Hi there readers:

So, I just got done reading a My Little Poney story, in fact, two actually. And I have to say, I'm brewing up a story here...

This is a My Little Pony and Harry Potter crossover, includes time travel, Hermione, Weasley family, Dumbledore, Remus, Discord, Chryalis bashing. Don't worry, I already cleared it up with the author, and they said yeah.

Title: The Power of True Love

Summary: Takes place during Daughter of Discord. The last time Mothball saw Screwy was on the night of her birthday party. The last time Screwy thought of her Changeling prince, was after he'd sent her his last flower. Now many years later, Screwy's happily married to another stallion, has a life she can be happy in, and has everything that she's ever wanted in life. Mothball's sudden return to Ponyvile not only has her family questioning themselves, but it can also mean that old feelings have resurfaced. Can Mothball convince Screwball that he didn't mean any of it? Or will their own family get in the way, and force them to remain apart?

Pairs: Screwball/Mothball Screwball/Oc Mothball/Ginny Mothball/Screwball

Rating: K+

Warnings: Time travel, hidden identity, secret meetings, and undying truths

Hope you all like it!



The boy who was once lost

Has now returned home

The girl who was once in love

Has now moved on

Can these two come together after many hardships?

Or will the boy's new life force them to remain strangers?