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"I wonder how much longer we are going to be in here?" Yang asked as they had just finished up Jaune's weird red suited adventure.

It was weird to see that Blake was kind of a sex fiend in that though. Like, really strange. Blake however was kind of turned on. Not that she would ever admit that.

"Woah! What happened? I blacked out!" Ruby said as she woke up.

"Uh, not much, we were just playing...a game!" Yang said glad that the author erased Ruby's memories.

"Oh okay, hey look!" She siad as she pointed to the tv.

"Next one is coming up!" Ruby said as the screen switched to Jaune and Pyrrha.

The scene switched to them outside of Beacon at night.

"Pyrrha thanks for everything." Honestly I can't even count how many times I would have died or quit without you. "Jaune?" You probably won't forgive me for this but I can tell you don't intend to come back and as your leader I'll make sure you do. She doesn't see it coming. I quickly shove her into the rocket locker nearby and send it off. "JAUNE!" She sound so distressed but it's for the best. Honestly the invincible girl who could be a Maiden or the boy who got in on fake transcripts what choice is there? "Heh." I can't help but chuckle at the irony. I'm the one about to save you … I hope.

"Wait, what the heck is going on? Why did Jaune shove me into a locker?" Pyrrha asked as everyonre was worried.

"What does he mean, by 'she didn't intend to come back'? Why wouldn't she come back?" Ruby asked as she was getting worried.

"Something's not right." Ozpin said.

Crocea Mors cuts through the door like butter. The only thing besides my aura and semblance I have going for me, a sword and shield that never brake, and their not even truly mine. That woman, Cinder, is standing on the other side of the tower. She has to be working for someone, possibly not even human for all I know it could be a really ancient Grimm, or she is truly twisted to be able to control or at least direct Grimm. As she stares across from me with a cold smirk across her face I notice her followers behind her.

"Well I think we all know that Cinder is a villian at this point, but Mr. Arc's accusation, that's quite an accusation, an ancient grimm?" Glynda said as Ozpin thought about it.

"It's certainly not impossible, but still, what I want to know is how he figured all of this out. Mr. Arc may be smart, but his perception skills need work." He said as Pyrrha nodded.

"Tell me about it." She said as he still couldn't take a hint.

Mercury is still broadcasting the destruction and Emerald seems pleased with how things are going. "So the school idiot comes instead of the champion." She is really pissing me off. She made it quite clear she was able to hack Beacon. I hope she wasn't able to spy my secret training sessions. I checked for cameras and found none but if I missed one then my trump card is useless. The one chance I have of taking her down depends on her not knowing my semblance. I haven't even shown my team yet.

"Jaune is hiding an ability?" Pyrrha asked as she looked around.

"No way, Jaune wouldn't hide anything from us...would he?" Nora said as Ren looked thoughtful.

"To be honest, we don't know what Jaune's personality is like in this...for all we know, maybe he doesn't trust us as much in this." He said as everyone looked worried.

"Or its something so dangerous he wouldn't tell us." Ruby said.

"No I'm just here to buy some time." It's true if I fail to take her out hopefully the teachers or Qrow can get here with the time I buy. "I have to ask how come Mercury is back on his feet so quickly?" It bugs me I have the best healing factor out of all of us and even I would take at least a month to be back up and walking with the injury he was supposed to have. "Heh, that because these ain't the original" Mercury then lifts his pant leg and reveals a prosthetic. That makes sense and pisses me off more. Yang suffered because of this piece of garbage's lies. "Guess that makes Emerald your illusionist" makes sense why Yang attacked now probably actually saw Mercury attacking "hit one target with an illusion to fool a crowd and no ones the wiser." Their shocked I figured that out their expressions make that clear. Can't really blame them. "Well what do you know? You're smarter then you look boy not even Ironwood or Ozpin thought of that."

"Wow, I never knew Jaune was so perceptive." Weiss said as it sounded as if not a whole lot of time had passed in between the events Jaune was talking about.

"And now we know what to look out for when we fight them." Ren said as Ozpin spoke up.

"Even just witnessing this could help us prepare and prevent hundreds of lives from being extinguished..." He said as he smiled.

Finally! They would have an ace in the hole against Salem! This was the best bit of luck they have ever had.

