn't have been far away actually.

"Who took you baby sis? Do you need me to beat em up? I will beat em up. No one touches my sisters!" Tokimi said growling darkly, protectively as she cracked her knuckles and her bug like eyes began glowing darkly with an otherworldly amount of power that had the magicals spines tingling with fear and goosebumps.

"Overprotective goofball goddesses." Washu said grinning amused at her sisters, making them both nod proudly at that. They were protective over their family and proud of it thank you very much.

"Damn right we're overprotective. You're the youngest and given how you came to be one of us… and the fact that you were imprisoned in your own invention for at least 700 years…" Tokimi said grinning smugly until Tsunami smacked her upside the head which earned a swear word and another smack.

"Language onee-chan!" Tsunami scolded making Tokimi grin as she massaged the back of her head.

"At the moment? English." Tokimi said making Washu snort slightly as she smirked.

"You stole that line from that one show about the American with the puppets we watched a few weeks ago." Washu said calling her eldest sister out and earning a sheepish grin.

"Yeah so?" Tokimi asked shrugging her shoulders unbothered at the accusation.

"We got your coordinates Washu-san. We shall be there shortly." A girl with purple hair and red eyes said looking into the screen from over Tsunami's shoulder. Ryoko couldn't resist the temptation to stick her tongue out at Ayeka, earning a dark glare from the princess.

"How many natural disasters did the two goofs cause?" Washu asked looking pointedly at her 'sisters' as they grinned sheepishly.

"They nearly sank Australia and most of Japan." The purple haired one said dryly and unamused as she gave the two pointed looks while they tried looking innocent. Tokimi was doing the best innocent impression, surprisingly, while Tsunami's was the worst as she tried whistling a bit only to look more suspicious.

"You idiots. Fix everything first before coming to get me. I'd rather not have to clean up your mess again." Washu said pinching the bridge of her nose although she looked more fond than anything. Honestly she was way too used to this.

"But sis!" The two whined like children as they stared at their sister who gave then a stern look.

"No buts, if, or ands. Fix your mess first. Come get me second. It's not as if we're defenseless. The only reason I haven't assumed my godly form and gotten Ryoko-chan and myself back home already is because I want to see what the hell they want first." Washu said sternly to the two who pouted but nodded slightly at their sisters tone. She may be the youngest but she was certainly the most maternal, which was explained easily considering she was the only one of the three that actually had a child she could be around and semi-raise.

"Fine but if they hurt either of you we're coming to destroy that school." Tokimi said making Washu face-palm. Did they really forget that she could destroy the school in less than two minutes and without using her goddess form?

"After we get all the innocents clear of course." Tsunami amended making Tokimi scowl slightly. The Goddess of Death glared at the ones that could be seen through the screen, creeping most people out with her dark bug like gaze.

Neither Washu nor Tsunami had the chance to rebuke her next ominous statement before the screen was closed on Tokimi and Tsunami's end.

"They stole our sister and our niece. There are no innocents."