He woke early the next morning and wasn't sure whether to go in to work or not.

"Stop being a fucking pussy Dom" he told himself. He dressed and went to work. When he got there the team where there. "Good" he whispered to himself as he walked over.

"Morning" Mia said to him. Stacey walked in to the office.

"Wait" Dom called. Stacey stopped. "I wanna talk to you all…I've made a decision" he said looking at everyone to make sure he had their attention. "I'm giving it up" he said.

"We are to" Vince said. That was a huge shock to Dom. He knew Letty and Leon could give it up but Vince, no never, Vince was a speed machine, it was like a drug to him, it was to all of them, but Vince needed it more than any of them. "We figured we got a second chance and we wanna do something other than running all the time". Everyone hugged everyone, Stacey stood by the door to her office, her family was back together, and tears filled her eyes.

"Well?" Dom asked waiting for a reaction from her.

"y'all aren't stayin in my house" she told them as Dom walked over to her and hugged her.


"LETTY I SWEAR IF YOU DON'T GET OFF YOUR FAT ARSE AND DO SOME WORK YOU WON'T HAVE A JOB" Stacey called across the garage tightening something inside the Ford Focus she'd been working on. Letty gave her a real nasty look then got up and continued to polish the car she'd been working on for nearly a week.

"Stacey, what do you want me to do with this?" Mia asked walking over to her.

"I don't know" Stacey said reading the piece of paper Mia was holding. Things had been hectic the past five months, since the team began working at Stacey's garage, everyone wanted something done to their car, they knew that the best mechanics were at that garage so everyone went there. Leon, Letty, Dom, Brian, Vince, Dan, Mike and Stacey were mechanics, Mia was the paper work girl, but still deadlines weren't being met.

"Stacey company" Vince called across the garage pointing at Jimmy (the cop) with his partner, Faith. Dom looked at him then at Stacey, he didn't like him, he didn't know the history they had and he hated that. Stacey walked slowly over to him.

"If you've come to search the place go ahead, but everything's legal" Stacey told him.

"we haven't come to search the place" Faith told her.

"we got some bad news" Jimmy began "can you meet me tonight?" he asked

"I'm gonna be here till bout 12 you can come here and see me" Stacey told him

"I'll be here around 9, make sure you're alone" Jimmy told her.

"what's going on?" Stacey asked

"I'll explain later" he said kissing her on the cheek and walking away.

"Jimmy" she called after him "what's going on?" she asked again.

"later" he said.

"HEY DOM GOT SOME COMPETITION" Leon shouted to him. Dom had been staring at Stacey and Jimmy the whole time they were talking. As Stacey walked in to the office Dom followed her.

"What's he want?" Dom asked trying not to sound pissed off wiping his hands on a rag.

"he wouldn't tell me he's coming back later" Stacey told him putting some papers in a folder.

"DON'T GIVE ME THAT SHIT!" Dom shouted at her "WHAT DID HE WANT?"

"Toretto you don't have the right to know anymore, you lost that right when you slept with that ho" she told him. Dom and the guys went out to a club a few weeks ago and Dom cheated on Stacey. Stacey only called Dom Toretto when she was highly pissed off with him.

"Your gonna throw that back in my face every time we fight aren't you?" he asked

"Probably" Stacey said not even looking at him. Dom threw down the rag and walked away. "dick" Stacey said watching him drive away in a cloud of smoke. "You guys can go to if you want" Stacey said walking back in to the office.

Letty, Vince, Mia, Leon, Brian, Dan and Mike left at 5.30 Stacey stayed to do some paper work and some touch ups on the 6 cars in the garage.

"Hello" Stacey answered the phone in the office at around 7 o'clock.

"Hey Stace, it's V, you wanna come to a club?" he asked

"No I'm ok here, have fun but make sure your all in work at 8 tomorrow"

"You sure you don't wanna come?" Vince asked

"110%" she replied. At around 9.00 Jimmy turned up.

"Hey" he said to get Stacey's attention whose head was under a car bonnet as usual.

"Hey" Stacey said standing up straight and looking at him.

"Shit what happened to you?" he asked. Stacey had a black eye, a slit lip and blood down her top.

"The reason you're here paid me a visit" Stacey said

"Johnny Tran" Jimmy said

"Yeah obviously one of my fans" Stacey joked closing the bonnet on the car.

"What did he want?" Jimmy asked

"Compensation" Stacey explained walking around the garage cleaning up with Jimmy following her.

"What for?" he asked confused

"Jesse owed him a car, he wanted a car"

"Did you give it him?" Jimmy asked.

"Look around does it look like I gave him one?" Stacey asked throwing a spanner in to the big red tool box that lay open on the floor.

"What did you give him, cause it seems to me like he's the kind of guy that wouldn't give up with out a fight"

"Oh we had a fight, gave him a black eye, but then I gave him 20k and my car" Stacey explained

"That 20k was your savings" Jimmy said

"Yeah, my 20k to get out of here and open up a garage somewhere else"

"So why'd you give it to him?"

"He gave me three options, my life, my money, or Toretto"

"Know which one I'd choose" Jimmy said

"J please I know you hate him and right now I do but I also love him, as screwed up as that sounds I do,"

"So cause you love him, you pay off his debt with your money, your car, and your face? That's not fair"

"That's one thing I've learnt when your apart of Toretto's world not a lot is fair" Stacey said "give me a ride home?" Stacey asked him turning off the lights.

"Sure" he said. Stacey walked in to the house expecting it to be empty but heard the TV. She walked in to the living room to see Dom sat at on a chair drinking a Corona, Mia and Brian snuggled up on the couch glued to the TV.

"What happened?" Dom asked jumping up from his chair and walking over to her, he rubbed his finger gently over her black eye and she winced in pain.

"watch it Dom,"

"What happened?" Brian asked joining in with Dom looming over her.

"an old friend paid me a visit, wanting payment"

"Tran?" Dom asked

"and first prise goes to the man that cost me 20k" Stacey said sarcastically walking in to the kitchen and getting a beer out of the fridge.

"he took money off you?" Dom asked following her.

"no he gave me a choice, me, you or my money, it took me a while to answer but I gave him the money in the end" Stacey joked

"Stop doing that!" Dom ordered

"Doing what?" Stacey asked sitting down on the couch.

"making it out to be a joke, this is serious"

"no it's not Dom, it was serious when I was getting my face smashed in, now it's funny cause it's over and I'm alive" Stacey said.

"I swear he's gonna pay for this" Dom said clenching his fists.

"No he's not Dom, it's over" Stacey said in a warning tone.

"I'm not gonna let him get away with what he did to you and your money" Dom said

"I knew it, as soon as he showed up you'd be back to your old ways, well pack your bags and find yourself a new job" Stacey said walking in to her room.

Stacey got out of bed at 6 am the next morning and answered the front door.

"Jimmy what's going on?" she asked still half asleep.

"is Toretto here?" he asked

"No, what's goin on?" she asked

"Johnny Tran's dead, Toretto's prints were found all over him" Jimmy explained

"He's been set up, he would never have…"

"I did" Dom said walking out of the kitchen with a Corona in his hand.

"Dom, why?" Stacey asked walking over to him.

"are you gonna put up a fight?" Jimmy asked him

"no" Dom told him. Jimmy walked over to him and cuffed him.

"Dom" Stacey said as Jimmy walked him out of the door. "I love you" she said

"Maybe when I get out we can start over"

"Yeah maybe"