Mobile Suit Gundam 0079

Unspoken Truths

Written by djb21212
Disclaimer: I don't own anything to do with Gundam. It belongs to Sunrise and Bandai.

Plot: Here it is, my first UC Gundam story. It's an AU based on the graphic novels and mainly revolves around my two favorite characters: Amuro and Sayla. In case anyone is wondering, there will be some moments between the two later. For now, enjoy!

Warning: Some of the characters are OOC. I sincerely apologize and might fix it later. It's my first Gundam story so it's not perfect.

Sayla Mass stared blankly out over the hangar of the White Base, lost in thought about her brother. Ever since seeing him again for the first time in years several months before, it was one of the largest concerns resting with her mind. To think that she would finally find Casval and learn that he was a Zeon soldier. To make matters worse, he was the feared Red Comet, Char Aznable, that they had been fighting as of late. It worried her to no end, that she would lose him so soon after finding each other.

"Casval..." Sayla said to herself as she closed her blue eyes in deep thought. "Where are you now, brother? Maybe... maybe the Zeon soldiers can tell me."

"Sayla?" She was broken from her reflection by the sound of her friend, Amuro Ray. "What are you doing here?"

"Amuro. I could ask you the same question." Sayla stood up and noticed that the young pilot was carrying a box of equipment in his hands. "So, what brings you to the hanger at this hour?"

"Um, I was going to fit the Gundam with these replacement parts." Amuro replied.

"You're always doing most of the repairs yourself, I see. Good for you." Sayla couldn't help but smile lightly as she said that. Amuro was young but always found ways to improve his mobile suit's performance. It was that same devotion that made the Gundam the best mobile suit at their disposal.

Amuro blushed lightly from the comment. To him, adjusting the Gundam's performance was almost a hobby to him, coming as easily as building model ships or airplanes would to some. Still, it embarrassed the young pilot.

"It's nothing major, Sayla, really. It had to be done anyway."

"Amuro, is it hard piloting the Gundam?" Sayla asked, feeling the need to change the subject.

"Umm, not really." Amuro replied as he set the box of parts down. "The computer does most of the work. I just have to drive it, but it isn't as easy as it looks."

"I see. But I could never pilot it, could I?"

Amuro suddenly realized exactly what Sayla was asking. "Sayla, do you want to pilot the Gundam?"

"No, not at all. I was just asking." Sayla said quickly as she started to leave. "I've gotta go. Good luck, Amuro." With that, she was gone, leaving Amuro with his thoughts.

"Something's wrong with Sayla." Amuro thought to himself as he picked up the parts. "Maybe it's nothing... I hope." With that, he began his adjustments to the Gundam. Meanwhile as Sayla continued to walk away, an idea suddenly came to her mind. If she could use the Gundam later, she could get information from the Zeon about where her brother was. Simple enough. The problem was geting access to it in a way that appeared normal.

'I wish I didn't have to do this in secret.' Sayla thought on the way back to her quarters. 'I'll be betraying everyone's trust. But I must know. I must know about Casval.' With that, she returned to her quarters and began to think of a plan.
Chapter 1

The next day, all was surprisingly quiet on the White Base's bridge as it moved through an area not far from Ma Kube's mines, looking for a way to replenish it's already-low salt supply. However, it wouldn't remain quiet for very long...

"Mr. Bright!" Oscar Dublin said from his station. "I'm picking up a ship coming in at two o' clock. It's too fast to be a Magellan-class but too small for a Gau."

"Think you can handle it, Amuro?" Bright Noa asked the Gundam pilot next to him.

"To be honest," Amuro replied, "I'm not sure how the Gundam will do against an enemy we don't know about."

"Go to Battle Alert 1. Gundam will be on standby for now until we see what we're up against." Bright turned to Ryo Jose and Hayato Kobiyashi, who were standing behind Amuro. "That goes for Guntank and Guncannon as well."

"Yes sir." As the three pilots left to prepare their mobile suits, Sayla moved away from the communications station and left for the hangar bay. She had to act fast if her plan was going to work.


"Is everything ready?" Crowley Hamon asked the officer next to her. The Geloog had been moving through the region, searching for the so-called "Trojan Horse" of the Federation. Then they would unleash the Gouf, piloted by none other than Ranba Ral, and destroy them.

"Yes, ma'am. As soon as they attack the Geloog, Lt. Ral and the Zakus will destroy them."

"Good." Hamon turned to the viewport, smiling to herself.


Amuro had finished getting ready to launch with Ryu and Hayato when they made their way to the hangar. To their surprise, the Gundam was moving towards the catapult on it's own!

"Job, who's piloting the Gundam?" Amuro said to the hangar's controller.

"Sayla Mass." the young man told him. "She said it was special orders."

