"What is it Luthor? If I knew you were going to bother me this much I would have declined"

"Eobard, I told you I would need your services, and you have done nothing but beat two children. It would have been easier to get Joker to listen. Now will you please leave them and let us discuss the matter at hand?"

Zoom growled "Fine, I'll be there soon"

Angry, because he had to quit his game with Flash and annoyed that he had to travel to the other end of the world to be told what was needed of him, Zoom decided a quick beating would help him. In his enraged state, he didn't bother opening the door and just shifted through it. A second later he was brutally kicking the Flash's precious nephew, leaving him a bloody mess.

"Wha-what was that for?" The damaged boy asked, caution laced through his small voice.

Zoom didn't bother answering, still majorly annoyed, he phased through the door again on his way out and started running to his far away destination.


After an hour of running, a frustrated and tired Zoom entered the warm cabin. Lex Luthor sat at the head of the table, arms positioned evilly underneath his chin.

"Took you longer than I expected"

"I just ran across however many kilometres of water and then through a blizzard with the strength of a tsunami! Of course I was slowed down!"

"At least you made it here"

Zoom brushed the snow off his suit "Yeah, now will you tell me why I had to run all the way from Central City to the middle of the North Pole?"

"I want you to kill Bruce Wayne" Luthor stated simply.