Penny isn't sure how she got here.

Here being in her bra and panties inher bedroom with Raj, Howard and Leonard.

Definitely a bad porno, judging buy the increases in their pants not needing 3D.

She knows she's not drunk. Hasn't had any today.

So how is she in her underwear, with three nerds, if Sheldon then okay, even if he's odd.

Did I lose a bet? What kind of bet would I agree to if I lost would I agree to this as payment?

I'm trying to remember, hopefully it'll come back. Might as well get this started.

I really hope they're bigger than I'm imagining. I don't want three pencil dicks, that can't even give me one orgasm.

Thank God, I reupped my birth control, knowing them, one is going to cum too soon, maybe all 3. Well here goes.

"Well since I made sure no cameras, Howard."

Can't blame a guy, imagine the money, a hot blonde sucking and fucking 3 nerds. Oh man.

"Okay. No Anal, no pulling my hair while I give you head and do not creampie me, I'm not ready yet and I doubt any of you are, so even though I'm on birth control if you feel it try to pull out quick, I don't care if I'm cumming, pull it out and we can finish getting me off. Basically that's it, so shall we?"

I can't believe this is happening. Howard thinks. I can't believe I got her to do this. Oh science who knew.

Why do I feel bad about this? As Leonard says as they guys are in underwear and shirts, pants are somewhere with Penny's top and skirt. I know she's your dream girl and want to marry and have kids that are smart and beautiful. Dude what are the chances a chick like this would go out with you much less have sex with you? You're already defeating the odds.

I can't say anything, but this is freaking awesome. Who knew Penny would bet I couldn't get a hot girls number without talking to her? I kind of feel bad. But look at her, those tits, those hips and look at that ass. Oh baby. Too bad Howard and Leonard are here.

"Guys are we going to do this or not? Or am I just stand here in my bra and panties. If so then, just whip them out and jerk off."

"Yeah we're ready."

"Just never done this kind of thing."

"Well it's a first for me."

"I'll get on my knees and to make things less awkward, I'll pull each out and start sucking, okay?"


"Sounds good."

Penny gets on her knees, since Howard is too her left, pulls him out first.

Please don't be tiny.

Thank God.

Got some size, little girth. As she starts stroking it. Then starts sucking.

"Oh thank the heavens and my Rabbi."

Is he serious?

"Oh baby." Howard moans.

I can't believe I bet them. Well I hadn't doubled it'd be just a date, me and my big mouth.

As she feels Howard start to twitch she knows it's soon and soon as she says this he's cunning in her mouth.

Leonard being in front she pulls his pants down. Similar size to Howard.

As she strokes his dick, God has he seen the sun? As she starts bobbing her head on his dick.

She feels him run his hands through her head. If he pulls I'll pull something.

"Ohh Penny." Leonard moans.

Oh sweet penny, yes.

Soon he's shooting his load down her throat.

She turns to her right and pulls out Raj, definitely longer and wider than the other two, not surprising really. She strokes Raj's brown dick in her hand until he gets hard.

She goes down as he stands there.

"Raj. If you're going to stand there like a mummy. I might as well just do these two, so relax, plus I'm kind of looking forward to what moves you might have."

Oh see thinks because I'm Indian I know Kuma sutra, well with that she won't walk for a week.

So she goes back to sucking Raj off and he relaxes, moaning or was it squeaking, until he loaded down her throat. Damn he has a bunch.

She gets up removes her bra and panties.

"So how are we going to do this?" Leonard asks.

"I was thinking, one fucks me and I suck the other 2 and do that until each cums, remember pull out, or would you prefer one fucks and other 2 watch?"

"We could do yours, but we'd like to eat your pussy. "


Might as well. She thinks.

She lays on the bed.

"Since I started with Howard, then Leonard and then Raj. Let's continue that way."

"That's fair."

Howard looks at Penny's bare clean shaven pussy, it's mesmerizing, perfect. He goes down on her.

Oh shit. Penny thinks, as she throws her head back caused by Howard's tongue. As she digs in the sheets with her fist.

"Oh Howard, yes. Oh my. God!"" As she cums. Maybe I'll have Howard visit from time to time. Where did he learn that?

As she regains her breathing.

"Okay Leonard, let's see what you got."

He starts out slow and then speeds up and penny is digging her toes and fists into the sheets.

Dear God , where did they learn to eat Pussy and like this?

