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Allie: Daughter of Alice, aka Alice in Wonderland. She tries to keep everyone upbeat during the training. She learns mainly self-defense and how to be stealthy enough to not get caught in a chase. Ironically, that's how she get's kidnapped with five others; she wasn't quick enough.

Audrey: Daughter of Aurora and 'King' Philip. Complains about the training the whole time. Doesn't like how she doesn't get her way through out it. She doesn't learn anything because she does nothing. She, along with the other children of the Princesses of Light, are forced to stay in Auradon Prep while the others are fighting on the front line. She is taken hostage by the Organization along with five others.

Aziz: The son of Aladdin and Jasmine. During the training he would spar mostly against Jay. Due to his father's past on being a thief, Aziz already had some survival skills. He is not upset about not being able to fight on the front line because that means he would be able to protect his mother better. He willingly got kidnapped because he thought that they would take his mother instead.

Ben: Son of Beast and Belle. While doing his kingly duties, he also attends the training sessions. He does not like that he has to be left behind. Although he is good at fighting, he is not strong enough to prevent himself from being taken hostage along with five others. He manages to escape with one other person and navigates them through the Isle. After being chased, he plays as decoy so the other escapee can return to Auradon to inform them where the villains' hideout is at.

Carlos: Son of Cruella de Vil. He is hopelessly in love with his girlfriend Jane, though he doesn't use the term 'in-love' to describe it. During special training, Carlos and Sora are partnered together and are sparring against Lonnie and Jay. Sora ends up tossing Carlos his Keyblade when the villain child gets disarmed. Because of that little action, Carlos is able to summon his own Keyblade.

Chad: Son of Cinderella and Prince Charming. Also complains throughout the whole training session. He made the mistake of challenging Beast then Sora to which the two each knocked him down in one hit. He refused to be cooperative during the session causing him to not get any better. That is what makes him get kidnapped along with five others.

Doug: Son of Dopey. He is the most improved male during the training session. Instead of being able to protect his girlfriend Evie like he wanted, he is forced to stay behind to protect the other children of the Princesses of Light.

Evie: Daughter of the Evil Queen. She improved in casting spells and in self defense. She promises Doug she would keep herself from getting killed. She used the magic mirror to keep an eye on the Princesses of Light; that's how the front lines learn about the hostages. She has an admiration of King Mickey's Keyblade and wishes to wield one herself.

Freddie: Daughter of Dr. Facilier, aka Shadow Man. Freddie is unsure that Sora is really himself because her father described him differently. She makes the comment that he must not have come to 'their' world yet. She complains about one or two portions of the training, the parts that do not involve magic. She stays back to protect Ally and to keep Jordan sane. A spell is casted on her, which prevents her from keeping Ally from being taken hostage.

Jane: Daughter of the Fairy Godmother. She learns more control with magic and can cast magic without saying her mother's phrase. She has to stay behind to protect Chad. Jane is in love with her boyfriend, Carlos, and she's not afraid to admit it to anyone.

Jay: Son of Jafar. He is mistaken for Aladdin's son when Sora first arrived. He willingly goes along with all of the training sessions; he even helped Jane practicing spells during her extra training as a target. He's been trying to make Lonnie jealous on purpose just to see if she really likes him or not. He will do anything if it means his little sister (Mal) is safe.

Jordan: Daughter of Genie. She was one of the most successful females when it came to the training. Jordan is furious when she learns she has to stay behind with the others. Her magic gets drained which causes her to be so weak that she couldn't save Allie or Aziz.

Kairi: One of the seven Princesses of Light. She doesn't arrive at Auradon until after the training with the Auradon and five Isle children is basically over. She is forced to stay behind with the other Princesses of Light while her friends go to the 'front lines'. She ends up getting kidnapped by the Organization but manages to escape from their hideout with one other person, who teaches her how to "Chill like a Villain" so they wouldn't get caught. A villain child ends up recognizing them and the other person played as their decoy so she could escape to Auradon through a portal of light.

Lonnie: Daughter of Fa Mulan and Li Shang. When her parents take over part of the training session, she is the first to do everything because she already knows what to do. After she climbed the wooden pole and retrieved the arrow, she reveals that that was the first time she was able to successfully do that. She does get jealous when she sees Jay flirt or get close to Jordan and she claims she doesn't know why. Instead of going to the front lines, Lonnie stays behind to protect Audrey and the other pure hearts of light. The consequence is her getting stabbed.

Mal: Daughter of Maleficent. She improves in magic casting, agility and stamina, and self defense. She had to reassure Ben that she would be safe when going to the front lines even though she's scared. Mal was actually reluctant to meet Sora because of what her mother did to him and his friends, including the Princesses of Light. She has a fascination with Riku's Keyblade 'Way to Dawn' since she was a little girl because of her mother. She wishes it could be hers.

Sora: 'Keyblade Chosen One'. He immediately recognizes Mal and Jay, but confuses Jay for the son of Aladdin. Sora teaches most of the classes in the training session to prepare the others. Before the training begins, he has Donald and Goofy go get Riku, Kairi, and King Mickey to have more allies in the fight. Days pass since they leave and they have not returned. They finally arrive about three days before the others were to head to the front lines. When Mulan and Shang are teaching a portion of the session, he participates for more practice. He has a debt to Maleficent and intends to repay her even if it costs him his life.

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