Prologue – The Call For Help

I had never given much thought regarding what would happen to my future. My life, it seems, was a tragic one and not one to look at the bad things, I found myself wondering what I was going to do to make the most of it. After all, it wasn't something that I could change and my family, or what was left, wasn't going to help me really.

It happened when I was little. I had lived in a small town in Washington. Forks to be exact and it was the place that I yearned to be. Though I wanted to travel the world at some point, I had always loved the small dreary place. Everyone knew you and they were always nice and helpful. Besides the gossip and the nosey neighbors. Still, I loved it. The rain and cold. My cup of tea.

That was until I turned 8 years old. My parents had went camping while I went and stayed the night with my friend. She was staying in town for the summer with her dad, her parents divorcing when she was very little. I was only a year older than her so we were great friends and with her dad being a cop, my parents encouraged the friendship.

That night had changed everything for me though. I was asleep when the call came, not really understanding why my friend's father rushed out the door to meet with the cops after he had hung up the phone. The two officers had pulled up as I stood in the doorway, my friend clutching onto me as I stared at them wide eyed. But I knew by their solemn faces that it wasn't good news.

I sighed at this thought. It was a horrible night for me. At 8 years old, I became an orphan. Even though I had my aunt and uncle and they graciously took me in, it didn't help that I considered myself abandoned. My uncle had moved us from Forks, saying when I was 10 that it was best to get away from the memories. But I didn't want to move. The memories were what I cherished, even the locket that held their pictures around my neck. Still, my uncle thought it best and no one argued with him once his mind was made up.

"Earth to Mikki! Mikhaila! Hello?!"

I blinked rapidly, glancing up at my friend who was sitting with me at lunch. We had gone to the mall in hopes to do something fun, having just finished have my senior year in school. I would have actually graduated if my uncle hadn't ruined my chances by making me miss a good portion of school with his need to travel all the time. It really upset me actually, never being able to settle down. Honestly, I think he didn't just want me dating. Even though most of the boys weren't even my type.

"Huh? Oh, sorry, Mona. What's up?" I got my friend's attention, noticing how she pursed her lips. She wasn't exactly upset with me, but I must have missed a question she wanted answered. I was known to give the best advice, even without having experienced those situations.

"I was wanting to know how you felt about Dillion, Mik," Mona sighed, running a hand through her dark hair. It was super short and dark as night itself, but it looked good paired with her olive skin. Her parents were from Greece, traveling here when she was a babe. So the accent never really settled with her.

"Dillion?" I frowned, thinking deeply. She had been having a hard time with her boyfriend. He had been highly secretive recently and even went so far as to ignore phone calls, making up excuses afterwards. I didn't trust him to be honest, but it was Mona's life and not mine.

Before I could answer her, my felt my phone vibrate in my pocket, breaking my train of thought. I quickly pulled it out, recognizing the number instantly before giving my friend a sorry look. I really needed to answer this, especially since they haven't called me in a long time. So flipping open my phone, I placed it against my ear. But before I couldn't even say a word, a high pitched scream came through the receiver, followed by a desperate plea.

"Hey, Mikhaila. It's Charlie. I need your help."