Alec's POV:

"Are you ready sweetheart?" Maryse says in a questioning voice to me, her oldest son. "Almost. Why are you even taking me to school? Why can't Antonio or Zara take me?" I complain. "The servants don't take you unless I'm busy, which I'm not so I'm taking you." I don't argue and just head to the car.

Ones we approached Shadowhunter High they started to slow down. "I love you Alec. Have a nice day sweetie. And don't forget you need to bring up your grades! You won't get your car back unless you do." I groan and make sure to slam the car door as I exit. I hear the bell ring so I rush into the school, only to find out I'm late again. Great.

"Mr. Lightwood, late again I see. I guess that means..." Mr. Hodge was saying when he was suddenly interrupted by a tall student slamming the door open and rushing in to the classroom. "Ah Mr. Bane I see you and Mr. Lightwood are both late again. It seems like you two have something in common and would like to discuss it together in detention!"

He says obviously angry. "Yes sir." We both mutter heading back to our seats. Once seated I turn to look at the guy who rushed in earlier. He was obviously Asian and tall. He was also quite skinny with black spiked hair and three piercings in his ear. But the best part was his eyes. They were a cat like green. He was dressed in black tights and a green tight shirt that matched his eyes. And for some reason he had a lot of rings.

"Mr. Lightwood please stop staring at Mr. Bane and pay attention." Mr. Hodge said earning laughter from the kids. I felt my cheeks heat up. I did a quick glance at Bane and saw him smirking at me. Just great.

"You two know why your in here right. For being late three days in a row! Please explain your reasons." Mr. Hodge asked us. "My mom took my car and has been driving me to school. She's not use to the hours yet." I finish smirking knowing Mr. Hodge is buying it. "And you Mr. Bane?" We both look at him with questioning looks. "Um... I don't have a excuse. lazy. I guess."

He answers unsure. "I am very ashamed Mr. Bane. I expected a good excuse like Alec over here, not a lazy one." He says with a disappointed look. Bane looks just as disappointed. "Anyhow you boys get a little acquainted while I use the restroom. Behave." As soon as he leaves I turn to Bane. "Soooo... what's your name?" He looks at me and smirks, "wouldn't you like to know." "Yeah that's the point". "It's Magnus. And yours?" "Alexander. But you can call me Alec." He nods. Then he looks like he's about to say something but just looks at his desk. "Why we're you staring at me during class?" He questions.

"I haven't notice you before. So I needed to get a good look at you." I say looking away. "Did you like what you saw." He says winking. "I'm not... I don't... I wouldn't even..." Suddenly Mr. Hodge burst into the room.

"Enough chit chat for the next three hours I want complete silence." Good three hours to my self.

"This will be the last time right boys." "Yes Mr. Hodge." We answer obviously bored. "Good. Dismissed." We rush out. Once in the hallway I ask him one last question, "I know I shouldn't ask but what was the real reason you came late? You obviously we're lying to Hodge so what's the reason?" "Your right you shouldn't ask." He says coldly. "Come on tell me."


"Tell me."


"Come on".



"ALEXANDER please stop!"

I stare at him. Stunned by his yelling. "Alec please stop". He says it with such pleading eyes I nod and stop pestering. Once outside I walk to the car and Magnus walks away not even bothering to say bye. Good he was acting weird. I say to myself knowing it was lie.