Ok, Rookie Fictioner here and I am seriously crumbed up.

One, I have to delete some unfinished chapters and two, it is going to be another Call of Duty Fanfiction. It doesn't mean that I hate the franchise but it does mean that I am afraid of the bandwagon that has been spread across the internet since the trailer of Infinite Warfare.

Anyway, this is the parody of the famous Call of Duty game that has been favorited by anyone, and I mean Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

This parody is going to be the change of setting and the characters but the plot will be the same from the game but a bit of changes.

The story will be about the Underdogs taking their journey across the world and aid the Teen Criminals for ending the war and arrest the three dangerous criminals. The characters will portray on the original characters from Modern Warfare and there will be less death from the characters in this story.

Here are the characters that will portray the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare characters:

Operative/Captain John Price.

Phil Eggtree/Gaz.

Ninja/Soap Mactavish.

Jack Dewitt/Nikolai.

Petrikov/Sgt. Paul Jackson.

the Soldier/Vasquez.

Scout/SSGT. Griggs.

Smiley Sundae/Baseplate.

Vladimir Makarov/Kamarov. (Fact: Makarov is a good guy in this story but in the actual game, he is the antagonist.)

General Mactavish/Khaled Al-Asad. (Dumb Fact: General Mactavish is Soap Mactavish in this story and antagonist.)

Kamarov/Victor Zakhaev. (Another Dumb Fact: Even if Kamarov is an ally in the original game, he is an antagonist in this story.)

Grey Mann/Imran Zakhaev.

Now that we are done with the comparison from game to fanfiction, we can begin the story. Be in mind that I don't own the elements in this story but the story is a parody based on the game.

Now that's said, ENJOY.

Battle War: The Underdogs. (Modern Warfare Parody)

Made by Rookie Fictioner.

Chapter 1: CNG. (Crumbling New Guy)

POV: Narrator.

Location: Narrator Studio.

In the year 2020, a war between Blackwatch and the Police Force began in the city of Danville, the once peaceful city until the events of 2nd Dimension Doofensmirtz's Invasion and Roger Doofensmirtz's War for power. The Teen Criminals and the Police try to stop Blackwatch from taking over the city and they are at a standalone to whoever takes over first.

While the war is still going on, a group of teens were formed in the middle of the war and are known as the Underdogs. The Underdogs was formed by the Supporters and the Police as they were the ones who participated in the mystery of Blackwatch's nukes in the Outskirts and the murder mystery in Danville. (Reference to JolleIQ's "Fear in Resonance)

The known members are Phil Eggtree, Smiley Sundae, Scout, Operative, and Ninja as they are the first members to start to come to the city to join this conflict. Phil and Daniel are the leaders of the group, Scout leads the Police Force even if he is part of the Underdogs and Smiley was selected as the commanders of the group.

Grey Mann has send his robot army to Russia and Ukraine and began to take over the capital while General Mactavish and Kamarov send their army in the abandoned city of New York and the main city, Danville. The Underdogs will have to do what they can to stop Blackwatch and end the war, for good.

POV: Hannah "Metal" (Narrator)

Location: Paranaque City, Philippines.

In space, a satellite shows the world and analyzed New York, Danville, and Russia as Blackwatch and Grey Mann's robot army take over half of the countries.

"Alright, good news first: the world's in great shape. We've got the Russian and the Chinese army work together to help us stop the robot army and Blackwatch, a civil war has started in Danville, and 150 nukes at stake." said Phil seriously as he looked at the monitors.

"Just another day at the office, Phil." said Operative calmly.

Phil then research through the criminal data and go to General Mactavish, the leader of Blackwatch.

"General Soap Mactavish. Currently the second most powerful man in New York. Word on the street is he's got the minerals to be top dog down there. Intel's keeping an eye on him." said Phil calmly as he read General Mactavish's info.

Daniel then brought out his photo showing him and Christine being young before their life changed when Blackwatch came. Daniel then talked to Phil so he can know what the bad news is.

"And the bad news?" said Daniel calmly.

"We got her to join us in this operation, fresh out of Selection. Christine is her name." said Phil as he showed Daniel the files of Ninja.

"I hope she will be alright." said Daniel in his thought.

