Year One

My legs remained unstable underneath me as I kept my focus on the table. I remembered what mommy and daddy looked like every time they had done it. It had seemed easy enough yet every time I tried I always landed back on my butt. Thankfully my diaper would cushion me whenever I had a failed attempt, especially right now. Mommy and daddy never let me try on my own; that's probably why I couldn't walk yet. I glanced over to the boy as he successfully wobbled all around the living room. His face smiling; his eyes looking to me for a brief moment as he continued his smug show. He managed to do it effortlessly while I was still confined to the ground. His mommy and daddy were much calmer. It seemed every time I would even try to do something on my own they would hold my hands or arms. Not this time. Because of his little show all the adults in the room watched him on in amusement, thus I could finally do this without mommy or daddy reaching out to grab me.

I focused on my right leg first as I bent my knee and slowly pushed my foot forward. The carpet tickled my foot as it slid. I planted it firmly back on the ground still using the couch as my support. I waited a couple seconds satisfied at my stability. Another glance to the parents showed I was still free to continue with my experiment. I took another uneasy step planting the second foot beside the first. I didn't feel the backwards tilt and so I continued finally releasing the couch. One foot in front of the other. I focused on the table as my destination. If I could make it there I could make it anywhere. The boy stopped his show and looked at me with a smile. I continued my journey.

Mommy and daddy had now turned away from the boy and focused back on me. If I didn't hurry then they would surely stop me again. One foot. Two foot. One foot. Two foot. Mommy looked scared as she went to reach for me. Without thinking I picked up my pace trying to move faster to the table. If I could just get there. The boy's mommy reached forward and grabbed mommy's shoulder to stop her; a big toothy smile on her face. Their mouths were moving but I didn't understand what was being said. The boy continued to stare at me. But I had to do this. Mommy smacked daddy and he ran from the room coming back in with that boxy machine watching me with it. Whenever I had done something which pleased them that come out.

One foot. Two foot. One foot. Two foot. The table now only a few steps away. I had finally done it. As my fingers finally touched the wood I couldn't help to smile at my accomplishment. I looked to mommy and daddy as their faces showed me how happy they were that I had done it; without them. The boy now moved from the center of the room taking his graceful steps towards me. He didn't need the tables support to keep him upright. Honestly the trip from the couch to here had worn me out and I wanted to sit back down. From everything I'd discovered about this little test; walking wasn't very fun.

He stood by me now his bright green eyes staring at me strongly. I couldn't help but to smile at him. He made me feel just like mommy and daddy made me feel. He reached a hand out to me and wrapped his chubby fingers around my wrist and tugged on me softly. His hold was strong and safe. His eyes remaining on mine, 'Trust me'. I released the table. He walked slower than he had before for my benefit and tugged me across the room so that now we were both standing in the middle together. All the mommy's and daddy's were smiling talking to one another. I wonder if one day I would know what they were actually saying to me. Edward looked to the adults and then to me smiling.

"Mine." Just one sound came from his mouth. I just continued to smile as did he. Both our mommy's made that scared sound; like the sound mommy would make whenever I would try climbing up onto the living room table. They covered their mouths looking between him and me. The daddy's eyes grew real wide as they stared at the boy. I didn't like it when mommy and daddy were scared. I glared back at the boy and frowned pulling my hand from his. My balance wasn't quite ready for the loss of support as I fell backwards onto my butt. Now this was just annoying.

He frowned and stepped forward grabbing my hand again as he pulled me up and towards him, wrapping his other arm around my back. I had never been hugged by someone my size. Only the adults. He placed his head into my hair and sighed. "Mine." He whispered again. This time the mommy's looked much happier as they hugged each other; covering their own mouths. The daddy's had hands resting on each other's shoulders. Maybe this was a good thing then. 'Mine.' What did that mean?