Okay, just to clear up some comments, if you don't like the story, don't read it. I can't either agree or disagree with you on power levels, but I've never read the comics, so I'm stuck with the MCU. I'm just writing this for fun. And the Bleach characters will be slightly underpowered. It's hard to write crossovers with Bleach and have the other characters be on the same level as them.

Next, to everyone who would like this story to continue; I'm just making this up as I go, so how would anyone feel about adding a couple Bleach villains to the mix? I'm open to suggestions, so let me know if there's a certain antagonist you'd like to see.

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Clint couldn't be happier.

After all, how often did one encounter aliens and extra-dimensional beings in the same week? It was like being in a movie!

Natasha was on high alert, waiting for something to go wrong. No matter what these people said, she wouldn't trust them until they presented her with something concrete.

Tony had ditched his armor and practically reveled in the shocked looks on the faces of the carrot-top, blondie, and scar (as he referred to them). Unfortunately for Tony, all four-eyes and Toshiro did was raise an eyebrow. Killjoys.

Thor was reserved but prepared to believe the strangers. They struck him as resembling Asgardians more than humans, with the way they talked in the face of battle and the swords they carried, especially the orange-haired boy's duel blades. The fact that SHIELD didn't know what metal the swords were made of only furthered the relation.

Steve wasn't sure what to think. It was strange that the leader of the group also appeared to be the youngest, the title 'Captain' showing that he was in a place of importance. The boy with glasses seemed to be smarter than most kids his age, probably cleverer than people who's years greatly outnumbered his own. The blond man was definitely a follower and seemed to be the type who would worry about everything. The tattooed man was calm and collected, barely reacting to anything besides Tony dismissing his armor.

And then there was the orange-haired kid.

His face was set in a constant scowl, glaring at anyone who looked his way. He was definitely angry about something, and his punkish looks marked him as a possible delinquent. And the large swords on his back and hip were concerning. They seemed like something Thor's Asgardian friends would use, not a kid barely out of his teens.

Fury led them to a conference room with a long table dominating the area. He took a seat at the far end and the Avengers joined him. The strangers took the other end.

Fury was the first to speak. "I suppose introductions are in order. Like I said before, I am Nick Fury, Director of SHIELD. And these are Hawkeye, Black Widow, Thor, Tony Stark, and Steve Rogers."

The orange-haired kid looked indignant. "What kind of names are the first three?"

Thor looked vaguely offended, while the boy with glasses elbowed his companion in the side, looking disapproving.

Fury chuckled. "We're a military organization of sorts. Hawkeye and Black Widow are two of our agents. Those are just their codenames. And as for Thor, he's an Asgardian, known in our ancient history as the God of Thunder."

The bespeckled boy looked surprised. "As in the Norse god Thor? The son of Odin, the wielder of Mjolnir?"

"Exactly." Fury said.

Hitsugaya sighed, looking very disinterested. " You already heard my name, but these are Shuhei Hisagi," the man with the 69 tattoo grunted. "Izuru Mira," the blond seemed to shrink in his seat. "Uryu Ishida," the boy with glasses smiled slightly. "And Ichigo Kurosaki." The now-named Ichigo had the distinct expression of whatever on his face.

"So how exactly did you make all that ice?" Tony broke in, dying to solve the mystery.

Toshiro eyes looked like chips of ice as he turned towards the Iron Man. "What's it to you?"

Natasha beat Tony to the punch when she replied. "Tony's a genius in our world, known for inventing some our technological advancements. Egotistical as he is, he can't stand it if people have things he can't understand."

"I resent the term egotistical." Tony said with a sniff.

"Back on track." Fury said, before an argument broke out. " The Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division, or SHIELD, is an international organization that has most of the characteristics of an undercover agency, with the exception of monitoring paranormal and supernatural occurrences, which is how we found you." Looking at Hitsugaya, he said, "I remember you being called Captain, back in the brig. I'm assuming you have a rank of sorts where you're from. I don't suppose you mind sharing?"