In the present now, the satellite tracks Ninja in the Forest Camp in Danville as she walked past the entrance with her bag and katana. She then pulled out her list and read that she has to go to the Shooting Range Zone and find Phil as he will lead the Shooting Practice for her training. She then went to the zone and find Phil standing on top of the watch tower.

"Good to see you Christine!" said Phil loudly and in a greeting way as he was a bit far on top.

"Good to see you again Phil!" said Ninja calmly as she meets Phil again.

"Ok, let's get to training! Go take one of the rifles on the table, I put four weapons in the table so that you can get comfortable with the weapons you use!" said Phil loudly as he pointed his finger at the table filled with assault rifles.

"got it!" said Ninja calmly as she then walked to the table to see a collection of assault rifles.

The four assault rifles are the M4A1, the AK47, the EM-2, and the TAR-21. She then chose to use the M4A1 with the Red Dot Sight and reload her weapon.

You know the drill Christine. Go to the shooting range and aim you rifle downrange." said Phil calmly as he already went down from the watch tower.

Ninja followed what he said and went to the shooting range with her rifle downrange.

"Ok, get ready with the targets." said Christine in determination as she told Phil that she is ready to shoot the targets.

"Alright then." said Phil calmly as he went to the switch.

"Are you ready?" said Phil in question.

"I was born ready." said Christine as she then readies her rifle.

"Whatever you say." said Phil as he pulled the switch, which activated the target practice.

Christine then looked at the targets and began to shoot them normally, it then got harder when the targets have civilian targets in it, which she managed to shoot the targets without hitting the civilian targets.

"Alright, now for the blind shot." said Phil as he flick the switch which pulled out a wooden board covering the targets.

She tries to find the targets with her sense and shot the board where the targets are, shocking the other recruits that came to the shooting range.

Woah there, you might have surprised our other recruits there." said Phil calmly as he chuckled a bit.

"Alright, shooting practice is done." said Phil as he checked on his clock.

"Woah! That was fun." said Christine in excitement but Phil was still calm and put a thumb up.

"Now go meet Daniel at the Canoeing Zone at the campsite, they set up a C.Q.B. test there." said Phil calmly.

"Got it." said Christine calmly as she walked out of the Shooting Range Zone.

"So, who's next?" said Phil as he began to talk to the other guys.

POV: Christine.

AKA: Ninja.

Location: Forest Camp, Danville.

I walked calmly to the location and saw Daniel and the others doing the C.Q.B. training, I took a deep breath and walk calmly as I have been gone for a long time and have been to China to complete my training. When I got there, I saw Elliott Watkins standing there which I can tell that he is training the members. I then heard what they say.

"Ok, ok, ok guys. That is enough for this training since you have already learned the training before." said Elliott as realized that the C.Q.B. training wasn't that useful.

"I know, but we got new ones coming to practice their training and we have to show them the training area." said one of the Former Enforcer Officers.

As I came closer to the C.Q.B. Training, Daniel then saw me and called out my name, which gave attention to the others.

"It's the C.N.G. sir. Go easy on her sir, it's her first day in the regiment." said the Former Enforcer Officer in concern.

"Don't call me "sir" and she was with us before she went to China to finish her training." said Elliott annoyingly as he was called "sir".

"Right. What the bloody kind of name is Ninja, eh? How'd a muppet like you pass Selection?" said the Demoman in question.

"She just passed it a week ago. Anyway, Christine, it's your turn in the C.Q.B. test. Everyone else head to observation. For this test you'll have to run the cargo-ship solo in less than 60 seconds. Phil holds the current squadron record at 19 seconds. Good luck. Climb the ladder over there." said Elliott as he told me about the test and showed me the ladder to the start of the test.

"Wait, can I speak to my brother first?" I said in concern.

"Uhh… sure." said Elliott in confusion.

"Thank you Muselk." I said which I then annoyed him because he was trying to keep his YouTube name a secret.

"Oh no!" said Muselk in disappointment as he heard what I said.

I then left his area quickly and found Daniel testing his arm. I then greeted him calmly.

"Hey brother." I said calmly.

"Hey sis." said Daniel in concern.

"You still put tweaks on your robot arm?" I said as I saw him fixing the wires of his right prosthetic arm.

"Yeah, I have to fix the wires since someone spilled milk in my arm and malfunctioned it the whole day. How's your arm doing?" said Daniel about his day and wants to know about my left prosthetic arm.

"I just added some new upgrades to my arm and I began to want to upgrade it to reload the shurikens faster." I said calmly as I showed him the upgraded arm.

"It's good to see that you have taken good care of your arm when you were at China." said Daniel happily.

"Well, I have some good engineers and scientists to fix my arm during practice." I said calmly to Daniel.

Daniel then got up and hugged me gently, which I have felt blushed and embarrassed. I then hugged him as well and I tried to be careful to not let my prosthetic arm hurt him.

"It's good to see you again." said Daniel in tears.

"Me too, brother." I said in tears as well.

I then break off the hug and thank him for caring me of my return. I then walked away a bit so that I can begin the practice of my training.

"It's good to see you again." I said happily.

"You too." said Daniel happily.

I then ran to the ladder and climbed up the ladder to get to the start point. I then heard Elliott calling me and I then looked down to see him holding a sign saying, "Pick up the UMP45 and the Flashbangs."

I then equipped the UMP45 and the Flashbangs and went to the starting line.

On my go, I want you to rope down to the deck and rush to position 1. After that you will storm down the stairs to position 2. Then hit position 3 and 4, following my precise instructions at each position. Grab the rope when you're ready." said Elliott calmly as he then looked ready his hand on the timer.

I grabbed the rope and I rappel down when I then heard him said, "Go Go Go!" and started the timer.

I then landed in the bridge and saw the targets popping up on my view.

"Hit the targets!" said Elliott loudly.

I then pointed my prosthetic arm at the targets and shoot the six targets with six shurikens.

I then ran to the arrows and run to position 2, I then saw a target and shoot it with my UMP45 and went through it. I then saw the targets getting to be triggered and I throw a Flashbang at the room to activate it, once the Flashbang goes off, I then entered the room and shoot the targets in one shot. I then ran to the next room and saw a target popping up right in my face, right before I sliced it in half. I then entered the next room and saw two targets popping up, I then pulled out the USP-45 and shoot the targets quickly.

"Wow, what a champion!" said Elliott in surprise.

I then saw the next room and flash banged the room to know that it's the last room, I then cleared it with my UMP45 and ran to the finish line as fast as I could until I stepped on the finish line.

"So, what time did she did?" said Elliott as he checked on his timer.

"Ho-My-Crumb!" said Elliott in shock as he realized that it took 9 seconds to finish the test.

"Christine, you are a legend!" said Daniel happily shocked about the timer being at 9 seconds.

"What?!" said the Demoman and the Former Enforcer Officer in disbelief.

"That was better. Not great. But better. That was an improvement." said Phil as he was shocked to see his record got beaten by her.

"Come over to the monitors for debrief." said Daniel calmly.

I then walked over to the monitors and I then heard Elliott talking.

"Gentlemen, the cargo-ship mission is a go. Get yourselves sorted out. Wheels up on 0200. Dismissed." said Elliott as he left to get ready to pilot the helicopter for the mission.

"You heard the Rocket-Jumping-SMG-Lover there, let's get ready!" said Phil loudly to us and we began getting ready.

We all went to the locker room and get changed to our Specialists Uniform.

I put on my Ninja Mask around my head, pack my Katana in the backpack, and put on my Tactical Vest on me. I grab the UMP45 with the Red Dot Sight, the Grip, and the Silencer and I grab my M9 with the Silencer.

Daniel picked up his M4A1 with the Holographic Sight, the Silencer, and the Angle Grip and picked up his SERBU Shotgun with no attachments.

Phil felt his scar from his right eye and tried to not feel it. He then grabbed his Bren Mk II with the Shoulder Stock and the Laser Attachment; he then grabbed his phone and transformed his phone into a Glock 9 and placed it on his pocket.

Demoman picked up his Grenade Launcher and Stickybomb Launcher and grabbed his Non-Explosive-Material Pills as he will not plan on destroying the ship. He grabbed his Eyelander and placed it on his Scabbard on his back.

The Enforcer pulled out his M8A1 with no attachments and grabbed his Mini-Uzi with the Extended Clip.

The team then walked out of the locker room in slow motion and put on their gas masks on their heads. We then went to the helicopter landing zone and got on the chopper. We are ready.

That's all for this chapter, see you soon on the next one.

Bye, Comrades.