"Canon, here." Kazuki gestures towards Canon, and the girl looks at him. He then proceeds to feed her a spoon of stew. Maya can almost feel an eye twitch. "How does it taste?" he asks sweetly, and almost flirtatiously.

"It's really good," she answers with a smile.

They have been doing this for at least an hour now. Kazuki spoonfeeding Canon, asking her opinion, her answering, them chuckling sweetly. Maya could barely handle the sight. It wasn't like she didn't like them being friendly; it was simply that she knows Canon had a crush on Kazuki.

It looks they are flirting, which is very distracting and impossible for Maya to ignore. Unfortunately her distraction is not very good for business as for the second time that day, Maya accidentally, bends another serving plate.

"Maya...are you okay?" Sakura asks, sounding both worried and amused. Maya looks away from Canon and Kazuki and at Sakura and blushes. Is she that obvious?

"Huh! Uh, um- Yeah! Perfectly fine, no problems here," Maya quickly says. Putting a few more bends in the poor tray. She briefly glances back at Canon and Kazuki, and Sakura follows her eyes then grins.

"Wait a minute, Maya, are you by chance….jealous?" Sakura teases, catching Kenji's attention, whom was sitting beside her. Maya's face gets redder, which only proves Sakura's teasing is correct. "I'm right aren't I!?"

Maya gets close to her and quickly tries to get Sakura to be quiet. "Hush! Before they hear you!" she whispers hastily. Sakura only laughs louder.

Maya truly loves Sakura, she is one of her best friends, but at this particular moment, she really wants to smack her. Maya gets why it's funny, she's not very proud of her feelings at the moment, but well….she couldn't help it.

"Kazuki! I think Maya wants you to share all that attention Canon's- mmgh!" Maya quickly covers Sakura's mouth and laughs loudly. No way is she letting this get out.

"Sakura you jokester!"

Kazuki looks over at Maya's direction curiously, but decides to pay it no mine and shrugs it off. Canon however raises an eyebrow suspiciously in her direction and gets up and walks towards her.


Maya jolts and removes her hands from Sakura then turns around and flushes at Canon. Did she hear? Oh god if she heard Maya isn't sure what she'll do. "Canon…"

"Is something wrong?" she asks curiously. Canon could tell something was bothering her, and she learned from Soushi that it was best to just try and ask and not attempt to figure it out on her own. Apparently that would only make things worse.

"Nothings...wrong, I'm fine, don't worry about it."

Canon hummed. She was rather certain she was lying, but if Maya didn't want to tell her, she would wait until she did. Canon put her hands on Maya's shoulders and softly kissed her on her cheek. "Well, if you want to talk, I'm always here for you."

Maya smiled. All of a sudden, she didn't feel very jealous anymore.