Hitsugaya looked thoughtful before speaking. "Yes, I suppose you could say I'm a rather influential person in the Gotei 13, our own organization. Specifically, I am the Captain of the Tenth Division. There are only thirteen divisions, each headed by a Captain, who only answers to the Head Captain, the ultimate authority in the Gotei 13."

Thor snorted. "A mere child in such a position? Absurd."

The air suddenly grew colder, a perfect match with Toshiro's expression. "I am not a child. And even if I were, rankings in the Gotei 13 are based on power, not age or years of service. If you lack power, you won't get anywhere where we're from." The temperature lifted to a much more comfortable seventy degrees.

"By power, do you mean wealth or abilities?" Steve asked, thinking that this Gotei 13 sounded like a very judgmental place.

Uryu took over here. "I imagine that things of otherworldly nature are a common sight here?"

"I... guess you could say that." Clint said, with a pointed glance at Thor.

"Let's just say that each of us has abilities that don't fit the definition of normal." Shuhei was the one that spoke this time.

"But to answer Roger's question," Hitsugaya said, "When I say power, I am referring to abilities."

"So the ice is your power?" Stark said, looking giddy.

Toshiro reluctantly nodded, and then looked back at Fury. "Given the explosion earlier, would I be correct in assuming one of your prisoners managed to escape?"

Fury grimaced. "Yeah. Loki."

"As in the God of Mischief?" Uryu asked, once again spot-on.

"Loki was supposed to be returned to Asgard soon, but I suppose he was smart enough to recognize an opportunity when you made your escape." Natasha said, sounding somewhat harsh. Hitsugaya just shrugged it off.

"Us specifically, except for Uryu, are Shinigami. In your language, it translates to death god." Thor opened his mouth to say something, but Toshiro cut him off. "However, it's simply a title. To say we are gods is stretching it a bit, since we live and die like any other being. I'm curious as to whether this applies to Asgardians, or if they actually fit the definition of a god."

Thor's puzzled expression cleared and he broke into a smile. "No, just like you said, we're powerful, but we live and die. While Loki is clever and skilled in illusions and mind games, he isn't invincible."

"And would be correct in thinking that Asgard is another world entirely from this one?"

"Yes. Until recently, Asgardians traveled to this world via the Bifrost, but it has been destroyed, so when I leave with my brother, we will be using the Tesseract."

"I see." Turning back to Fury, Toshiro launched into an explanation of his own. "I suppose you could compare Shinigami to Asgardians. We are involved with Earth, or the World of the Living as we refer to it, but our home is a separate world that we call Soul Society. Our version of your Bifrost would be the Senkaimon. We also have knowledge of two other worlds, and the dimension the Senkaimon goes through. To be completely honest, the idea of an alternate reality existing isn't that shocking."

"Huh." Clint said.

"Shinigami are in charge of destroying Hollows, souls that feed off of other souls. We were chasing one that had been killing Shinigami for some time when it revealed that it's special ability is, given where we are now, dimensional portals. Us coming here was just a case of not knowing what we were going up against. We had no intention of coming here and we will be leaving as soon as we figure out how to do that."

"In a hurry to leave, huh?" Fury mused. "To be honest, I'd probably be thinking the same thing in your position, and I would be happier if I didn't have to deal with dimensional travelers anyway. But it's also painfully obvious that you have nowhere to stay until you achieve that goal. I don't completely trust you yet, but your story makes sense. So if you don't mind, I could set up a temporary place for you to stay-"

"Hang on, Nick." Tony butted in. "We both know there isn't that much room on the helicarrier at the moment. And I've got a lot of extra space in Stark Tower, not to mention it's virtually empty until reconstruction is finished. And I've got better access to technological resources. If anyone's going to make an interdimensional gate, it's me. They can stay with me, and Steve and Thor will be there, too."

Steve grimaced slightly. Unfortunately, his apartment had been trashed in the invasion, so until it was rebuilt or he found another place, he was stuck boarding with Tony. Thor simply didn't have a place to stay.

Fury thought about Tony's proposition. Hard as it was to admit, he did have some good points. Eventually, he caved and turned to Toshiro. "Your thoughts?"

He shrugged. "You know better than me which is preferable."

"Well, then. I guess you'll be staying with Tony. Just a fair warning, though, he has a tendency to act more important than he is. Unless he has something useful to say, just ignore him."

Steve snorted and Clint chuckled, while Tony just yelled, "Hey!"

Hitsugaya smiled. "Oh, I don't think we need to worry about that. I've seen worse." He said, with a sideways glance at Ichigo, who at this point wasn't even paying attention anymore.

It wasn't long before they were landing on the Stark Tower helipad in a quinjet. Uryu had spent most of the ride marveling at the aircrafts design, while Ichigo kept shooting suspicious glances at Steve, the only Avenger who couldn't fly and was therefore forced to endure the ride if we wanted to get back to his room. It was through listening to Uryu's commentary that he realized the kid was even smarter than he let on, knowing exactly what all the basic mechanics were and what they did. Ichigo would break in every once in a while with a snide comment that Uryu would either retaliate to or shrug off with a look of annoyance. It was through this that Steve learned that, despite the bickering and hostile glances, these two were rather close friends. He could remember soldiers with relationships resembling theirs.

Tony landed on his own platform, armor being disassembled and stored as he walked into the main room of the penthouse. Thor landed next to the quinjet. When the ramp opened, he found Izuru already out of the quinjet looking immensely relieved and Shuhei laughing as he walked over to his counterpart, then smiling and punching him in the arm. "What's the matter? I've never seen someone leave a vehicle so fast." Kira's face turned slightly red while Shuhei bent over laughing again. Hearing a sigh, Steve looked over to see Toshiro walking past him, rolling his eyes and muttering, "Idiots" under his breath.

Steve stood at the top of the ramp for a moment, somewhat stunned by how similar their relationships were to the Avengers. Toshiro could have been Natasha, Ichigo and Uryu could be Bruce undermining Tony, and Izuru could have been Steve himself, being teased by Clint, or Shuhei in this case, for some mistake he'd made with modern technology. They definitely weren't at all what he had imagined death gods to be like.

Throughout the tour of the Stark Tower penthouse, Ichigo couldn't decide what to think. He could tell that these were good people, the same way he read his opponents in battle. Their rooms weren't overly fancy, but they weren't cramped either. Since they hadn't brought anything with them besides their weapons, the rooms would probably stay bare throughout their stay.

When they got back to the main room, Ichigo found himself gazing out the window. What Yuzu and Karin wouldn't give to see New York. Upon thinking about his sisters, the full implications if where they were hit him, along with the possibility that if they didn't find a way back, he would never see them again.

Yo, King! Careful with the emotions! It's the Pacific Ocean in here!

The sound of Hollow Zangetsu's voice brought him out of his musings. Sorry.


It isn't entirely his fault.

Yeah, it is, don't try defend-

Ichigo sighed. Old Man?

Yes, Ichigo. He was giving me a headache, too.

A moment later, Ichigo smirked at Hollow Zangetsu's muffled shrieking in the back of his mind. He wasn't sure what the old man did to make the Hollow so scared of him, but it was certainly useful.

A few moments later, Ichigo was joined by the man Rogers in gazing out the window.

"So you're from Japan, right?" he asked.

Ichigo nodded. "Yup. Karakura Town, specifically."

Rogers looked at him, surprised. "But I thought-"

Ichigo chuckled. "Everything Toshiro said was true, and I am a Shinigami. I'm just not a normal Shinigami. I was born and raised in the real world. A bit of a special case."


Ichigo looked back out over the city. The sun was starting to set, turning the skyline into shadows. Yuzu. Karin. I promise I'll come back to you. Just wait a little longer. I'm coming.