"No one gave any orders like that!" Amuro then tried to call to his friend as the Gundam continued it's movement to the catapult. "Sayla, what are you doing? Get out of there!" The mobile suit continued to move forward, locking itself into the catapult.

"Gundam in position." Sayla said to herself from inside the cockpit, unaware that anyone was calling her over the COM. "Launching now!" The sudden movement forward slammed her back into the seat. The Gundam flew forward until it slammed into the ground.

"We've gotta get out there!" Ryu said as he and Hayato started for the Guntank. Amuro was about to head to the Guncannon when the hangar shook. White Base was under attack!
Chapter 2

"Beam cannons to ready!" Bright Noa shouted across the bridge as White Base shook from the Geloog's weapons fire. "Support fire to starboard! And why haven't Guncannon and Guntank launched?"


On the Geloog's bridge, Hamon watched as the ship shook from the White Base's weapons. "Evasive manuvers but keep up the attack!" she ordered. "Soon, my beloved Ral shall engage them. Until then, we must keep them busy!"


The Gundam slowly got to it's feet as Sayla looked around for other mobile suits. So far, she didn't seen anything.

"I have to question a Zeon soldier." Sayla said to herself from the cockpit. 'Hopefully, one of them will know about Casval.' Suddenly, she was pelted by weapons fire. Through the Gundam's cameras, she saw that it was a Zaku. She aimed the beam rifle carefully and fired... but missed! 'I don't understand. I'm aiming right at him but I missed.'

Unknown to her, the Gouf was rapidly coming up from behind, it's heat rod ready to strike.

"Too bad, little rookie." Ramba Ral said to himself from the Gouf's cockpit. "Now you have to die."

*Beep* *Beep* "Another one!" Sayla said, seeing the Gouf moving in for the kill. Before she could fire any shots, the Gouf extended it's heat rod, shocking the Gundam and throwing it off balance. It was about to finally finish the job when it was hit from behind. Not too far away from the two mobile suits was the Guncannon, piloted by Amuro.

"Sayla, get up!" Amuro shouted over the COM. "Get out of there! If we can, I'll switch over with you!" No reply. 'Damn, she must have the COM off. I've gotta do something before she gets herself torn apart.' He fired the Guncannon's shoulder cannons at the Gouf but it dodged the blasts. Taking his time, Amuro fired the cannons again, this time making a direct hit. When the smoke cleared, the Gouf had disappeared. Amuro looked through the Guncannon's cameras and saw that the Gundam was walking away. He wanted to try to talk to Sayla again before she got herself hurt.

"Sayla!" Amuro called over the COM. "We don't know if the enemy is down! Come back!" Still no reply.

"Where is the enemy?" Sayla asked herself in the Gundam's cockpit. Suddenly, the Gouf's heat rod snaked out of the sand and lashed at the Gundam's leg, throwing her off balance. The mobile suit rose from the sand completely unharmed!

"Sayla!!!" Amuro shouted, moving the Guncannon to where she was. The Gouf noticed this and lashed out it's heat rod. The Guncannon dodged and fired it's cannons again, hitting the Gouf. Meanwhile, the Zaku began to head for the Gundam.

'I'm gonna capture that mobile suit.' Cozun thought from the Zaku's cockpit. It knocked the Gundam to the ground and grabbed the head, trying to rip it off.

"No! The main camera!" Sayla said as she lost the outside visual.

"Cozun, hold it!" Ranba ordered. He was then hit with weapons fire from the Guntank, piloted by Ryu and Hayato. "Cozun, report! Are you all right?"

"I'm fine, Lt. Ral." Cozun replied, continuing to pull the Gundam's head off. "I'm making sure this one doesn't go anywhere."

"Akos, go support Cozun!" Ranba ordered over his COM to another Zaku. "Go after that red one!" Immediately, the Zaku started attacking the Guncannon.

"Dammit!" Amuro yelled as the Guncannon took some of the hits. "Sayla, turn on your damned radio!" When there still wasn't a reply, the brown-haired pilot was starting to think the worst. What if she was too hurt to communicate? He had to get her out of there before things got worse. Meanwhile, the Zaku attacking the Guncannon had run out of ammo. It was time for some payback. Amuro fired the shoulder cannons at the Zaku, destroying it completely.

"Akos, fall back!" Ranba ordered but it was too late. Cozun turned around and, seeing the Guncannon right behind him, let go of the Gundam.

"Damn you!!" Amuro shouted angrily as he slammed the Guncannon's fist into the Zaku's head, disabling it.

"Cozun, do you read?" Ranba said over the COM. There was no reply. "Damn. They got him too." He opened a channel to the Geloog, which was still pelting the White Base. "Hamon, come in."

"Yes, Ral?" Hamon replied.

"Akos and Cozun are down. Prepare to redezvous at point 088. We're pulling out."