"Oh Leonard. Oh oh. Yeah. Uh huh. I. I. Ahhhhh!" As she orgasms.

What the hell?

I'm not sure I'll be able to last.

Raj's turns.

He goes down quickly on her, making her wet quickly, she wraps her legs around the back of his neck and drawing him closer. As his tongue brings her closer.

"Raj, yes!" As penny cums.

"Could you give me 5. "

"Go grab some waters and bring me back one. I need to recover until we do the last one."

(Five minutes later)

"Thank you." As Penny downs the water.


"I'll be on my back, each as you take turns when fucking me, be missionary, while I suck one from left and right at the same time"

"You'll take turns until Raj cums."


The guys get in position.

Howard slides in her. Damn that actually feels good.

Mmm. Oh yeah. Really good. Penny says.

He starts penetrating her.

Oh Howard. Mmm. As she then starts sucking Leonard and Raj off, this is crazy.

"Ahh!" As she cums.

She can feel Howard start to tighten.

He pulls out and cums on her tits. He rubs them and she sucks on his fingers.

He almost cums then.

Guys switch.

Leonard slides in.

Aww. This feels good Leonard says.

He starts pupping Penny as she's sucking the other two.

That's right Leonard. Oh shit. That's the spot, maybe we should do this again. Or the least I knock on their door at night.

What the Hell Penny?

Soon her eyes roll in the back of her head as she feels Leonard hit the spots. While she tries to focus on sucking the other two. Before she's cumming again.



"Leonard you're doing good. Just don't stop."

"Penny look."

She looks and notices he's about to give her a facial. She closes her eyes as Leonard shoots it all over face. She wipes most off with her fingers and sucking them off her fingers, rest she used a towel.

Raj's turn.

Raj goes deeper and spreads her wider.

Shit he's stretching me. Oh stretch me Raj.

Damn she feels good. I'm make her beg.

She feels him pick up speed and then picks up her leg, oh shit he's doing Kuma on me, making her wetter.

"Oh Raj, deeper, oh you're so deep."

"Fill me up, fill me, stretch it good. Make me walk funny."

"Oh yeah Raj hit that spot."

"Oh shit."

"Oh god yes Raj!" As she cries out again.

Oh shit my princess is talking dirty.

She said no creampie, but I really want to.

He continues until he feels it as he pulls out.

Penny still sucking the other two, until Raj pokes her on the nose with his Dick, this definitely a wild day. She then sees Howard and Leonard having their dicks in her face. She closes her eyes, and opens her mouth as all three shoot their loads hitting her face and in mouth.

She feels one handing her a towel as she opens her eyes and swallows.

"Thanks Penny." Leonard says.

"Enjoy the rest of your day. " He says.

Penny wakes up just as the guys left her naked, sticky with a towel in her hand.

"Guess not a dream."

She tries to get up.

"Oh my god, who did that?" She winces.

I'm betting Raj, he did stretch me.

She makes it to the bathroom and takes a shower.


(3 days later)

Penny tosses and turns.


She gets up and grabs the guys key.

Goes to Leonard's room and opens it slowly and goes inside.

"Leonard." She whispers.

"Wake up."


"Shh. It's me, Penny."

"Could you come to me apartment it's really important I need to ask you something."

"Be quick."

That's up to you.

"The other day when we or y'all gang banged me. That was indescribable."

"Anyways i was wanted to know if you'd be interested in doing it now? "

"Penny's it's 1am, plus it'd take half and hour to 45 minutes for the other two to get here."

"Just you this time."

"Why didn't you say so?" As Leonard quickly pulls his pants down as Penny sucks him off, he lays her down the bed, he slides in and starts to fuck her.

"Oh fuck me Leonard. "

You like that Penny, huh

As he pile drives her, causing her to scream out his name, before she climaxes, Leonard pulls out and cums slightly about her center. Puts on his clothes and returns to his room and falls asleep fast.


(Next night)

Penny can't sleep

She gets in her car and drives to Howard's

Knocks softly.


"About the other day where you guys gangbanged me."


"I was wondering I know it's late but I was wondering if you and just me could go again."

Never in my wildest dreams.

"Yeah. My mom isn't here. So you can get loud."

"I will."

Penny wasn't lying.

After she sucked Howard off.

She spreads her legs for Howard to go down on, just like the other day.

"Oh Howard. Eat the kitty," as she throws her head back while running her hands throw his hair.

