Based off of this tumblr post post/147416525347/spineys-artly-blog-spineys-artly-blog . First chapters are sorta serious, the rest are more humorous.


His whole life he had hated the planet, from his birth to the day he left to his 'home coming' with the damned Huttlet.

And now here he was again. On an errand for his Master.

'Errand' once would have been a heavy word for ending what little remained of Anakin Skywalker's family. The step brother and his wife were small and insignificant, so Vader wasn't entirely sure why it was so important that he end their existence. It wasn't like he had any loyalty to them.

It wasn't up to him, of course. Darth Sidious called the shots and he was the Apprentice now.

Sand was sinking into his boots the second he swung off of the speeder he'd taken to the Lars' farm, ratting and crunching around metal under leather. The sun beat down on him, one of them already set, with a heat the went right through the blackness of his suit.

He barely had the skin left for sweating yet he could feel it growing damp.

A flicker of something curled at the edge of his awareness, bringing him to a full stop. His head lifted, his shoulders rolled, and his eyes caught, through the mask, movement around the corner of the only above ground building.

Behind him the squadron of Storm Troopers, a replacement for the 501st, came whirring in on their own bikes, sending grains of sand sailing through the air in waves.

"Sir?" one of them called from behind him. "What is it?"

That would be easier to tell if they weren't distracting him.

With a dramatic sweep of his cape the Sith Lord marched across the yard, motioning with a single gesture for them to spread out.

"No one escapes," he rasped. The group obediently ran off, diving through the perimeter and into the house beneath the sand.

Vader stood there in the beating light of the sun, horribly familiar on the awful planet. Shouts and the familiar sounds of a struggled reached the Sith Lord before the sight of two adults being forcibly shoved before him on their knees did.

Two adults were expected. The child one man had thrown across his shoulder to transport him was not.

The boy was tossed carelessly into the sand when he thrashed and scrambled to his feet, wild blue eyes swinging from white armor to the black figure that was Vader. There was panic in him, surging through the Force fast and hard, stronger than anything that Vader had ever felt. Stronger than Obi Wan, stronger than Ahsoka.

Stronger than Anakin.

It was wild and familiar. It was impossible.

He knew this Force, he had felt it years earlier with his palms against his wife's swollen stomach and her soft lips pressed against him. He knew this boy.

"Who is this?" he demanded, his voice rising through the muffled helmet.

Owen shook his head. "My boy, our son, he's no one. You don't need to-" he was cut off with a choked cry. Vader's hand was raised, and with it came Owens head, pulled up as the Sith curled the Force around his throat.

"Stop it!" Beru shouted, lunging at him. A trooper kicked her leg back out from under her, sending the woman crashing into the boiling sand.

"Who is he?!" Vader asked again, tightening his hold on Owen.

"Luke," he choked, the word barely audible. There was wetness gathering in his eyes.

"Luke, what," he encouraged, never slacking his grip. Owen lost consciousness before he could answer but Vader didn't need him to. Luke was a name he had chosen, half a decade before. One he had whispered against a Padme's lips, against her stomach, to the children kicking out from within.

"Luke Skywalker," he rasped the name out. The name of the child staring up at him in fear, the name of his son.

His son.

The son that was meant to be dead, the son that was supposed to have never lived, the son that his Master assured him was gone before he could hold him in his arms.

The son his Master had lied about.

In one swift movement he had scooped the boy, who started screaming, out of the sand and swung back onto the bike with Luke pinned to his side.

"Lord Vader?" one of the troopers asked, drawing up short at the sight of their leader doing such a thing.

He ignored them entirely and started the engine with just one hand, taking off without a word to them. All the while the boy kicked and squirmed, throwing the Force against the Sith Lord. With a wave of his hand the boy went limp with sleep.

Sidious had lied to him, his child was alive and well and he was-

What was he now?