The Wolf and the Lamb

Summary: Edward and the Cullens are moving to the little small town of Forks. Edward soon meets Jacob and neither of them can deny the underlying chemistry between them. But will outside forces get in the way or will their love trump all? Edward/Jacob M/M Slash. The Cullens are human but wolf pack still exist.

Disclaimer: I, sadly, do not own twilight or any of the lovely characters.

Chapter 1: The Move

Edward POV

Forks, Washington. A tiny, wet and rain town in a cold, cloudy state. I don't understand why Carlisle, my father, and Esme, my mother insisted we move here. I understand that Carlisle accepted a job there but my father is a great doctor and of all the places he chooses to settle down, it's a small rainy, yucky town.

I'd finally finished packing my last box, and took one last look around my old room. I'd live here since I was a kid and it was extremely difficult knowing this would be the last time I would see this room or this house.

Sighing sadly, I picked up my last box filled with my favorite books and headed downstairs.

My sister Alice greeted with a sad smile.

"How you doing, Lamb?" She asked referring to me by the nickname I had been given since a kid.

"I'm alright, I guess. I'll obviously miss this place but hopefully I'll adjust well to Forks," I said thought really I doubted I would.

"Forks will be good for us. Now c'mon. Everyone else is already in the cars," she said dragging me toward the cars.

I went with her reluctantly, casting one last look at my old house before hopping in the car with my other siblings.

"Lamb, you ready to go?" My older, brother Emmett asked.

"Yep," I replied before taking out one of my books in the box I had brought.

Emmett started the car and I started reading my book knowing this was going to be a long drive to Forks.

"Hey, hey, Lamb, wake up," I heard. I slowly opened my eyes and looked around in a daze.

"Did I fall asleep ?" I asked yawning. Well obviously, dumbass.

"Yeah, you were knocked out for a couple hours. I wanted to pull some pranks on you like the whip cream on nose but a certain little pixie is quite aggressive," Emmett said giving Alice a pointed look. Alice just smiled innocently.

"Well I just didn't want little Eddie here waking up with whip cream on his nose and didn't want to find out what would happen to you if Esme found out," Alice said and Emmett immediately.

"We're almost there," My other brother Jasper said.

"How much longer?" I asked. My legs were seriously getting cramped and I desperately wanted to go for a walk.

"Just five to ten minutes," My sister Rosalie responded.

Ok good, I thought. Not too much further now.

About five minutes later we arrived at a big house on the outskirts of town. The house had big glass windows and looked to be two or three stories high.

I quickly hopped out of he car and joined my parents.

"Ok, so the moving truck should be here in a couple of hours so you can go pick out your rooms and put anything you brought my hand in your room," Carlisle said.

"Alright," my siblings said and went into the house, Esme following them into the house. But I waited behind and Carlisle gave me a questioning look.

"Hey, Carlisle, can I go for a walk?"