"Howard yes!"

As he slides in she pulls him close and kisses him. She whispers, fuck me nice and good, make that pussy cry out.

Oh god she talks dirty.

Howard slides in puts her ankles at his shoulders and starts penetrating,

"Fuck Howard."

"Yes. Yes. Oh my god yes!""

"I love your Dick,"

He flips her over onto her stomach and places his hands on her shoulder.

"Oh shit Howard."

"You make me love this."

"Oh make me a slut, no make me yours."

As he slaps her ass.

"Yeah Howard spank her, Penny has been naughty."


"Oh god yes Howard. Spank me!"

"Howard I'm close."

Causing him to pick up speed.





"Wow. Oh my god." Penny breathes out.

(In her car)

I've been sleeping with the wrong guys. I'm screwed though, unless I pick one, but I agreed to a wager and wound up sleeping with then, but it was a bet right?"

Let's go home.


(Next night)

This is ridiculous

Did they put a drug in me?

"Hey Raj."

"Hey I know it's late. "

"I was wondering if you'd like to pick up where you guys were gang banging me just the two of us."

He nods his head.


"You wouldn't know some Kuma sutra would you?"

I do now.

You're going to be sore you'll have to stay the night.

Lays on her back, but he puts her in the position he wants her in.

As he slides in.

Damn. He has some size, I forgot.

"Oh Raj, yeah hit that spot."


"You like that white pussy."

"You're so good. Really good."


"Raj yes!

"Fuck me!"

Wow. She thinks catching her breath. What position was that ?

After she catches her breath, she winces.

Shit I can barely walk.

"Raj seems like I pulled something or you fucked the feeling out of my legs."

"Would you mind if I stayed the night?"

He shakes his head no and pulls the covers for a spot for her.

She falls asleep quickly.


"Mmm." Penny wakes up and realizes she's still in Raj's bed and so is he.

She wakes him up and notices he has morning wood.

"Would you like me to help?"

Nods his head.

As she goes down on Raj, she can't help but realizes how crazy this is.

"Raj can I ask you something?"

Nods his head.

I'd really prefer if you keep sucking my Dick, my you're great at it.

"I know I lost the bet, but be honest you or any of the guys didn't put anything in a drink or food I've intake have you?"

Shakes head no.

Goes back to sucking his dick until he unloads.

She gets on top of Raj.

"The thing is I slept with each, but now I wanted it more, from each, I can't get enough, every time I slept with any I wanted again and again and more of it."

Time to rid of Leonard and Howard and its me and Penny.

As she rides him.

"Oh shit Raj. Oh yeah."

"It's like sex with each of you is some kind of drug."

"Are you sure none of you gave me anything? I promise I won't hurt any of you."

Shakes head no.

"Would you tell me?"

Nods head.

"Oh Raj, yes, more, give me that dick. Right there."

"Oh shit!"

As Penny orgasms and Raj does shortly.

She catches her breath.

"I don't want you guys thinking I'm a slut or something, don't get me wrong I like sex, especially good and y'all guys were good, actually it was amazing. But I'm drawn to you guys, seems it's not just sex or maybe it is, heck might as well get a house and each of you take turns with Penny, if it gets any worse."

Definitely to rid of those 2 clowns.

"Maybe y'all were just really good and that's why, not something you gave me."

Raj nods.

"I'm going to take a shower and get out of your hair."

Raj grabs her hand

"You need to take one?"

"Guess we could take one together."

Penny and Raj walk towards his shower, looks like Raj's morning wood isn't done.

Penny sucks him off some more, Raj shocking both him and Penny picks up Penny and lowers her onto his wood.

"Oh Raj." She says.

He thrusts as Penny bounces on his dick while he's standing up and she's in basically a folded chair position. As he hits the spots, Penny starts digging into his skin.

Raj then leans her against the wall and starts to fuck her.


"Oh shit!"


"Oh god yes!""

"Yes Raj, fuck me, fuck me HARD!"

"Yessss!" As she cries out.

"Wow. I hope I can walk."

He sets her down.

She gingerly walks out, on numb legs.

As they get dressed.

"Well I'll see you later." She says as she heads out.

She gets in her car, sex like that Raj I'll be paying you a visit again.


"Hey Penny." Leonard says.

"Hey Leonard."

"What are you doing up this early?"

"Oh just out." She says before entering her apartment.