Title: Catching Up

Author: Stacey Underwood

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Spoilers: Dom goes to see an old friend, he wants to change… but can he?

Disclaimer: I don't own or know anyone in this story except Jade.

Everyone in the garage turned their heads to see the nice orange car pull up in roar of noise. The cars engine turned off and Dominic Toretto stepped out.

"Dan" Jade called across the garage "finish up this car" she added not looking to see if Dan had heard her as she walked over to Dominic.

"I want out" Dom said

"Come on I'll get you cleaned up" Jade replied.

Jade drove her nice sky blue car that was also made up like a street racing car. She drove to her home. Dom had a shower whilst Jade cleaned his clothes, when he got out his shirt wasn't clean so he sat on the sofa topless.

"What's going on?" Jade asked, speaking for the first time since they left the garage.

"I need a place to stay for a while, till I can get back on my feet" he told her.

"Who are you hiding from?" Jade asked him.

"The cops" he explained

"Why?" she asked.

Dom explained the past couple of days to her, Brian, Vince, Jesse, the trucks, Johnny Tran, Race Wars everything.

"Losing you was bad enough but Jesse was the last straw" he finished.

"Dom I'd do anything for you, you know I would, hell I went to…" Jade stopped mid-sentence

"Jail for me" he finished for her.

Jade was a street racer along with the team, she was unbeatable, and not even Dom could beat her. One night the team went out they had a drink and a laugh. Jade and Dom who were engaged at the time. Dom and Stacey left before the rest of them and drove home, Dom was driving, he knocked over and killed a woman, Jade told the courts it was her driving, she was done for illegal car parts, drunk driving, and reckless driving, she was sent down for three years.

"what I'm sayin is I'm outta all that racing shit now and have been for two and a half years, I got my own garage, my own place, I'm living an honest life an I don't wanna get caught up in all the cop shit again, I don't need it"

"And I don't want you to get caught up in but I need somewhere to stay, please"

"On one condition" she said

"I'll do anything"

"You gotta work at my garage, every day to pay me back"

"What if your boss won't let me?"

"Dom I am the boss, didn't you see the name of the garage?" Jade asked "Jade's Speed?"

"Done" he said.

"So how's life?" Dom asked once Jade had fetched his top "boyfriend?" he asked

"No boyfriend and life's great, got a feeling it's about to go down hill but hey we only live once. What about you?" she asked "where's Letty?"

"How'd you know about that?" he asked

"when I got out I came to see you guys, you weren't at home so I went to the spot (the spot was where everyone met up before a race) you were with Letty" Jade said "I didn't hang around, I made sure everyone was ok and left"

"We were only sleeping…"

"Dom don't, I don't need or want details" she said picking up her car keys.

"Where you goin?" he asked

"I'm gonna sort some shit out, I won't be late. Er…help yourself to food, don't answer the door to anyone, and keep the TV low" she ordered him. She left the house and arrived home three hours later.

"Ok so here's the story. V is recovering nicely, Johnny Tran is in a comma, Brian has been fired, Letty and Leon are in New York, if a cop comes within a three mile radius of here I will know. The only person I can't find is Mia" Jade explained to him

"How'd you find that out?" he asked

"People owe me favours" Jade told him. "And I got some money out of the bank so you can go shopping tomorrow"

"I can't take your money off you" Dom said

"You can't live in that" Jade said pointing at what he was wearing. Jade took a shower then sat watching TV with Dom.

"So where did you go when you got out?"

Jade walked out of the prison gates and took a deep breathe "Freedom" she whispered. She looked around and saw her dad a few feet away. She walked over to him.

"Didn't expect to see you" Jade said

"You're a disgrace to this family, you don't deserve the name. Take this and never show your face again" her dad scolded her handing her a brown envelope.


"Don't!" he said before walking away and getting in to his car.

"There was nearly a million in there"

"Shit man" Dom said after hearing Jade's story.

"I haven't seen my dad or brother since"

"I'm sorry"

"being in prison made me realize I was gonna end up dead, or back inside and I didn't wanna do that, some one gave me some good advice 'a rocky road leads to the stars' that's what got me through, I believed it and it was true. I wanted to start over, with you, but when I saw you with Letty I knew you were still the same old Dom so I left"