I ready my shield waiting for the attack if what I know is true she creates flames from dust along with swords, daggers, a bow, and arrows. No telling what other tricks she has. "How about you join us instead." Wait what! "Honestly you'll never be appreciated when compared to your classmates after all you're the boy that faked his admission after all" Not surprised she knew that. "And your family, I mean I did extensive background checks on all potential threats and your last name made me think you were on at first.

But then I looked deeper and discovered there are no records of you. So I had a few spies go to your hometown and what should I find out but you're the village scapegoat. The black sheep of the Arcs, born on the day of a Grimm attack and since then blamed for everything bad that happen in town. Not even allowed to go to school or receive healthcare at the hospital. Pushed outside during Grimm attacks in hopes of you dying. Honestly why fight for people like that." I can feel my eyes widen. I never told anyone about my true past. I can only imagine what they would have thought. I've tried to bury so many memories of that place. But now they're all flooding back.

"Well thats one way his family is different from our world..." Pyrrha said a little pissed off at this version of Jaune's family.

"What do you mean?" Ruby asked.

"I met his parents, they are the sweetest people ever...if a little loopy, and his sisters are so nice. Not at all like the people described in this episode." Pyrrha said as Glynda tightened her grip on her riding crop.

"His mom once sent me cookies." Ruby suddenly remembered.

"His mom sent me a brand new copy of Ninjas of love autographed by the author." Blake said as Jaune had called in a favor for her, Blake still didn't know that Jaune's mom was the author.

"She made me pancakes! And she gave Ren rare tea! And Pyrrha some dating tips!" Nora said as Pyrrha blushed.

"Yeah...his mom seemed to ship you guys." Ren said remembering the time he met Jaune's mom.

"So what do you say join me and you can have revenge on that town and anything you desire at all" The sultry tone she uses send warning signals through my brain. I can't help it as I break into full blown laughter. "You… You honestly think I'll join you after all the death you've caused." The smirk is back. "Maybe, I always did like blonds." Honestly as if I believe I would have a shot even if I joined her and I sure as hell don't plan on it. "Enough, do you plan on just talking or are we going to fight?" She is angry now. Her eyes are literally shooting flames. "Very well then if you want to die then die!"

"BREAK HER LEGS JAUNE!" Nora yelled cheering her leader on.

"Can he take her?" Ruby asked.

"I don't know..." Pyrrha asked not sure what to think.

"I don't think Mr. Arc has a chance." Glynda said as she had seen what Cinder was capable of.

She on me in a second with twin swords, Mercury and Emerald clearly willing to stand back and watch her utterly destroy me. I focus on blocking her attacks I'll need all the aura I can spare for my trump card. Ten minutes later and they are clearly surprised I lasted this long. I may not have gone on offense but I haven't gotten even a single scratch from Cinder. She is probably a long range fighter so that gives me an advantage in this confined area on the tower. The Dragon Grimm has wrapped itself around the tower now, waiting for Cinder I believe.

"HOLY HELL THERE IS A DRAGON GRIMM?!" Ruby yelled as she can't believe they are now only just seeing that for the first time.

"Those exist?!" Yang yelled out as even Ozpin looked surprised.

"Well...apparently they do..." He said in shock.

In the next second the entire duel changes. In a blinding burst she summons a flashbang and blinds me. All I can see is a white light and the next thing I know a burning pain on my shield arm from mid-bicep down. When my head clears I can see my arm has been cut off leaving me without my shield. My aura stop the bleeding but can't deal with the pain. I hold back a scream. I won't give her that pleasure.

"I think I'm going to be sick..." Ruby said feeling a bit queasy.

"You and me both." Yang thought as she especially felt uncomfortable about losing an arm, for reasons she didn't know why.

"Come on Jaune...you got to fight back." Pyrrha said cheering her team mate on, hoping he could survive.

"Well boy it was fun but this is the end of your story." Summoning a bow and arrow she proceeds to aim, from the looks of it, at my heart. I can't dodge and the arrow pierces my armor like its wet paper. Burning that's all I feel. I can feel my vision fading. I'm on my knees now my head hanging into my chest. Slowly all I see is black. Is this all I could accomplish.





"No...He...he can't be dead! Not again! NOT AGAIN!" Pyrrha yelled as Ruby looked confused.

"What do you mean not again? We haven't seen Jaune die yet in these..." She said as Pyrrha remembered that the Author had erased Ruby's memories of the red wedding.

"She's just being emotional Ruby, you can't blame her." Weiss said as she didn't want Ruby to remember the red wedding either.

"Okay...but I'm worried for him too."

No! I won't allow it she'll go on to hurt more people including my friends. I don't have the right to die! Not yet! Not until this monster is dead. I'll drag her through the gates of hell myself if needed. I can see once more, she's coming closer. I can make out her voice ,taunting me telling me how I failed, what she will go on to do, the promise of pain for my friends, and how she will enjoy watching Pyrrha burn. She places her hand on my cheek, preparing to drive a dagger into my gut to finish it. Too bad for her she can't dodge my trump card this close up.

I grab her hand and flood it with my aura. Every last bit, pushing it in with reckless abandon. Not like I'll need it now. "Pawn takes Queen."

"What does that mean?" Blake asked.

"It means...Mr. Arc does have a trick up his sleeve." Glynda stated.

"But what is it?" Ozpin added on.

Whatever this trick was, it had to be dangerous if Jaune was using it as a last resort.

I can't help but say, she fancies herself a queen but in the end a pawn brought her down. "What … what did you do?" she's clearly in agony right now but after all she has done I couldn't care less. Mercury and Emerald are by her side instantly keeping her standing as she clutches her gut, good the blast will get them too. In the back of my mind I notice Mercury's scroll is still filming and has fallen so it's pointed towards us but I'm too exhausted and in pain to care. With nothing but dregs of aura in my system the stump of my shield arm has started bleeding again. "I discovered my semblance months ago. But it was too dangerous to use around people without training. So I practiced secretly, if my team found out they would have insisted on helping out." I have to drag this out long enough for my aura to charge up inside of her. "But it they would have gotten hurt if I made a single mistake, so I hid it from everyone." A glow has started to appear around her. That means in about two minutes the fireworks start. "My semblance is priming and detonating. By pushing my aura into something I can turn it into an explosive and with that Fall Maiden power fueling it the explosion will wipe us off the map."

"WHAT?!" Nora yelled out.

"His semblance is MATRYDOM?!" Weiss yelled out.

"NO! THERE HAS TO BE A WAY OUT OF THIS!" Ruby yelled out as she was stressing out.

They couldn't believe it...they were going to see Jaune twice in a row?

I can feel it I'm dying I've run out of energy to stay upright and I fall on my back. I've probably lost most of the blood in my body, but the look of terror on her face soothes me. This is it she has no way to stop the blast. I've put her in checkmate. I notice Emerald and Mercury haven't run off, I can admire their loyalty if nothing else. "How?" At this point her voice is little more than a croak. "How can you sacrifice yourself so easily?" This is an easy answer. "Because you're a threat to my friends. My life is worthless without them. Besides they'll be fine. Pyrrha will be sad but she's strong, way stronger than me, she'll recover. Ren will be fine, nothing fazes that guy. Nora with her cheer will bounce back as long as she has Ren. Ruby will be sad for a while, I know that, but recovering from loss is something she sadly has experience in. Weiss won't care one way or another, our friendships a one way street after all. Yang will be fine and with her name cleared the sky is the limit for her. And Blake, I don't foresee her having problems moving on after all she been through. In the end it all comes down to the fact I'm the only one that's replaceable so why wouldn't I do it." That took everything I had to say but I'm glad I got to say it. Those seven made it all worth it. Irreplaceable friends, the closest thing I have to a real family. Cinder begins to scream in agony. I can feel my aura ready to explode only a few more seconds and it's over.

The teams were crying. Jaune really thought that much of them? But at the same time, he thought so little of them?

"I care about him more than that..." Blake said, ven thought she had never told Jaune that.

"I couldn't bounce back from his death..." Nora said feeling sad at the thought.

"I may be fine on the outside...but you don't know about what its like in my head.." Ren stated.

"I...I would care..." Weiss said, as Jaune may have been annoying at first, but he grew on her.

8 seconds….

Ruby. Sorry we can't go on to be the best leaders ever. You'll have to be the best by yourself. I still can't believe you, the prodigy, were willing to lend a hand to me the weakest hunter ever.

