Welp. Here's my attempt at crossing over two Nintendo franchises I'm fond of, Pokemon and Fire Emblem. It has some silly tie-ins to other stories I've done for both fandoms, some obvious and some less so, but on the Fire Emblem end it involves a particular game in the series I've toyed around with writing-wise a lot and have had a lot of fun working with the characters, and on the Pokemon end it involves three Yangverse characters I've wanted to expand on for a while, and one I wanted to give a test run. It also inadvertently wound up being the Yangverses first chapterfic ahead of the still-in-progress Heroes After All due to sheer estimated length.

But regardless, the resulting character collision occurs as such:

Rude Awakening

Chapter 1: Off The Clock

You'd expect picking a vacation spot would be easier for the goddess of space, Palkia thought.

Unfortunately, it wasn't, for the vacation spots were ones a bit out of her comfort zone in that regard: Alternate universes, ones mostly heavily displaced from the ones she sometimes casually visited.

It didn't help the guide to said multiverse she was reading had various terrible jokes and memes scrawled in it by a certain brother of hers.

She groaned and looked up to gaze around said brother's home dimension, looking among the black and purple haze and the chunks of off-looking earth with off-looking plant life until she spotted Giratina in his Origin forme, idly hovering and levitating a Nintendo 3DS he was playing before him.

Knowing her space-bending powers would probably be affected by the nature of the place, Palkia spread her wings and summoned a jet of water to propel her to a chunk of the off-looking earth near where her brother was idly floating to wave the book at him, scowling.

"Hey! Giratina! You agreed to help here!"

Giratina turned his attention away from the video game to address his sister. "Ooh, right, the vacation! What's it for again?"

Palkia sighed and shook her head. "We're trying to cheer Dialga up!"

"Isn't bro too stuffy and busy for a vaycay most of the time?"

Palkia paused, then looked away. "It... Hasn't been that long since... What happened with Cyrus. I see him more than you do. As much as he tries to hide it he's still really upset over it."

She turned back to him with a still-despondent look."And... Well, we both already owe you, that kid, and Cynthia big time for stopping him... But you know the multiverse better than I do, so I wanted you to help me pick a fun spot. So we could both cheer him up."

Giratina paused, then nodded somberly himself. "Good point... We could all try to find a place to chill after that..."

He then promptly turned back to his game. "Just let me get to a spot where I can save..."

"Alright, then-"

She took a closer look at the game he's playing and scowled. "Hey, wait a minute!"

She snatched the game and system from him. "That's my copy of the latest-"

She paused, stared at the game for a few seconds, then snapped two of her claws together and grinned. "That's it! We give Dialga one hell of a theme vacation!"

Giratina stared at her in confusion. "Why would we want to take him video game shopping?"

Palkia smirked. "A bit deeper than that, dear brother."

She gestured to the eldritch space around them. "Your little... abode ties into all sorts of other worlds! Now, not even we know exactly how many are out there, but likely millions, trillions, quite possibly an infinite number of 'em! And if there are that many, well, some might just very well be kinda familiar..."

She points to the 3DS's screens. "...But that's more your department. Can you find out if there's a universe anything like the thirteenth and newest installment of my favorite strategy game series?"

Giratina blinked and stared a good while before responding. "Um... Lemmie try something."

He soared off further into his realm until he was a speck in the distance, leaving Palkia to stand impatiently and cross her arms to stare after him a while.

Eventually, Giratina returned levitating a small rectangular device in front of him, using the points of the tentacle-like structures on his back to tap it carefully. Palkia eyed the device quizzically.

"Is that… A Sliphpad?"

"Yup! State of the art. Use it for keeping track of all the really out there universes as well as the closer-to-home ones."

Palkia glanced at the book she was holding then at Giratina irritably.

"Why'd you give me the musty guide with all your doodles in it then?"

"Hey, don't diss my modern art."

Palkia flung the book at Giratina's head. He didn't notice as it bounced off of one of his facial plates, but he did notice something on the screen he quickly tapped a tentacle to and levitated toward Palkia for her to look at. "Is this it, sis?"

Palkia grumbled as she took the Sliphpad, expecting Giratina to have found a world closer to Dragonite Quest or Last Legend or, if she was lucky, a previous game in the same series as the one she wanted, only for her own eyes to light up upon seeing she was wrong. "This… This is it! It's pretty much it! I can't believe I'm saying this, Giratina, but you're a genius! Thank you so much!"

She embraced her more serpentine brother, who reciprocated with his three sets of tentacles. After the hug was broken, she bounced up and down excitedly on her large feet, her claws clenched and her long tail thumping the ground in excitement. "This is gonna be great! We're gonna take Dialga on vacation there and all have a blast, and he's gonna be so much happier and we just need to think up some good disguises and get access to -"

She froze in place mid-sentence, then scowled, tapping her foot. "Great. I just realized there's one particular obstacle to getting the resources."

