When Nico woke he was alone. Sitting up, the world shifted and he placed a hand to his horribly pounding head. "Where-" He didn't have time to finish his thought before vomiting over the side of the bed. Coughing, Nico straightened, cringing at the horrible taste in his mouth and the ringing in his ears. Wait, Nico realized when the ringing didn't stop, that's a phone.

Scrambling out of the bed, Nico searched around until he found his jeans, pulling out his phone. Bringing it to his ear, Jason's voice shouted at him, "Finally! I've been calling you all day!"

Nico grimaced. "Jace, can you not yell?"

Nico could feel Jason's anger and concern through the phone. "I'm going to yell all I want! Where the hell are you?"

Nico glanced around the room, when the memory of the night before flooded over him. Nico groaned in shame. "I think I'm still at Mayhem."

Nico could practically see the crease in Jason's forehead. "I didn't see you when I left with Piper, I assumed you'd already left."

Nico paused, Will Solace's face flashing in front of his eyes. "I… met someone…"

It was several moments before Jason said anything. "That's great, Neeks. So do you want me to come get you?"

Nico sighed in relief. "Please." Nico pulled on his clothes, exiting the bedroom and silently making his way through the now-dark and empty club. He was three steps from freedom when a voice came from the shadows.

"You look a bit ruffled Mr. di Angelo." Nico jumped, whirling around. Out of the shadows stepped Reyna, not nearly as draped in gold and silver as she had been the night before. She was wearing simple designer jeans and a button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled to the elbows.

Nico blushed in embarrassment. "I'm sorry, I was just leaving."

Reyna smiled. "Don't let me stop you then," Nico turned awkwardly, making the last few steps to be in the club's doorway. As he stepped past, Reyna called after him. "Will told me to give you this by the way," Nico heard steps as Reyna moved closer, until he could feel her breath tickling the back of his neck. Her hand reached around his shoulder, placing a small slip of paper in his leather jacket pocket. As Reyna pulls away, she whispers, "It's his number. Call him." Like a ghost, she slipped away, leaving Nico alone to walk out of the club, the slip of paper making his jacket feel heavy and his heart feel light.

Outside, Jason's car was waiting and Nico didn't waste a second slipping into the passenger seat. Gratefully Jason didn't say anything or complain when Nico hissed as they pulled into the bright sunlight, he simply silently handed Nico a pair of sunglasses which he pulled on greedily. They rode to Nico's condo in silence until they pulled up. Putting the car in park, Jason looks at Nico with concern. "Want me to stay?"

Nico shook his head, already getting out. "I'll be fine, just need some Advil and to not move for a week."

That made Jason chuckle. "Alright, well call if you need anything."

Nico waved him off as he made his way into the building. His place was on the third floor and as he shuffled into his living room Nico smelled him. Salty ocean breeze filled his nostrils as the person Nico hated most in the world stood from his place on Nico's couch. Nico shuddered a gasp as he took in the young man's features for what felt like the first time. Black untidy hair that never laid flat, and seaweed green eyes that had once stared at Nico as if he were the only person in the world who mattered.

"Percy…" Nico breathed, not believing his eyes.

Percy was wearing a blue shirt with his college emblem on the front, his hands stuck in his rugged jeans pockets as he cocked his head and grinned. "Hey, baby, you didn't change the locks… Guess that means you missed me."