"Understood." She then turned to the bridge crew. "Change course. Break off combat and head to point 088."

"Ma'am, we shouldn't break off combat." one of the officers said. "We were just supplied with the Zanzibar. Why don't we use it?"

"We can't risk using an untested weapon right now." Hamon told him. "Besides, Admiral Dozul feels that we can defeat the 'Trojan Horse' with our present strength. Also, without Ma Kube, we have to do it the hard way."
Chapter 3

Later, the Guncannon and Guntank had towed the captured Zaku and disabled Gundam back to White Base. After getting the Zeon soldier to the brig, Sayla went straight to the bridge. There, Noa was to decide what to do with her.

"So, let me see if I understand this." Bright said to Sayla. "The only reason you took the Gundam out without authorization was to prove a point? That women could fight as well as men?"

"Yes sir." Sayla said.

"To be honest, Sayla, this wasn't your finest hour." Bright told her.

"At any rate, an example still must be set for the crew." Mirai Yashima added. "You're confined to the brig for three days. Is that understood?"

"Yes sir." With that, Ryu escorted Sayla off the bridge. Mirai turned to Bright to ask him something as he watched the two of them leave.

"Is something wrong, sir?" Mirai asked.

"Somehow, Mirai, I have the feeling that there's another reason for what Sayla did. If she's telling the truth, then that at least explains her actions. Still, I don't think we've heard the whole story."


Amuro sat in the Gundam's cockpit, going over the data from the recent battle. He wasn't on the bridge when Sayla was reprimanded so he was spared hearing her excuse to Noa and Mirai. Still, he didn't understand why she took the Gundam out and not the other mobile suits or a Core Fighter. Then again, Sayla was one of the most mysterious people he had ever met. Added to the fact that she was also an attractive young woman...

Amuro shook his head as he blushed lightly, clearing his head of those thoughts. Those kind of thoughts were the last thing he wanted on his mind. With that resolve, he continued to go over the Gundam's data.


"It's only three days, Sayla." Ryu said reassuringly as he and Frau Bow escorted Sayla to her cell. "Try to hold on."

"Don't worry about me, Ryu." Sayla said. "I'll be fine."

"If you need anything, anything at all, just call me." Frau Bow added.

"Thank you, Frau Bow." With that, they closed the cell door. Sayla leaned back against walls of the cell and closed her blue eyes, letting the tears fall as she thought about her brother once more. After secretly questioning the Zeon soldier they had captured a few minutes before, she had discovered that Char was indeed her brother, Casval. Now she knew where he was and that he was all right, for now. Still, taking out the Gundam earlier that day was a huge risk. It was what she had to do to find out about Casval. Still, she wasn't certain that the friends she made, especially Amuro, would trust her after that.

Amuro. He had saved her life today. If he and the Guncannon hadn't shown up when they did, the Zaku and the Gouf would've destroyed her. Somehow, Sayla felt that he protected her out of duty and her own foolishness. Still, it was a brave thing to do, even if it was just in the line of duty. It was the type of person he was and she admired that about him, amoung other things...

Sayla shook her head as she brushed the tears from her eyes, dismissing those thoughts from her mind. The last person she should be thinking about is Amuro right now. This was a war. There wasn't time to have those types of feelings for someone. With that, she brushed a lock of blond hair out of her face and leaned against the wall again.

(Note: From this point onward, continuity gets twisted a lot and this story branches off on it's own. You have been warned.)

"Sayla?" She was startled by the sound of Amuro's voice from outside the cell. After finishing his calculations, he decided to visit her and see how she was doing.

"Amuro." Sayla said apologetically. "I'm sorry about stealing the Gundam."

"It's all right. No permanent damage was done to it. At least we've captured a Zaku thanks to you. That's an opportunity we wouldn't have had without you."

"..." Sayla blushed lightly from the comment, still felt guilty for betraying Amuro's and everyone else's trust. It showed in her eyes as she looked down at the floor.

"Sayla, if you really wanted to pilot the Gundam, why didn't you just say anything?"

"It's not that. It's just..." As her blue eyes met his brown ones, she realized that couldn't tell Amuro the truth. True, they had grown close somewhat over the last few months but, especially given the intense rivalry between him and Char, it would ruin the trust they had so far. It was something that was going to have to wait for another day. "Never mind, Amuro."

Amuro looked into her eyes, concern showing in his own. Before he could say any more, suddenly the corridor shook hard. Once more, White Base was under attack.

"Attention! We are under attack! Amuro, report to the Gundam!"

"I've gotta go." Amuro said as he started heading down the corridor, leaving Sayla to her thoughts once again. As the young pilot departed, Sayla sat down on the cot in her cell. She would tell him and the others her unspoken truth, when the time was right. After all, it was only three days.
End Part 1...

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