Giratina gave her a puzzled look. "...Um, we're Legendaries? We can just get 'em however?"

Palkia sighed and put a claw to her forehead. "...Problem is that "however" involves one particular other Legendary."

"So... let me get this straight, space babe."

Palkia's eye twitched at that particular moniker from the small, grey-and-pink creature with gold hoops before her and Giratina within a quiet forest grove, but allowed him to continue.

"You want to take your bro on vacation to a fancy swords 'n sorcery universe to cheer him up after that Cyrus guy tried to push the reset button on the universe, and honestly, I don't blame ya!" said Hoopa. "Some asshole trying to do that has gotta rub you guys the wrong way."

He then raised an eyebrow. "That said, why do top-tier deity Legendaries like you guys need into... The Stash?"

Palkia sighed. "Hoopa. Everymon knows you are the ultimate hoarder. Your pocket dimensions are filled to the brim with the sorts of things we need for this fantasyland vacation we can have easy access to anytime, so we're gonna need you to tag along."

"Plus, if I screw with your pocket dimensions enough I can let us get to the wifi and stuff back home!" said Giratina. "Can't forget the essentials."

"...What he said too," said Palkia.

Hoopa tapped one of his mitt-like hands to his chin in thought for a bit before looking to the other two Legendaries and nodding. "...Alright then. You guys are the bosses. Plus, If you wanna cheer your bro up that bad that's a hell of a nice thing to do. I guess I can let you in on The Stash for this little trip of yours."

He then smirked a bit. "...On three conditions."

Palkia scowled. "Figured. What do you want, you greedy little djinn?"

Hoopa's smirk grew wider. "First, all use of the Stash is under my supervision."

"Okay, that's fair enough. Next?"

"Second, I actually want in on this vacation, not just to be some sort of luggage carrier. And if it helps on your end I'll at least try to help cheer your brother up."

"Also fair enough, what's the thi-"

Hoopa made a gesturing motion with one of his hands as his smirk morphed into an outright mischievous grin.


Palkia's scowl likewise grew more intense. "You know full we-"

"Deal's a deal."

"Just roll with the dude, sis," said Giratina.

"...Fine," said Palkia, "but keep an eye on him."

A rift in space opened, which she quickly dashed through.

In a Hoenn Pokemart winding down for the evening, a lone employee stood idly lost in thought as he waited for his manager to bring his paycheck, only to hear a voice in front of him.


He blinked and turned to see a young, pink-haired, red-eyed woman in pink and white clothing - he noted her t-shirt had characters from the TV show Valiant Knight Skarmory on it - giving him a doe-eyed look that to the worker seemed a tad too innocent.

"Hi there! Let me guess, you were working the night shift one night some time ago?'

"Erm, yea-"

"And this crazy old man came in and robbed the place?"


"And then he gave you this bottle and made all these oh-so-creepy mutterings about this Hoopa Pokemon whose power would be unsealed for three days if you opened it but when you did nothing happened and it was all like, to use the phrasing of one of my brothers, two spoopy four you?"


"And you've just been oh so dearly hoping you can find some passerby you can feasibly pawn it off to so you don't have to deal with it anymore?"


The woman extended a hand. "Gimmie."

The man quickly pulled out a strange purple-grey-and-gold bottle and plopped it into her palm.

"Thank you sir, have a nice day!"

A rift in space opened next to her, which she darted through just before it closed and vanished.

The man simply stared blankly a good while after.

"...I need a raise."

Palkia quickly emerged back in the grove where her brother and Hoopa were, her more natural form and scowl quickly returning. "Found it."

Giratina blinked. "How'd you find it so fa-"

"The 'pay a guy to act like a creepy hobo and pawn it to some nobody' trick is losing its luster, Giratina."

Giratina fell silent as Palkia grumbled and popped open the bottle. Immediately a sparking haze of black energy emerged and swirled around Hoopa, and he laughed maniacally as he grew and grew until the haze dispersed to reveal a towering, six-armed, monstrous version of himself.

"Yes! My true power! And I know just what i'm going to do with it first!"

He created six portals from his hoops and reached through them with all six arms to pull out countless boxes of donuts of various brands.

"Hey!" Said Palkia. "You're supposed to help us with-"

"Aye, space babe, hold up! Getting my true form back works up an appetite!"

He promptly used all six arms to shovel the donuts into his toothy maw and toss the boxes away, let out a resounding belch, then turned back to the two dragons before him. "Alright, appetite sated, I'm ready. What are we gonna need from The Stash for this little renaissance affair?"

Palkia's expression became more passive as she put a claw to her chin.


In a dimension dominated by an omnipresent blue haze and teal, diamond-like, crystals of various sizes floating through it, Dialga was peaceably reading a book - a long one, he needed it to keep his mind on it for long. He flipped to one page, blinked at something scrawled in the corner, and groaned. "Giratina, must you leave your mortal innuendoes and cultural crude jokes everywhere?"

It was right then he heard a voice from behind him."Bigger question, bro, you ready for us to rock your world?"

Dialga stiffened with an annoyed expression and turned around. "Please tell me you weren't stupid enough to replicate a certain-"

He blinked to find not only Giratina, but Palkia and Unbound Hoopa standing together before him, standing under a banner that said "VACATION TIME!" With a strange teardrop-shaped sigil Dialga didn't recognise below it.

"...Alright, what are you three up to?"

"We're up to cheering you up by going on a multiversal vacation!" Said Palkia.

"Sis got a crazy idea for the theme," said Giratina.

"And it only took just under three days for us to get most of the stuff read-" said Hoopa.

Suddenly a mass of black energy dispersed from him and entered someplace on Palkia's person, reverting him to the form of a small, poltergeist-like creature.

"...Scratch that, exactly three days," said the now-Confined Hoopa.

He made another beckoning gesture to Palkia, who wagged a claw back in a scolding fashion.

"Ah ah. You're gonna need to be small and innocuous-looking for part of this."

"And what exactly are the fine details of "this"?" said Dialga, scanning the other three skeptically.

"Well," said Palkia, "You - and really, all of us - could use a load off after... the Cyrus incident..."

Everyone grew silent. Dialga stiffened a bit but allowed Palkia to continue.

"...But me and the others found a good way to do so!" Said Palkia. "Go on a theme vacation to an out-of-the-way universe and have fun incognito with the locals to let off steam better than Volcanion does!"

"Erm," whispered Hoopa, "Knowing Volcanion personally, if you take what you just said metaphorically it totally works,but more literally not so much since she can get kinda-"

"I know, stick to the script!" Palkia whispered back.

Dialga just stared awkwardly until hesitantly continuing.

"...Go on?"

"Well," said Palkia, "Giratina and I found a universe just like the thirteenth, newest game in my favorite strategy game series! And Hoopa here's gonna join the ride and let us all have access to local niceties while we're at it!"

*"We'll go incognito, chill with the locals, relax, have a good time," said Giratina. "It'll be perfect!"

"And I've got all we need to keep access to conveniences back home!" said Hoopa. "It's a win-win situation!"

Dialga looked at them all, conflicted, before sighing.

"All of you, I appreciate the effort and" - he paused - "concern. But this sounds rather risky, especially given things have gotten iffy via Palkia getting me too deeply into her interests in a less literal fashion. Remember when you tried to get me to read that Home-whatsit comic, sister? I had to drown my sorrows in Giratina's alcohol over all the convoluted meddling with time in its narrative!"

Palkia frowned and raised a claw. "Okay, that was an exceptional case, but I get why you're wary. But me and Giratina found a spacetime coordinate in this universe that'll be totally fine."

"How?" said Dialga. "Doesn't that strategy game involve war? We can't barge in on another universe and commit wanton murder on the locals!"

"That sweet spot Palkia mentioned is an era of peace, bro, just long enough for a good cooldown," said Giratina.

"...Era of peace?" said Dialga.

He turned his head away and thought a bit before turning back and nodding.

"...That does, in fact, sound nice."

He frowned again. "But abandoning our posts here might cause complications, especially so soon after a disruption..."

"Well first," said Palkia; "we're not Legendaries from some human fantasy novel that go poof if no one is around to clap their hands and believe, You know we're made of tougher metaphysical stuff than that. We can leave and come right back in a spacetime sense just fine. And just to make sure, Hoopa can help us keep an eye on things back home."

Dialga paused, then lowered his head and closed his eyes a bit before looking up and smiling.

"...Very well. This vacation could be just what we all need."

Palkia pumped her claws. "Yes! Thank you, Dialga, you're going to love this! We're going to love this!"

"Alrighty then!" said Hoopa. "Now the multiversal getaway is a thing, we gotta get the disguises ready!"

Dialga eyed him oddly. "Disguises?"

Hoopa grinned. "Newsflash, Timeasaur! Me and your sis teamed up on the filthy cosplaying and LARPing bit!"

The four Legendaries, all but Hoopa having assumed human forms, were gathered around four of the latter's pocket dimension hoops, all going over a book together with Palkia.

"OK, to start I think I'll demonstrate what we're going for..." said Palkia.

She hopped into the hoop-portal and emerged a few minutes later wearing a distinctly flamboyant dress-like outfit themed around her more natural dragon form, complete with a long staff that had the Lustrous Orb embedded atop it. "Ta-da!"

Dialga raised an eyebrow. "I thought this was a universe stuck in the medieval period, not one of your human magical girl shows."

Palkia huffed and waved her staff at Dialga. "Not so fast. I'm a Valkrye, I've got a balance of healing and offense magic. Granted, latter for self-defense, but still."

Dialga tilted his head. "So this is one of those character class things?"

Palkia smirked. "Exactly."

"Ooh!" said Giratina, balling his fists excitedly, "What do I get to be?"

Palkia grinned. "Found a perfect one for you, Giratina..."

She flipped the book to a new page and presented it to him. "Dark Knight!"

"Ooh!" he said again, his red eyes giving a rather off-looking sparkle, "Is this like that one Gligarman movie?"

He struck a dramatic pose. "You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the vil-"

Palkia quickly frowned. "Not quite right either, you've got a lot of both physical and magical power and can still take a hit."

Giratina blinked. "Oh, that's cool too! Lemmie get mine on..."

He ducked into his own portal and emerged in plate armor themed around his own natural form, complemented with a sword adorned with a Griseous Orb on its hilt. "Ready to kick ass!"

OK, wait, if you guys are all putting on human suits for the locals, how do I get in on that? said Hoopa.

Palkia raised an eyebrow. "You likely have something in that "stash" of yours... "

Hoopa placed a mitt-like hand to his chin and thought a bit before his eyes widened. Wait! There's that one armband doohickey, hold on!

He jumped into his hoop portal and emerged shortly after as a scrawny, bronze-skinned youth, more teenager-ish in looks than his fellows, with pink hair tied back in a ponytail. "Geez, I dunno how you guys are so used to the whole funny looking monkey gig, such weird spindly legs..."

He shuddered, then turned to Palkia. "But I'll live with it for this. Speaking of which, what do I go as for this whole LARPing session?"

Palkia smirked and turned the pages of the book to a page she held up for Hoopa to see. "Trickster."

Hoopa looked and grinned. "That's my style."

He lept through his portal again and emerged wearing clothes themed around his confined form that seemed a paradoxical combination of jestery and roguelike. "Ready to role!"

He turned to Dialga. "Your turn, vacation boy."

Dialga put a hand to his chin and thought, then turned to Palkia. "May I see the book?"

Palkia handed it over, with Dialga immediately flipping through it until he came upon a particular page and grinned.

"Perfect! This "Manakete" class suits me nicely."

Palkia raised an eyebrow. "The dragon one?"

"Yes! It'll let me assume my natural form while still blending in!"

Palkia scowled. "Hey! You may be vacation boy, but no cheating!"

She smiled and flipped to another page in the book. "How about a Taguel? Turns you into a critter other than a dragon, good for variety, huh?"

Dialga looked a bit before nodding. "Acceptable."

"Great! Can I have your Adamant Orb?"

Dialga hesitantly handed it over before Palkia and Hoopa whispered to each other, she dived into his hoop, and emerged with the Adamant Orb emitting a strange glow. "Here you go!"

Dialga warily took the orb back and gasped and shuddered a bit as his human ears grew much longer and floppier in shape and excess blue hair sprouted in several places on his body. "What just-"

"I tweaked it a bit to let it serve as your Beaststone. It'll let you shift between what you are now and your more beastial form. Though for this form you should get that armor you saw in the book on."

Dialga blinked, but hopped into his own hoop anyway, and hopped out in armor that was, like his fellows, themed around his more natural form, but in his case form-fitted around his upper arms, lower legs, waist, and chest with no noticeable weapon. "I... believe I am ready."

"OK!" said Palkia. "I think our usual human monikers will work here."

"Valentina for you, Howard for Giratina, and Quentin for Dialga, right?" said Hoopa.

Palkia smiled. "Yep."

Hoopa smiled back. "Call me Bartimaeus then."

"Fine by me. Everything we need packed in The Stash already?"

Hoopa nodded. "Yep."

Palkia turned to Giratina and grinned.

"Gratina? Rev up that portal."

Giratina grinned back to spread his hands in front of him and summon a large, distorted portal with a bright light emerging from within.

"So we're going?"

"Ayep!" said Hoopa.

"You bet," said Palkia. "But Giratina?"

"Yeah sis?"

"No flirting with the locals."

Giratina raised a finger to object before Palkia cut him off.

"Of any gender or species."

Giratina grumbled, and crossed his arms as he followed the others into the portal.

And there's our kickoff! I've technically already got Chapter 2 queued up (I actually wrote a big chunk of both the first and second chapter in a notebook while I was away from anything with Internet access for a couple weeks a few months ago, and just need to transcribe second as I did first here) so expect it soon enough! For now,feel free to tell me what you think so far.