"Please...Don't die...Please don't die!" Ruby pleaded.

7 seconds….

Weiss. I'm sorry I annoyed you so much. Who knows we might have actually been friends if I hadn't bugged you so much. I would have liked that. If Neptune doesn't treat you right I'll come back from the grave and kick his ass.

"We are friends...We are friends, please! You don't need to do this! Not for me!" She yelled.

6 seconds….

Blake. I know you'll get faunus equality someday. Don't drown yourself in guilt over your past. You couldn't stop the Fang from turning out how it is now.

"You really believe that? Always the optimist..." She said as she felt tears forming.

5 seconds….

Yang. You always used me for jokes or just messed with me. But you meant well. After I failed at flirting you would always fake flirt with me to cheer me up. Try to cheer up Pyrrha for me okay. If anyone can do it you can.

"I...I don't think I could even cheer myself up! Come on! You don't need to sacrifice yourself! GET OUT OF THERE!" Yang yelled her eyes turning red.

4 seconds….

Ren. You once told me I was the closest thing you had to a brother. That is truer for me then you know. You always helped me even with school, the big idiot that I am. At least I won't hold you back anymore. And ask Nora out I know you both want to.

"You were never holding me back...you were helping me act like a normal human being..." He said as he hugged Nora close.

3 seconds….

Nora. The absolutely, most unpredictable girl I've ever met. You helped me live like a kid. Something I was denied growing up. You had better keep that smile on your face. I'm not worth a frown marring your face.

"Please...We can do all that again! We can have fun times again! Just please! DON'T GO!" She was bawling like a child.

2 seconds….

Pyrrha. What would I have done without you? You helped me so much and I never gave back. After I gave up on Weiss I noticed your feeling but I was too much of a coward to make a move. Besides you only wanted to be treated normally, plenty of people could do that, you didn't need a loser like me dragging you down.

"I LOVE YOU! Please don't go where I can't follow! Don't leave me all alone!" She yelled as she was crying, even though she knew it wasn't her Jaune.

1 second….

When I left my parents told me they hoped I died a bloody death. And that the cemetery was always opened for me to return to. Not entirely false given the situation but I don't care. I always did want to go out with a bang.

Detonation achieved.

There is no noise my explosions are always silent but a white light quickly consumes everyone and everything on the tower including the Dragon Grimm. I can feel a slight burn, my body is turning to ash. As I fade away I have only one thought "Good-bye my friends." And then I pass on

"..." The whole area was silent.

Glynda had turned her face into Ozpin's chest, as he was keeping his composure. But he still had a sad look on his face.

"How many people must die for peace to be achieved?" He thought as he didn't want anyone else to die.

"Why?...Why do all of that...just for us? Does he really care about us that much?" Weiss asked as she felt really guilty.

She had mocked the boy relentlessly...but now, she wanted to apologize for everything mean she had ever said to him.

No one's POV

Everyone stares at their scrolls, monitors on the street, or at a television not believing what they saw. It's clear that Jaune had no idea his last thoughts on his friends were spoken aloud. Then they feel the shockwave. The tower collapses from the force of the blast. Chunks of the Dragon Grimm ran down slowly evaporating. The rest of the Grimm run in fear of something that could kill a Grimm so powerful. As a chorus of cheers rose through the war-torn area the students had a different reaction. Wail rose from those close to Jaune while sobs from the others rang out. The teachers unable to keep their heads up at the fact a student had to sacrifice himself or the fact they had missed such brutal emotional scarring. In his office, nursing his wounds, Ozpin adds a large amount of liquor to his coffee. Thinking of ways he could have prevented this. Jaune would never know what an impact he had on people and the world.

"It reminds me of an old saying." Ozpin said.

"So many stories, where the hero sacrifices himself to stop some great evil. And because of their sacrifice, the good guys all cheer, the bad guys lose, and everyone wins happily ever after..." Ozpin said as he looked to the group.

"But the hero...never gets to see that ending, he'll never know if the day was actually saved...he'll never know whether his sacrifice actually made a difference." He said as Ruby spoke up.

"Then what was the point?" She asked.

"In the end...he just had to have faith..." Ozpin said.

They stopped watching for a bit. They needed time to adjust.