Penny loses a bet that raj can't get a chicks number.

Originally she agreed to set them up with a friend for a date.

But thought they might not talk to her again.

She would've got them help with her career.

So here she is, Thursday night on a date Leonard won the coin flip, Howard Friday and Raj on Saturday.

As she looks across at Howard, well she's went out with worse. He's nice, just poorly dressed.

She notices a few stares, she knows why, hello someone as pretty as her with a guy that looks like Howard.

Surprisingly she's having a good time.

Howard can't believe he's on a date with Penny the golden haired enchanted Chessecake goddess.

Okay so it's because a bet, but still.

Howard is walking Penny towards her apartment.

"I had a nice time Penny."

"I'll admit so did I."

"Wanna come in?"


Before Penny knows what's happening, she's on the couch kissing Howard, Howard's hands are everywhere, his hands are all over her legs and now up her short skirt.

"Howard." She moans.

"Why don't we take this into the bedroom.

They get up, and head to her bedroom.

Penny slips out of her clothes and Penny is standing in front of Howard in only her bra and Panties.

She goes to her knees and pulls Howard out and starts sucking him.

Oh my god this is the best day of my life.

Howard cums does her throat.

Penny stands up and lays on the bed, Howard removes her bra and starts sucking on each of her breasts.

"Oh God Howard." She moans.

He slides her panties off and goes down on her.

Penny's eyes roll back in her head as she feels Howard's tongue on her. Oh shit, don't stop. That is ahh. Yes.

"Oh god Howard."


"Don't stop, you're amazing."

Not long she grips the sheets as her orgasm hits.


He then slides into her slick pussy.

He goes slow the speeds up and starts pumping her.

"Oh shit Howard."

"Yes. Yes. Yes!"


"Fuck me!"

"Ahh." She cries out.

Short time later, Howard pumps until he unloads inside her.

As they catch their breath, just laying there a short time Howard notices she feel asleep.



"Howard?" Noticing Howard leaving Penny's at 8 am.

Sheldon exits the apartment.

"What is Wolowitz doing exiting Penny's in the morning?"

"I don't know."

"Did they pertake in coitus?"


Of course they did.



(Friday night)

Well Penny is eating and wondering if it doesn't improve if she can cut it early, I'd rather sit next to mute Raj than Leonard and tell her what he does or explaining it.

Just say you're a scientist.

Like Howard she notices the looks. Whatever.

God Penny is so pretty. I wonder if she's enjoying herself.

I wonder if I flashed a boob if Leonard would pass out.

Things got better. Too her relief.


"I had fun."

"Well it started off not in your favor, but it turned out more in yours."

Oh good.

"Want to come in."


As soon as she sits down on the couch, she's all over Leonard, his hands explore everywhere.

"Leonard let's take it to my bedroom."

She goes down to her knees and starts sucking him.

Oh penny. That feels good. As Penny bobs her head up and down on Leonard's dick.

She then lays down on the bed as Leonard goes down on her.

Oh shit Leonard. Mmm. Really good. Wow.

"Ahh." She cries out.

"Shit Leonard."

"You're good at this."

Yeah keep eating me out. I won't say stop.

Before long he's bringing her to orgasm.

"Yessss!" She cries out.

He slides in and starts to penetrate.

"Yeah. Fuck me Leonard."

"Fuck that pussy good."

That's right Leonard. Harder.




"Ahhhhh!" She cries out.

She gets on top as Leonard sucks on her tits while she rides him, she bounces up and down on his dick, until she cums.

She rolls off as she catches her breathe and falls asleep.


Leonard leaves with a smile on his face.


Penny is on a date with Raj, he luckily has taken his mutism meds.

So far so good.

She listens to Raj tell her about his life in India, of how poor he was and overcame that but where he was.

I couldn't imagine especially in a country from reading about India it's hard to be anything if you grow up poor, what an amazing man Raj is. Listening to him tell his life story, he's definitely getting lucky.


"Raj would you like to come in?"

And fuck me till I pass out.


As soon as Raj sat on the couch Penny was in his lap, she had her top off as Raj was sucking her breasts making her pussy wet, his hands were up and down her legs, before settling on her ass.

Woah she's like a fire kitten raj thought.

As Penny is kissing him, she feels his tent in his pants and as her thigh brushed against it, she knew he was packing something.

"Let's finish in my room." She says.

She strips out of her clothes, revealing only a red thong.

She gets on her knees and pulls Raj out and starts sucking him.

Mmm. She moans. It didn't take long before he shoots a load down her throat. Mmm. He taste good.

She then sits on the edge of the bed, Raj pushes her legs apart and pulls her panties to the floor.

Raj proceeds to go down on her, it didn't take her long before she's cumming, as she grips the sheets as Raj's tongue causes her to orgasm.

Raj removes his clothes and slides in her, she spreads her legs wide for him.

My cheesecake goddess wants Rajeesh to fuck her. Well you're about to get it.

"Oh fuck me Raj."

"Nice and hard." As he starts to thrust. He goes as far in and rough as he can, Penny's moans are louder and louder. He puts his hand behind her head and brings it to his face as he kisses her deeply while he continues to go deeper and deeper.

Oh yeah she likes it. Hmm yeah Penny you got good pussy, you like that Indian mocha cock in you don't you?

"Raj. Yes. Yes!""

"Fuck me harder!"

"Oh shit Raj. Yes!" As she cries out.

Several minutes as he continue to pound he eventually tightens up and unloads his sperm.

Penny wants to do it doggystyle.

Raj slides in behind, and starts going deep and and hard as he slaps her ass.

"Fuck Raj!"

"Spank me!"

"Spank that white ass."

"If you like that white ass, spank it hard."

"Yes Raj!"

"Fuck me hard."

As he pushes deeper penny starts to feel it as she cums.

"Yes Raj!"

Not long he unloads.

As penny catches her breath Raj notices she feel asleep.

I fucked her till she fell asleep. He says with a grin on his face.


Raj woke up with penny resting on his chest, she must have rolled over.


Raj exits Penny's place after he had sex with her in the shower.



"Are you going to tell me Koothrapli didn't have coitus with our neighbor either?" Sheldon asks.


"Then why was Penny calling out his name past my REM cycle for? "

"Rather loudly."

"I don't know. They didn't okay."

"I don't get you Leonard."

She slept with you? So she didn't sleep with them?

Shut up.