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The next morning in Chemistry class, taught by Evie, Sahib couldn't bear to keep himself awake. After what happened to him the night before, sleep was the last thing on his mind. As Evie lectured on, Sahib had his fist leaned up against his cheek; with every blink, his eyes became heavier to the point where he could take it no longer and fell into a deep sleep.

"I expect that you all studied the periodic table like I asked," Evie remarked, "Who can tell me the atomic weight of gold… anyone, anyone?" She looked around at her students, most of whom were slunked back in their chairs or avoiding eye contact. Her focus was broken when she heard snoring. Looking down, she saw Sahib asleep on his hand, snoring like a bear. "Sahib!" she called. When no response from him was given, Mara, who sat next to him, nudged him hard on the shoulder so he could come to.

"Hmmff- wha?" Sahib snorted as he was startled awake.

"Happy you could join us, Sahib. Now that you're here, maybe you'd like to tell the class the atomic weight of gold."

"Uhh…" Sahib trailed off as he tried to think, "seventy-nine?"

"Why- th-that's correct!" Evie praised, surprised. "Well done, Sahib!" When Evie left his gaze to lecture on, Sahib felt his tiredness overwhelm him again and closed his eyes. Seeing that he had nothing to break his head's fall, Mara quickly pushed his backpack under him so he had a cushion when he landed.

"Thank you…" Sahib muffled without looking up at her.

"No problem," Mara replied. "Guess you didn't get any sleep either, huh?"

"Heh, you kidding, Princess? Your bed must feel like a cloud compared to the one the school gives me."

"Well, smart alack, you'll be surprised to find out that my cushiony, cloud-like bed felt like a pile of rocks last night."

"Why, what happened to you?" Mara took a deep breath before she spoke.

"A creature attacked my father last night." Sahib felt his heart fall into his stomach when he heard her response and he became nervous.

"A-And uhh… do they have any idea what it was?"

"No idea! Apparently it's a creature that has never been seen in Auradon. Plus it moved too fast for anyone to get a good look."

"And what happened to you during all that?"

"My mother and I were put on lockdown! We couldn't leave our rooms until the entire castle was secure. When we were finally cleared, me and my mom stayed with my father in the infirmary, but I had to be sent to my room by midnight because I had class this morning. I couldn't even think about what would happen if I closed my eyes; I was too scared for me and my family."

"And you're dad?"

"He's fine, he's just got a nasty scratch on his face. He wanted to increase the security around the school and even tried to make the guards give me escorts everywhere I went. Luckily my mother talked him out of it; she says the creature could be far gone by now."

"Did he get a good look at it?"

"He doesn't remember. He has no idea who or what attacked him last night." Sahib couldn't help but feel shameful for what he did. Yeah, he was a VK, but Mara is his friend… maybe someone he'd want as more than a friend. Feeling how hurt she was made him feel hurt. "What about you," Mara asked breaking him from his thoughts. "Why couldn't you sleep last night?"

"Uhh… bad dreams." Sahib responded with a shaky voice.

"What were they about?" Mara asked curiously.

"I was being attacked by my fa-… by a killer." Sahib said muffling his voice.

"I mean… at least yours was just a dream." Mara said trying to cheer him up, but Sahib only nodded at her. As Mara began to rub his back comfortably, an idea lit like a light bulb in her head. "Hey, we need to get our minds off of this stuff. How about after school we… hang out?"

"Like a date?" Sahib asked a little surprised.

"Yeah… like a date." Mara blushed.

"Wow… alright, Princess, let's go on a date! But even though I'm the guy, I know absolutely NOTHING about this kingdom so you gotta do all the planning."

"Don't worry, I know just the place." Mara said as she ran her fingers through his hair once.