Chapter 2

The moment the Light was torn from Ana's body, she knew, but she did not falter. Her intensive training with Shaxx had trained her well enough without her Light that she was able to take it in stride and keep running. Breaker continued to outpace her as he had before, seeming equally unfazed by the loss of his light, but they had slightly more pressing issues. With the loss of their light, their swords lost their power source, and the blades extinguished, leaving them with no more weaponry available, except for a single trick Ana still had up her sleeve. As the two lightless Guardians slid around a corner into another hall, they found themselves heading towards a dead end. As she passed an off color tile on the wall, Ana slammed her fist into it, triggering a mechanism she'd seen Eris activate a million times. The wall at the end of the hall slid down into the floor, revealing a large room filled with glowing green Hive artifacts with bits of dead Hive bodies scattered about for Eris's strange research.

The Titan slid to a stop as he entered the room, and Ana bolted past him, hitting a lever that brought the wall back up, sealing the Cabal out, and causing the entirety of the room to drop, like an elevator, slowly descending down towards the secret lair Eris had under the tower. The ride down was tense and silent, with Breaker glancing at Ana from time to time. When the elevator room stopped and the doors slid open, they walked in on an absolute disaster. It looked like Eris and another much larger individual had hurriedly packed up and left, grabbing only what was essential among the tables and tables of Hive artifacts, papers, and weapons. Ana knew, however, that Eris wouldn't have taken what she was looking for. As she began to make a beeline for a large blackened chest with several Hive symbols on the front, Breaker reached out and grabbed her arm to stop her.

"Ana, I know what you're doing. I know what you're looking for." Breaker removed his helmet with his other hand so he could look Ana in the eye properly, his violet eyes glowing in the dimly lit chamber, pleading with her. "You promised me that you would never touch that thing ever again." Without saying a word in response, Ana pulls away from and crouches down in front of the box, slowly reaching one hand towards the symbols. She pauses for just a moment, before pressing the symbols in a specific order, causing the box to unlock and pop slightly open. As Ana puts her hands under the lid of the box, she lowers her head a bit before letting out a sigh.

"Breaker." Ana's voice was full of emotion, as if she was reluctant to follow through with what she was about to do. "The promise I made was not to you. I made a promise to myself, and chose to share it with you. That promise has been broken, though, and so it's time I pick up my old gear. The Traveller has failed me again, has failed everyone, and the only constant is the power I took myself." Ana turns back to the box and flips the lid open, with Breaker slumping down a bit, his gaze filled with disappointment as he watches Ana lift a jet black hand cannon from within the box, the glowing green spots on it somehow seeming to darken the area around the gun. With a flick of her wrist, Ana checks the cylinder on the handcannon, smiling to herself when she sees that it is still loaded. Ana snaps the cylinder back into place, and slowly places the gun, her Thorn, into the holster on her hip, and begins to change her gear with what was present in the box.

Edward hit the ground hard, rolling until he came to a stop, his Ghost tumbling several feet away from him. He lay stunned on the other side of the chasm from the Cabal that had been on his trail, and it took him several moments to drag himself to his feet, completely dumbfounded. As he scooped up his deactivated Ghost and began trying to run away, stumbling as he went, he tried to piece together the events that had just transpired. He'd been overrun by the Cabal in the city, and used a Tether to distract and disable so he could flee. Then, after he'd put a ton of distance between himself and the city, he went to slow, but stumbled across a Cabal patrol of a few dozen. He ran again, and leapt over the chasm behind him, using his triple jump to get him across, and right before he landed, the light was snatched away… and that's why he felt so broken… his light was gone. This realization hit him as he was running, and he began to panic, realizing he was mortal now. Edward changed course slightly, heading straight for one of the outer cities resource vaults, where they kept most of the harvested food inside titanium vaults to keep it out of the hands of the Fallen.

2 days after the attack...

Jace slowly came to, a bright light shining in his face, and a voice calling his name. A massive surge of energy brought him fully awake, and he found his Ghost barely floating in front of him, what remained of the piece of the Traveller he'd had in its shell glinting white. Jace knew immediately that what had remained in that shard was the only reason his Ghost was active, meaning his Light hadn't been restored yet. With a sense of dread settling over him, Jace slowly gets to his feet, looking around at what remained of the Last city, the burning and collapsed ruins of what he had once called home. Slowly, Jace began to make his way through the ruins, dodging Cabal patrols and using the darkness as cover, hiding his Ghost inside the compartment in his back like normal.

After nearly an hour of slow movement, he finally reached the grate that led into the sewer system, his only way out. Jace lifts the grate with ease, and then drops in, reaching up to replace the grate as he begins his trek through the sewers, wondering what may have become of everyone else, praying that somewhere, they still live.

The Exo Titan shakes his head as he pulls himself out of the alcove he had hidden in, looking around to make sure the Hive had moved on. In his right hand, he clutched the Shard that had saved his life, reactivating his Ghost and allowing him to be resurrected, barely a minute before the Light was lost. The memory of the pain that had torn through him as he was ripped in half was still fresh in his mind, and so was the betrayal, having been abandoned by his companion. Finally, he found himself standing in the Hive's ship bay, and had no trouble getting onto one of the smaller Hive fighters. It took him several long minutes to figure out how the ship worked, but he was a natural born pilot, there wasn't a thing in any world that he could not fly. The rumble of the engines starting up brings a smile to his metal lips, and he launches out of the docking bay, and quickly puts himself into hyper-speed travel, on a set course for Earth. The Exo takes off his helmet, and stares into the reflective surface of his faceplate for a long time before he speaks.

"You're free. Free from the Hive, free from those who would leave you to die. You're free, Je5us." The Exo smiles to himself again, and puts his helmet back on as the Radar starts going off, letting him know that there are ships in close pursuit of him. "Well, almost free." he chuckles to himself as he begins activating all the weapons and defensive systems, and then drops out of Hyper-speed to confront the Cabal ships chasing him.

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