Kimimaro was ready as the perfect vessel until he started coughing up blood right before his master could begin his great plan to overthrow the Sand Village and destroy the Leaf. Lord Orochimaru's right hand man and best medic, Kabuto Yakushi could not heal him. The imperfect vessel went into the archives studying everything he could that could help him become of use again. Everything pointed towards Tsunade and he pleaded with his master for permission. Now three weeks had passed and he still didn't find Lady Tsunade yet

"She's not in this town, Kimimaro." Guren put her hand on him. He didn't shrug it off or put out a bone, the ill ninja simply let out a sigh, followed by a cough.

"You guys can do as you please for now. Meet up with me back at our room later."

The girls both nodded and disappeared once he finished talking. The blue kunoichi decided to walk to their room with the silver haired shinobi.

"Kimimaro, you still haven't told them of that condition have you?"

The Sound Head was pleased with the former vessel's idea but had him go under three conditions: The first was that Kimimaro must not over exert himself nor purposely get into any trouble more than needed. The second was that he be assisted by Guren, Tayuya, Karin, and Kin Tsuchi in case his illness overtakes. The final condition was that, should he fail to gain Tsunade's assistance or her assistance being possibly fatal or if he became unable to fight, he must father children with them in order to preserve his bloodline. Kimimaro had agreed to those terms. Guren was the only other person who heard about the conditions. It was odd for him not to inform the others.

"Why would I tell them right now? I am still somewhat healthy and able to search."

"You need to tell them before you get too ill. At least, let them get accustomed to the idea of having to be with you."

"What about you? Are you prepared at all? You're possibly excited at the idea of becoming his vessel once I die! A lot better than having to bear my child.", He glared at her.

"No. I will do anything for our master. Bearing a perfect vessel for you would be the greatest devotion to him. If we can't find Tsunade, you must follow your duty and show your devotion to our master."

Kimimaro bowed down, "I apologize, Guren. I should not have said that to a fellow vessel. Our Lord made a perfect choice in putting you on this mission."

She blushed as he lurched close and they met face to face. "What are you doing?"

"Ensuring Lord Orochimaru has his perfect vessel. I respect you and your devotion to him. Please be my crimson lotus, let me enjoy you, your scent and your beauty."

She kissed him, "Deflower me then..."

He unbuttoned her jacket as she took off her shirt, "What if they come in?"

"Let them see what true devotion is." Guren placed her hand on his cheek and they both shared a deep kiss as they continued to undress.

She tensed up as he entered her. It was their first time and it was beautiful.

An hour later, their fellow kunoichi were opened the door and were flabbergasted by what they saw. Their Lord's normally cold-hearted vessels were in an embrace. Everyone was silent, then Karin finally started yelling, "What are you two doing?! How long have you been doing this? Why are you even doing this?"

Tayuya kept staring down at Kimimaro. She would love to be able to tell the rest of the Sound Four that Kimimaro did not have a well sized bone worth examining. Unfortunately, at the moment he was under the sheets.

Kin was the only one who tried to look away.

The silver haired shinobi stood up, "This is a special condition, Lord Orochimaru ordered in case I got too weak or was at risk. My kekkei genkai is too precious to lose so that is why he sent the four of you with me."

"You're really going to say that with the world's hardest bone right now? I didn't take you for a pervert." Tayuya replied.

The sickly shinobi looked down to see his "bone" aimed right at the other ninja.

"Is this true, Guren?" Tayuya asked trying to ignore his erection.

"Yes, it is. I wanted to spare you guys having to do it." the blue haired kunoichi answered.

Karin interjected, "That's not fair of you! He has a delicious chakra that reminds me of milk ... and he's quite well endowed. I wonder if something else tastes like milk." The glasses wearing girl's finger slid down his chest to his boner.

"You're not the only one around here who's hungry for something." A sinister grin formed on Tayuya's face, "Being on top of Kimimaro is something I have always thought about. Not the way I imagined it but this will definitely do."

"I can take him down too. Conquering the 'Sword of the Sound' is something I could definitely brag about to Dosu and Zaku." Kin Tsuchi added.

Kimimaro was partially regretting letting Guren talk him into this. Although there were no downsides, Lord Orochimaru would get new Kaguya's, everyone would be serving their master dutifully and it made him feel warm on the inside and especially on the outside.