This chapter isn't that good, but I tried! I updated early because this story is actually going on hiatus. I have two stories ("Deception" and "A Princess's Punishment") that I really need and want to work on this month. I'm sorry for this hiatus, but you guys are acting like you aren't interested in this story anymore.


Ben ran as fast as he could on the rooftops, jumping to various ones after a few seconds. The Gaston twins trailed after on the ground, knowing that there was no way they could catch him on the roofs. Ben was forced to stop when he came to the edge of one roof that was part of an alleyway. There was a building right across the one he was on now, but the distance was a good five hundred feet. To make matters worse, the Gaston twins appeared below him.

"There's no where to run, your Majesty." Gaston Jr. shouted with mock respect. "You can't make the jump. It's too far."

A crazy idea formed in Ben's mind as he retorted, "Nothing's too far!" Letting out a breath to soothe himself, he reassured himself, "Nothing is too far."

Heading the back of the roof, he rushed forward as fast as he could and took a gigantic leap forward. He was in the air for quite some time and the twins could have sworn he was falling to his death. By some miracle he made it to the edge of the roof and rolled safely into a more sturdier part. It wasn't until he was on the other roof that he realized a chair, a throne, was sitting there. Ben didn't get to admire it for long because he caught sight of an opening big enough to fit a person behind the chair.

Ben smirked at the awestruck twins. "I'll see you later." Before they could say anything, he jumped into the opening, which turned out to be an escape slide.

The people in Auradon couldn't believe what the mirror just showed them. "Ben has my title?" Mal questioned in surprise. "I didn't think he was capable of doing Isle Rush!"

"What is he doing?" Jane wondered curiously. "Shouldn't he be trying to escape the Isle? Why is he going deeper?"

Evie took the mirror from Mal and asked it, "Mirror mirror in my hand, what's the intentions of the king in the horrid land?"

After a few seconds of only a foggy image, it cleared to see a picture that none of the 'VKs' wanted to remember (you'll 'see' it eventually). "Why the hell does he want that picture?" Mal shouted in a even more angry fit. "How does he even know about it?"

Wiping away his tear-stained cheeks, Jay confessed, "That would be my fault. Ben wanted to know what the 'Gastons incident' was. I told him Evie took a picture of you from that day and if he brought it to me, I would tell him the story without any complaints."

"Are you insane?!" The purple-haired fairy screamed in a fit of rage. "Once he sees that picture, he'll go ballistic! He's going to end up killing the twins."

"Better him than me."

The 'brother-sister' duo glared at each other for a long time, waiting for the other to break the gaze. Harry cleared his throat, effectively catching the two attention. "Would this be a bad time to return the. . .item?"

Jay felt his anger subside as he stated, "I haven't fulfilled my part of the deal yet. I still owe you two three-"

"We broke part of our end though," Uma quickly intervened. "We couldn't keep him away from his brothers which caused him to go rouge." Digging through Harry's coat pockets, she grabbed an item wrapped in paper and tossed it to Jay (who was barely able to catch it). "If you somehow manage to let us, including Gil, stay in Auradon, then we'll call the deal good."

"I don't mean to interrupt," Sora interrupted. "But could someone tell us what the incident is, why you three have a deal with each, and what the item is?"

With a sigh, Jay unwrapped the item to reveal a genie lamp that was splatter painted with orange, yellow, red, and brown colors. He twirled the lamp around in his hand before revealing, "I made a deal with Harry and Uma. Ten vials of Hi-Potions for three wishes each."

"Three wishes?" Sora repeated. "How can you give wishes, unless. . . ."

"That's right." The son of Jafar declared as he showed the gold bracelets on both of his wrist. "I'm a genie. Dad-" his voice caught in his throat, but he continued, "Dad begged me not give it away when he had some Potions, but I refused to take his."

"What did you need Potions for?" Riku questioned.

"They were for me," Mal revealed as she slid down the wall to the ground. Placing a hand on her right cheek, she said, "Who would have thought one little hit to the face could cause so much damage?"

"'One little hit'!" Carlos repeated incredulously. "They practically mangled half your face!"

"Will someone fill us in?" Aqua wondered kindly. "It seems like you're leaving out a lot of information."

Mal sighed. "I guess I'll tell the story. It was my face that got hurt." She sighed again before starting, "It all started at our school on the Isle, Dragon Hall. . . ."

You won't be told the story until a couple chapters later after the hiatus is over. It will be when Ben shows Maleficent the picture.