The Adopted Malfoy-


"Albus, is this really a good idea? They're Muggles." Minerva sighed as Dumbledore placed one year old, Harry Potter on the doorstep of the house, identical to most others on the street.

"It will keep him safe Minerva."

"But Albus-"

"Please, let's not talk about this. I'm getting old and quite tired. We must be heading back." Dumbledore waved her off.

"I hope you know what you're doing Albus."

"Me too Minnie."


Petunia Dursley's let out a shrill shriek when she was greeted with a child on her doorstep, with black tuffs of hair and emerald green eyes.

"Vernon!" Petunia called, picking up the child and taking him inside, for if people saw her leave a defenceless child out in the cold, they'd be shamed.

"What is it Pet?" Vernon grumbled. He looked at his wife in surprise when he saw a basket with a toddler in it.

"Vernon, it looks just like them! With its black hair and green eyes!" Petunia hissed furiously.

"Is there any notes? Can we just drop him off somewhere?" Vernon huffed.

"There's a letter. But we can't drop him off somewhere. He might not even be freak. He might have skipped the horrible gene." Petunia said with distaste.

"Well? Open the letter!" Vernon urged, looking at his wife expectantly.

"Ok!" Petunia placed the basket on the couch and picked up the letter, opening the envelope. "Ok... It says, 'Dear Petunia and Vernon Dursley, this is Harry James Potter, Son of James and Lily Potter. Unfortunately Harry's parents were murdered and Harry's Godfather placed in jail for treason. Harry is now your responsibility. Have fun, signed, Albus Dumbledore.'" Petunia scowled at the paper.

"Those freaks are dead, but we get stuck with their child." Vernon muttered bitterly.

"I'll make the freak a bed under the stairs. We can't have him taking up the guest room with wasteful air."


"Oi freak! Don't burn the eggs this time!"

"Yes Uncle Vernon."

"Don't forget to do the garden today."

"Yes Aunt Petunia."

"Hey freak! I spilt my juice on the carpet. Make sure to get me another cup and clean it up."

"Yes Dudley." Five year old Harry sighed. He wiped his sweaty forehead with his hand and opened the fridge to pour juice into a cup, watching the eggs carefully before he placed the juice onto the bench, scooping the eggs from the pan to the plate of food. He placed the plate on the table for his uncle and went to clean the juice stain in the lounge room.

He didn't like working, but his relatives were strict and didn't like house work. So he was left to do it all. It wasn't the worst thing in world. It was only bad if he disobeyed or made a mistake. His back was still sore from burning the eggs yesterday.

"Oi freak, where's my juice?" Dudley huffed while Harry was halfway through cleaning the juice out of the carpet.

"On the bench." Harry said softly, ducking his head with a wince when Dudley's foot dug into his blistered back.

"You think you can slack off like that? What, you think you're special?" Dudley sneered.

"No Dudley." Harry whispered.

"What? Speak up freak!" Dudley barked, drawing the adults attention to the scene.

"No Dudley!" Harry choked out loudly when a swift kick hit his stomach.

"Don't raise your voice at me! No wonder your stupid parents died, they probably couldn't stand you!" Dudley growled. He didn't expect to fly back into wall mere moments later after that comment.

"Don't say that!" Harry bellowed. His eyes were fiery green and glowing, his cloths floating slightly in an invisible breeze. "Don't talk about them like that!" Tears were gathering in the little boys eyes as Dudley fell on his ass, the invisible force draining from the five year old as he sobbed. Petunia held back Vernon when he went to teach the child a lesson for hurting his son, walking to Harry slowly. She crouched down to the five year olds height.

"Harry." Petunia said softly. "Stand up. We're going out for a little while." She said soothingly as the five year old wiped again large tears, giving his hand for Petunia to take hold of. Petunia gave a strained smile and went to Harry's closet, grabbing a few things, clothes and toiletries and packing them into a small bag.

"Come on Harry." Petunia said, leading the child to the door. "Vernon, I'm sure you can take Dudley to the hospital so they can check on him. I'll be out for a few hours." She closed the door behind her and hopped into her car, placing Harry in the backseat.

"Aunt Petunia? Where are we going?" Harry asked, his face red and blotchy as he clutched his bag.

"A sleepover. A really long sleepover." Petunia smiled sadly to herself, she had hoped that the boy would wield magic, but he was dangerous. He could have killed her son. He had to leave. It was safe for her family, even if it meant losing the last part of her sister.

"I can sleep at someone else's house? But I don't have any friends." Harry said with confusion.

"I'm sure you'll make lots once you're there..."

:/:End Chapter:/: