I promised I'd do a trivia episode for Rude Awakening and here it is!

*This fic was originally written for the Quarterly Challenge for crossovers on the forums, which was a thing back in... 2016. Yeah. It was originally supposed to be a oneshot to take care of the challenge quickly but my plans got way, way too big to contain in a oneshot and it got upgraded to short chapterfic instead.

*This fic has some ties to an RP I run with called We Are All Pokemon Trainers if you know where to look. Especially at the ending.

*Wuzzles the bear was an impromptu addition that was not in the original project plan. I regret nothing.

*By contrast, Libra and Virion were intended to be bisexuals the whole time. I regret nothing.

*I had... a hard time trying to make it explicit Robin and Palkia weren't interested in each other on a romantic level because "ew canon character OC romance". (This was lampshaded in the April Fools special.) This didn't stop people from asking anyway. Dialga and Naga I eventually caved to the demand and hinted that possibly maybe there was romantic love going on there.

*Giratina's zombie trap in the climax is based partially on the "soylent majority" scene from Futurama.

*Panne, Virion, and Libra originally weren't supposed to live but I had a rare, authorial moment of mercy.

*I got commissions of all the main characters! Unfortunately I cannot post them here because FFnet hates external links! They're on other versions of the fic if you look at my AO3 or Serebii profile or something

*Yes I am from Cincinnati.

And now... a bonus episode. Think of this as a post-credits scene because I forgot to include it in the epilogue, as well as a teaser of things to come.

In the Distortion World, Wuzzles was idly chewing on a piece of Wishiwashi. Giratina was looking him up, down, left, right, sideways, and upside down.

"What am I going to do with you little buddy?"

Wuzzles looked up and gave a growl.

"You admired the human knights in your world huh... Wanna be like them."

He looked at at the imageboard he was browsing. Then back at Wuzzles.

"I think I have an idea..."