The clash of swords met Andrew's ears as he materialized on the large, partially darkened room. The boyish looking Angel of Death had a sinking feeling. This was the final confrontation. In the far corner he saw his counterpart from the other side, a pulsating black maw. One of them would be escorting an Immortal soul to either eternal glory or eternal darkness. Who would die this night, Andrew didn't know. Only God did. His role was to simply wait. He glanced around the room, noting the floor-to-ceiling windows along one side. Dimly they lit the room with reflected light from the city below. It gave the two circling combatants an almost unearthly glow. Sparks flashed off of metal as the blades struck each other. Each showed off their skill with fancy twirls of their respective blades. There was also a woman in the room. Andrew watcher her with interest. She was pretty, at least by human standards, with long brownish blonde hair. Her face was an odd mix of terror and determination. She cared about the outcome of this battle and would be here until the bitter end. Andrew returned his attention to the conflict. He knew something of the events leading up to this. Connor MacLeod had become immortal over 400 years ago by the hand of another immortal. The very one which he fought today. Kurgan. In a way, it had set the stage for this final battle. Kurgan had dispatched two friends of Connor's, Rameriz and Castigan. It made for a blood debt between them. A fancy way of calling it revenge. Then Kurgan had kidnapped, Brenda Wyatt, the woman who now stood leaned against the far wall. Andrew had no doubt of her fate if Kurgan won. Connor had scored a major wound on the black leather-clad form of Kurgan. The bald Immortal looked.stunned. Madness whirled in his dark eyes. The Highlander struck again. Now the battle became they did in the movies when they wished to emphasis something.slow motion. Connor struck again. Both out of control, they rushed each other and stopped. The blank look of death overtook Kurgan's eyes and his massive bulk toppled. Andrew saw Connor's death stroke and heard the other Immortals's soul-shriek of terror as the black maw overtook it and escorted to eternal darkness. The Quickening began then. Andrew was about to leave, his wait was over, but he stopped. No, there was one more thing he had to do. When the pyrotechnics ended and Connor's body fell to the floor, there was a brief moment of death. For just a few seconds Connor's body and soul separated. The shaggy looking Highlander saw Andrew. "I have a message from God. He loves you and will continue to look after you. Be at peace and be happy." Andrew gave the stunned man a comforting smile. The Angel had a feeling Connor would wisely administer the prize he had won. The soul returned to the body. Connor partly rose and was embraced by Brenda. Andrew knew is was time to leave. Humanity was in excellent hands. Connor would probably go home for awhile to sort things out, but when he decided, if he decided to use the, such things were not for the Angel to contemplate. With a final smile at the hugging couple and quite glad he had not been needed in his traditional roll, Andrew left. There was a battle I the Middle East and a young soldier was dying.

Originally published in Rules of the Game #4. Reprinted here by the author with a few editorial changes.